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“Deontay, Do What Works For You”

Dr. Johnny Lops



Two days have passed since Deontay Wilder provided a manifesto about his return and stability on his Twitter account.  My two cents……great!

Since last week’s fight, he has accumulated many more punches online from various Twitter boxing “journalists” about his reputation being too grand, and that Fury exposed his flaws and weaknesses. 

I get it; but we do not understand how this continues to hurt the fight game and hurts us the fans for hoping for better match ups.  

Any fighter who goes in the ring risking his life has so much skin in the game. Us casual fans watching from the safety of our devices do not. 

I praise Wilder for his efforts and his willingness to return online and share that he remains motivated, enthusiastic, and game to fight on.

Deontay Wilder says he will bounce back, rise, like the phoenix, against Tyson Fury.

What should Wilder have done after the fight? Not make excuses and take the defeat as a gentleman?

Sure, we would all love that; but what happens to him? Probably gets passed up for a third Fury fight and we get the fight we want to see Fury vs Joshua; but how does that help Wilder?  He is no idiot. 

Boxing continues to persevere through chaos, turmoil, and perpetual antagonism online where “parties” similar to political ideologies continue to argue on who knows best. Wilder’s “excuses” enable the turmoil of the boxing game (one that has no governance or commission) and creates the drama that for him can lead to a major pay day. Can you blame him?  

If there was a league, or tournament where simply the best fought the best and invariably there were no rematch clauses or necessity to protect the skin in the game for the promotors etc., I believe the fighter would be more accepting of defeat. We would praise their efforts and vulnerabilities, and better fights would occur more frequently.  If the wild wild west of sports continues to go forth the way it continues, it is almost imperative for fighters who have the most to gain to use the fans as players in a drama to achieve their goals.  

Last I checked, Rafael Nadal does not need to use social media to call out Roger Federer.  The best plays the best in all other sports and we have more empathy and graciousness to those even in defeat and we applaud them because we still admire their display of skill and expertise albeit in loss.

I wish the best to Deontay. I hope his health is stable.

Deontay, from me to you, do what works for you and since we fans won’t worry about you personally when you retire or pay your bills. Please do continue to use social media and its tools to achieve your fight goals and marketability.