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Floyd Mayweather: 2018 AD



You dare oppose

The air apparent to the throne

N*gga the king of prose

I’m back

To show these chumps why they gotta find me

All cause they rewind me

Y’all n*ggaz remind me

B*tch you been trying to con me I’m kindly but remember 

I’m thin yes It’s true, but I’m Ghandi with a temper


I was so 17.

You know it’s really bullshit when not even the flies will hover around it. And he just won’t… go away. He’s a mosquito with a bullhorn somehow immune to “OFF!” Spray. Like, wtf? It’s another round of: “Guess what?”, “Like I said”, “Once again”, “Last time I checked” and “Absolutely not.”


I wasn’t going to write anymore this year, preferring to leave the sport I love with all my heart alone for at least another few days. But when it comes to Mayweather and boxing, any exception can be made. If processing his completely unnecessary and diabolical attacks on Sugar Ray Leonard and Vasyl Lomachenko wasn’t enough, then rethinking his disrespect of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson was.

Enough is enough.

What made fellow all-time great and Gen X contemporary Bernard Hopkins beyond palatable at age 40, is that he was recreating “Silence of the Lambs” starting with the feared Antonio Tarver. Mayweather was going “Lions For Lambs” with Conor McGregor. There’s also ample evidence to suggest that he will historically be regarded as overrated. The great Roy Jones Jr is historically greater because of risk with arch nemesis Antonio Tarver. With that in mind, Floyd should love this: I don’t think he’d beat Oscar De La Hoya in a rematch right now. In fact, Floyd cannot even compare to his own era’s version of Sugar Ray Leonard in De La Hoya if we’re really being serious.

From late 1998 to the fall of 1999, De La Hoya gets in there with a vengeful Julio Cesar Chavez, Ike Quartey, Oba Carr and Felix Trinidad. We all know De La Hoya should’ve been awarded the W over Trinidad, but do you honestly believe Floyd gets out of that gauntlet without a loss? I doubt it. Let’s call that Chavez an upgraded Jose Luis Castillo; while Carr, Quartey and Trinidad are all far superior to Zab Judah.

Mayweather– in his absolute prime, near the end of it, or beyond it — never has anything like this on his resume.

Yet, there he was twirling in Twitterville with the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard in what could not be confused with Christmas card exchanges; forcing the upgraded Sugar Ray Robinson to herald his own exploits, while begrudgingly revealing that he’d exploit Mayweather in the ring. He would. Sugar Ray would’ve brutally stopped him. Floyd actually had the audacity to declare both Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas “Hitman” Hearns ‘easy work’. Thomas Hearns would’ve turned Floyd Mayweather into a swatted mosquito who used to have a bullhorn.

For perspective on just how ridiculous Floyd’s assertion was and is, Mayweather never wanted any problems with two fighters he avoided losing to: the late Vernon Forest or Ronald “Winky” Wright. It would be very interesting to see a tweet declaring that either of those fighters would’ve been ‘easy work’. What’s important to know about Floyd’s exchange with Leonard, is that it involves no actual promotion of a fight. Which means Floyd wanted to say something negative for reasons that would appear to revolve entirely around envy.

“Money” seems to be the idol of Hate.

All of this is not to say that he’s not great. He IS. Floyd is perhaps the greatest pure boxer of all-time, but that’s different from greatest “fighter” of all-time. Errol Spence Jr would be to Floyd Mayweather what “Terrible” Terry Norris was to Sugar Ray Leonard. I saw that fight at Madison Square Garden… it made me cry. Not because of what Norris did to Leonard, but because Sugar Ray was brave and went the whole 12 yards.

If Mayweather were ever to try Canelo Alvarez again, he would endure the same fate as a 40 year-old Leonard against Hector Camacho. We don’t love Ray any less, or deride him for losses that still felt like victory. The same would not – and could not – be said for Mayweather.

It has everything to do with behaving like a 50-0 loser.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Just before Mayweather dumped salt into Leonard’s sweet tea, he sat next to his petulant fighter Gervonta “Tank” Davis, to address a direct challenge from the world’s best fighter Vasyl Lomachenko. The POTUS made Twitter a place of war, so Loma sent an oh so tweet declaration to Tank’s HOF proxy. This was Floyd’s response to the media:

“I said this before, there’s no rush. And as you guys can see Lomachenko has to rush. He’s 30 year-old… I don’t know how old he is. He has to rush. This kid is still young…there is no rush. We’re going to take our time. But one thing I want to say is we’re not ducking and dodging any fighter.”


Yeah. That’s because Floyd must believe that Lomachenko would turn Tank into a Tonka toy.

This was Mick – sitting right next to Rocky – publicly telling Mr. T that we’ll wait for you to get old and that I will indeed protect my fighter. I sat next to the esteemed Thomas Hauser, one of the greatest boxing writers of all-time, while Tank flashed a spark of greatness against Jose “Sniper” Pedraza last January at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. So impressed was Hauser that he felt Tank would seriously challenge Lomachenko. But Floyd did not see it that way then and does not now. Instead, he’s giving Davis the same subliminal advice he most likely would’ve given his own 130lb self against Lomachenko:

“I’ll wait for him to show signs of not being that good anymore.”

It is the very same advice he gave himself regarding Manny Pacquiao, before wasting everyone’s time and “Money”. He wouldn’t have time to do this with an Errol Spence Jr, who recently made reference to Floyd’s apparent addiction to the spotlight’s glare. But the only way for Mayweather to really enjoy its UV rays, would be to risk burning against stars like Spence, Keith Thurman Jr, Terence “Bud” Crawford or (God forbid) Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. He could conceivably do the one thing that would make the most sense, which would be to rematch Pacquiao. Who though, would want the hassle?

Floyd would go retro Randy Moss in negotiations, theoretically mooning fighters with his A-side to continuously make them feel small and stung by the B-side. He says he’s happily retired, but will angrily convey how tired he is of anyone who doesn’t consider him “TBE”.

I hope Floyd can grow content with a legacy that does not include a loss of words. He won all of his fights, but can now only lose new fans and older ones. Mayweather training and representing a fighter is like Kobe Bryant coaching the Lakers. His greatness overshadows any hope of their own. With rumors still swirling of Conor McGregor II in an octagon, is he an octopus dying to kill himself with an 8-figure arm bar? Let’s hope not.

Floyd Mayweather should just leave Pretty Boy Floyd and Money alone. He just might like himself.

Senior correspondent for NY Fights and author of upcoming book, "The Fist Club." Conscious indie recording artist "T@z" and humanist advocate for the Green Party.