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The 7th Round Stretch



We need to be let alone. We need to really be bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important. About something real?

The other day I opined that “Floyd Mayweather Wants Gennady Golovkin”. Never mind that it sensationalized an erstwhile athlete who began a glorious 2017 by telling us his body was finished and the judges were crooks on a cold day in January.

But that didn’t bother me. Knowing he actually needs Gennady Golovkin does.

This weekend marks the professional end of Miguel Cotto and a new beginning for Sadam Ali (Sat., Dec 2 @MSG on HBO 10 ET). No matter what happens, it’s doubtful that Puerto Rico’s all-time great will not think of a new beginning for his ravaged island. For Ali, the only thing beyond greater than winning, would be the end of genocidal tyranny in his native Yemen.

Beyond sports and statesmen, these are real things that should bother all of us.

I spoke to venerable fight radio voice Doc Stanley and boxing legend Harold Weston yesterday via podcast. Baseball legend Eddie Murray dropped in. Though he was on for less than a 3:00 round, Murray sent one deep to left field and over the wall. He reminded us that Colin Kaepernick managed to get Uncle Sam to take a knee, by changing some of the words in the national anthem.

Weston dropped sage on Bernard Hopkins. Well before “The Executioner” became immortal, he was an 0-1 ex-con in the bowels of Philadelphia eager to campaign at 175. Shit happens it’s true, but what if Weston never happened to B-Hop?

A good friend is also a great acquiantance. Under the best circumstances, ideas can marry and push us forward. So much so that when we look back, the hope is that all we’ll see is a road paved with honor. As I shake hands with Gerry Cooney and exchange thoughts on what we’re seeing, or, listening to Randy Gordon give a rare take on Bundini Brown, or, listen to Kathy Duva talk about things beyond boxing not designed for print…

Journalism is about integrity– not opportunity.

Whatever Cotto V Ali becomes at The Garden, it does so knowing that Lomachenko V Rigondeaux beckons. New York, the greatest city in the world, feels like magic during the holidays, and what a gift this fight is to close out a special year.

A southpaw interpolation of Sugar Ray Leonard V Wilfred Benitez belongs in the Big Apple under bright lights. Because fighters assume risk, to me, it’s important to write about them with it. Vasyl Lomachenko is going to destroy Guillermo Rigondeaux.

If I’m wrong, I’m just a fan who had fun being it. Isn’t that the point?

Nowadays, the first thing people of “free will” will do, is weigh the cost of saying something not popular. As if fruit on a scale at the grocery store deemed too expensive, would it make sense to trade it in for candy? As a writer, a ‘Thought Crime’ only becomes that when you are afraid of your own intellectual property and have decided to kill it.

There’s no “Sweet Caroline” singing in boxing.