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3 Characteristics That Unite Boxers To Gamblers



On July 10, 2019, Canelo learned he won the ESPY as Best Boxer.

Discover that spiritual connection between fighting and gambling that connects boxers and poker players in their quest for winning or finding a proper adrenaline rush.

It is no secret that making money is not always the number one reason that players immerse themselves in long poker or blackjack sessions. Proper gambling is a source of excitement or adrenaline rush that no cash can buy but only winning in a casino can give you such a powerful stimulation. Many professional fighters enjoy gambling as much as punching their opponents in the ring and they often compare boxing with betting in so many aspects.

Perhaps it is hard to see some resemblance between slots and prizefighting but if you ever tried both, sparring and betting at online casinos, then you know how it makes each player feel. It feels like you are at the top of the world when you are winning jackpots or fighting inside a ring so perhaps a mindset of a fighter is an asset to have if you plan on making money at a poker table.

Winning At Any Cost
If you are one of those gamblers who tests his luck and enjoys that sheer excitement of the game, we congratulate you but a few of us like to make some real money out of betting. We do enjoy all those thrills of wagering but walking away from any casino with some earnings in our pockets is even better. Possessing some competitive spirit is what drives the most successful players, as well as prosperous fighters, for whom losing is not an option. Playing poker or blackjack in some online casinos is a lot like stepping into a ring where you must constantly be focused on your goal. Maybe that is the reason why many famous boxers like Mike Tyson (“we’re pleasure seekers”) or Ray Leonard enjoyed gambling as much as they relished fighting inside a ring.

Fighting can be dangerous sometimes but so can be gambling as all that thrill comes from some perceived threat, and many people love that thrill that comes with a territory. Even online players must possess some competitive spirit if they plan on making any real money as these new casinos are not giving players any slack. Cashing out your rewards even from the fastest withdrawal online casino will not come easy if one doesn’t have that inner warrior inside him. Winning should be your mantra when entering any casino because only that mindset can give each player an edge over dealers or other players. Each hand is a fight and you must think like a fighter if you care to survive and make some real money.

Knowing Your Opponent
Reading books like “Art of War” should give you an idea of how each game should be played and how important it is to figure out your opponent’s strategy.

Most boxing champions relish books like these as they taught them to think like generals who know that preparation is a key to victory. When entering the newest online casinos, knowing which game to choose, how to play it, and implementing a proper strategy is essential. Knowing how each online casino operates, understanding payout rates, wagering requirements, or bonus deals is something any serious player must study before stepping onto any casino’s floor. If you want to know what happens to unprepared gamblers, check out some videos of inexperienced boxers coming into a ring with Mike Tyson or Vitali Klitschko.

Keeping Your Composure
Every boxing champion is always talking about the importance of keeping one’s composure under pressure and that is one of the characteristics of a successful casino player too. Staying cool in the face of adversity ain’t always easy, especially when there is a lot of real money on the table in front of you. This is why remaining calm in critical moments of your betting is crucial for making rational decisions that will grant you victory with pockets full of cash. Having that composure mentality is what has made Vasiliy Lomachenko or Canelo Alvarez great champions who never lose their cool inside the ring. Look up to these boxers next time when you decide to spend some real money inside your favourite casino.

Exhibit A in how losing your composure can bite you in the ass (or ear?) in the ring.

Next time you set your eyes on some progressive jackpot, think about your favourite boxers and how much they can inspire your play with their display of stamina and ferocious attitude. Many desirable characteristics of a successful casino player match those traits that make successful prizefighters, like focus, determination or keeping one’s composure under pressure. Knowing your game as well as your opponents’ is that key to victory at any battlefield or a life situation that requires quick thinking. That is why studying boxing can help each player to improve his gambling game and vice versa but rewards come only to those who wait and learn. If you ever lose interest in gambling, go to your local gym and try hitting that heavy bag for some time to see if that will awaken a warrior inside you thus motivating you to get back online and win some real money again.

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