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Defeating Anthony Joshua



Who is Deontay Wilder? What doesn’t kill me might make me kill you. I don’t want ‘a body’, but I do need to put you out… If only with kindness after 10 seconds of doubt. Handle ya biz with a Fury, because I just handled my own Tyson. In case you didn’t know I stay in DAZN. To embody the personification of man after embalming The Man. I fight for The Crown, my own that is.

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Just as the raindrop believes in its role to create the flood, there’s a million little things that go into the making of a would be undisputed heavyweight champion. Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21KOs), 28, the WBA/WBO/IBF heavyweight champion in search of the WBC version, hasn’t yet mastered distance or found a can of WD-40, but the British star and face of revolutionary new streaming platform DAZN made his 7th round smashing debut against the dangerous former gold medalist Alexander Povetkin (39-2, 24KOs). 

Obviously going with “Iron Mike” Tyson posters on his wall as a child rather than Ivan Drago, Povetkin, 39, gave the U.K. its own version of Russian interference by legally hacking into AJ early and often. With PED’s in both fists (we’ll call them “performance erasing drugs”), a remarkably preserved Povetkin is asking the same old ass questions of Joshua that “The Man” he embalmed, Wladimir Klitschko, asked from a different physical dimension. They were the same questions an ancient Luiz Ortiz disguised as “King Kong” asks of Wilder. AJ, a methodical amalgamation of Primo Carnera and Joe Louis, unleashes a loaded right hand from the 1930’s before showing the killer instinct of the “Bronx Bomber”. 

As for the one of bronze, who nearly died snatching Kong off the Empire State at Barclays in Brooklyn, he can only endear himself to many of the over 80,000 English denizens who witnessed the bombing of Povetkin at Wembley, by calling the “Bomb Squad” on Tyson Fury. Rumor has that fight taking place Dec. 1 in Hollywood and Joshua wants a deal with Wilder– NOW.  

“There’s Wilder… and then there’s Wilder,” said Anthony Joshua, 28, when asked about April 13, 2019 and what’s next. Don’t even get Eddie Hearn started on that fight. He wants negotiations for the biggest heavyweight fight on the planet taken care of before Wilder gets in there with a modern Max Baer in the bizarre Fury, a man Hearn referred to as ‘the most uninteresting and boring’ fighter on the planet. That fight figures to be for Wilder what Joseph Parker was for AJ.  


I won’t let go.

They all matter from here. What does not kill you will likely try again. With a smile, of course.  

Senior correspondent for NY Fights and author of upcoming book, "The Fist Club." Conscious indie recording artist "T@z" and humanist advocate for the Green Party.