Bivol vs Zinad Purse: Who’s Getting What This Weekend?



Bivol vs Zinad Purse: Who’s Getting What This Weekend?

On June 1, 2024, in the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, boxers Dmitry Bivol and Malik Zinad will square off in a highly anticipated bout. This fight is not just about the action in the ring, with the Bivol vs Zinad purse also a point of interest. 

Since the WBA light heavyweight title is on the line, many are highly anticipating who’s going to get paid most in this one.

Bivol vs Zinad Purse: Who’s Banking Big in Riyadh?

Both fighters, Bivol and Zinad, have had completely different trajectories in their boxing careers. Bivol has triumphed against formidable and well-known opponents, while Zinad has a relatively low-key career. This contrast in the careers of both fighters is also reflected in the Bivol vs Zinad payouts.

Defending his WBA light heavyweight title, Dmitry Bivol will earn a substantial amount of $750,000 based on the contract agreement, according to reports. Bivol’s pay for this bout is somewhat less than his previous match against Lyndon Arthur, in which he earned more than $1 million. 

Bivol, a Kyrgyzstani-born Russian fighter, holds a perfect record of 22-0, out of which 11 were knockouts, which establishes him as the ringmaster. His famous victory came in 2022, against Canelo Alvarez.

Malik Zinad, a Libyan boxer, is poised to earn an unexpected win that will thrust his low-key career into the spotlight. Zinad will earn $275,000 from this bout, which is a career-high purse for Zinad. 

Zinad’s call-up for this match on short notice has the potential to shock both Bivol and the boxing community. Although Zinad also holds a stellar record of 22-0 with 16 knockouts, Bivol faced far tougher opposition. His strength? The raw power that he brings to the ring.

Bivol vs Zinad Payouts: Part of a Battle for Supremacy

The Bivol vs Zinad prize money is just one part of what is at stake in this battle. On Saturday night, one of the boxers will lose their undefeated record. Bivol has a lot at stake in this bout, as he will be defending his WBA light heavyweight title for the 11th time. 

Zinad does not have much experience fighting against big rivals at the international level, so there should be no issues for the WBA Champion in the Kingdom Arena. 

Bivol is a formidable adversary with his agility and technical prowess. His recent string of victories will bring confidence to Bivol in the ring.

Zinad stands to benefit the most from this match other than the boxing fighter pay. Holding incredible knockout power, Zinad can demolish the Bivol fans' hopes and dreams with a single punch. 

The Libyan boxer can deliver a devastating hit to Bivol, as seen by his 22-0 record, which includes 16 knockouts. Zinad’s underdog status will give him a sense of ease in the ring and a chance to turn his career around in this high-stakes contest.

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