Eric Kelly Pulls No Punches Assessing GGG-Canelo



Eric Kelly Pulls No Punches Assessing GGG-Canelo

GGG won. Boxing is BS.

Everyone knows that I was a huge Oscar De La Hoya fan. But not as a promoter, he has let greed take over and he has become the problem.  GGG needed a KO to win. He pressed the fight and at times had to literally chase Canelo around the ring. Canelo did good in some rounds, I gave him four rounds. He couldn't beat GGG's  jab. But he did put together some nice combinations and elusive moves.

Meanwhile, you got to call a spade a spade, GGG made the fight; the majority of Canelo's attack was to keep GGG off of him. I don't think either fighter really hurt the other, but in terms of ring generalship, controlling the action, pressing the action and punches landed, it is obvious that GGG won.

They want a rematch so that the older, GGG can be that much less fresh for the rematch and Canelo who's been carefully matched and preserved for the majority of his career can triumph.

And finally: A 118-110 scorecard for Canelo should be cause for you to not have a job in the sport of boxing.