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How to Combine Gambling and UFC for Real Fans



The gaming world has been growing for awhile now, and some of the options we have been seeing pulling players, apart from regular slots and poker, are UFC betting options.

While the UFC poker machines available at the moment are not the most advanced, players are getting a feel of regular betting options casino online.

UFC slot machines are also a thing now, you can play them at casinos the same way you would blackjack or video poker.

Gambling on fighters requires a different set of skills than when playing a regular slot game. You can join online sites to learn more strategies when placing this form of wager.

Ultimate Fighting Championship Betting

No matter which casino you play at and what bets are offered, there are things that will differ from the usual slots and poker games. When looking at the list of fighters, you want to look at their ages, past performances, and grit. A mix of skills and experience will work well because that sort of fighter knows what to look out for when the punches and kicks and take-down attempts come and how to handle a loss gracefully, probably.  Casinos that offer these bets may sometimes present some information that will help you make a decision on which fighter to choose.

These are some of the other UFC betting strategies you want to use when placing a bet at a casino that offers fighting as one of its options.


You have already selected the fighter you want to back up. Now, placing the bet at a UFC casino, this strategy comes in handy. When you go for Flat, you are wagering a fixed amount of cash regardless of the outcome. In a way, you can look at this UFC strategy as being quite risk-averse. You are trying to cover your tracks as much as possible. Gamers at casinos can also apply this strategy, especially with table games, video poker, and sometimes even slots.


As the name suggests, the bettor using this UFC option places a higher amount after each match. Because they will continually increase the total amount, they also stand a higher risk. Just as with a casino on regular slot machines or table games, you want to start small, with about only 5% of your total gaming budget. This way, your risk is under control and you can always stop when you start losing.

UFC Poker

There are quite a number of online tournament opportunities with this form of poker, and this is working well with fans. Not many casinos have updated how this form of poker is played or a variety of winnings, but they have ensured that one tournament series after another is available to those who seek this experience. An online poker game is made better when you can meet other enthusiasts and stars and try to outdo each other.

UFC Slots

Today, playing free slots on a regular casino site is a popular affair for many people, but not always safe. But playing slots at Luxury casino online Canada, a review of which we recommend you watch, you will definitely play it safe. Especially to play for real money, where you get about 200 free spins.

Well, you get similar perks when you play UFC slots that are specifically developed by Endemol Games. They have the logos and images of fighters too, to complete the picture. Red, silver, and black are the dominant colors at the site. There are bonus games, a training bonus, and several bonus rounds when you choose to get this game on for the first time. These slots are not too different from the other slot games that you see on a slot machine at a casino.

How to Play these Unique Slots

These slot games are not too different from regular slots in that you need to handle bankroll management the same way. They are 3 and five reeled and you will have up to 20 paylines. You will also have bonus features and bonus symbols to look out for that will help you create winning combos. Your target is to line up combos that will give you a win and lead you to said bonuses such as free spins, just as you would with regular slots.

One of the features, fighter wild, will replace any other symbol to give you even better chances of winning and scoring a round of free spins. It could also turn into the gold wild if it lands in the middle reel, and here, you will have even more expanding wilds. If you are lucky enough to line up 5 wilds, then you are likely to multiply your winnings by 1000 times. Not too different from a good slots game, right?

Double Bonuses

If you liked the idea of free spins, then you will like double bonuses even more. If you land the belt bonus on reels one, three, and five, then you activate the elusive fight night reward that allows you to assist your fighter. You get to select the right moment to stop a reel mid-spin so you can select the right move for your fighter. With the extra power, you will be taking on some of the best fighters in the game. This round unlocks some great rewards, including more free spins.

Remain Vigilant

The things you look out for in a regular gambling site are the same for this form of betting. You want to read the privacy policy for the site to know how your information is protected. You also want as many payment options as possible and other popular games from the developers you like and trust.