Arum Says Refuting Trump A No Brainer, Doing Event In Saudi Arabia Is Up For Debate


Promoter Bob Arum quite well understands that opinion will be divided with some folks thinking that Saudi Arabia should be a no fly zone for commerce for Americans.

And, he told me, he very much respects people opining that business should be brought elsewhere by people who think that some of the ruling choices and some of the cultural norms are not in line with their value system.

This issue, which came up when it was announced today that Tyson Fury, the heavyweight pugilist-specialist promoted by Arum’s Top Rank, will take part in a fight against WWEer Braun Strowman, as part of the eighth event WWE has put together in Saudi Arabia, on Oct. 31.

There are issues negotiable, and ones non-negotiable, Arum told me in a phone chat Friday late afternoon.

“Like, Trump is a disgusting person and shouldn’t be President, anybody who says different I have no respect for,” Arum stated. “And Biden was VP because he kissed Obama’s ass, the President saying that should seal the deal for everybody (against Trump). Those other issues, whether you do a fight or an event in Saudi Arabia,” he said that is up for debate among reasonable people. “I come out on the side of yes, I’m on the side of doing the event. People can have a contrary view.”

Arum was blown away by the mastery and efficiency of the WWE crew, he continued, as he saw how they staged the presser… the T-Mobile, to hype the Oct. 31 event in Riyadh.

“These guys are unbelievable. We got there at 10, you had 10:30 am rehearsal, for everything, at 12 do it for real,” Arum said. Down to a T, they stage it and plot it out.

“You can’t be that successful without doing something really right,” he said.

He is markedly enthused about Fury’s WWE foray, he told me. “The great thing will be, millions of people who haven’t seen a boxing event at all or at all, now they will pay attention to the Fury versus Wilder fight. This is big numbers, big eyeballs.”

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