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The Top 3 Boxing Venues in the World



The Top 3 Boxing Venues in the World

It’s not a surprise when boxing fans treat arenas such as Madison Square Garden or Caesars Palace with the same level of respect as some do holy sites. These are where fistic greatness was displayed and as such, have important places in the hearts of boxing fans from all around the globe.

With that in mind, here is a short list of some of the greatest boxing venues of all time.

The MGM Grand

Vegas is the cornerstone of the world for glitz, glamour and gambling. Home to some of the most world-renowned casinos, it’s no surprise that Vegas is frequented by tourists year-round. That being said, in light of the recent pandemic and the fact that a lot of people seem to be taking to the internet for their casino needs, especially because of the security of online casinos, there was initial worry as to whether Las Vegas would ever recover from the impact of the pandemic.

Of course it will. While some people may not be in a rush to get back to the slot machines, there is no doubt that the lure of the venues and shows you can see is what continues to pull people back and the MGM Grand is a huge contributing factor towards that.

This is the epitome of the 1990s building boom; having opened up in 1993, it is the third largest hotel complex in the world. It has been the home to 15 Floyd Mayweather fights. Mayweather secured his 50 – 0 record against Conor McGregor in an aura and style that reflects his personality and profile.

Madison Square Garden

Having opened on the 11th February 1968, Madison Square Garden has since gone on to become not just one of the most prolific boxing venues in the world but one of the most prolific venues full stop. Essentially, every elite boxer to ever brandish a pair of gloves has stepped into this ring at some point in their career, including Joe LouisMuhammad Ali, Roberto Duran and the list goes on and on.

It also remains the home of both New York teams the NBA Knicks and NHL Rangers but there’s no doubt boxing remains the king event for this stadium. Fans flock from all around the world to see such a huge building in the flesh and due to its magnitude, décor and the history surrounding it, almost no one ever leaves disappointed, aside from a few boxers, that is.

Caesars Palace

The Caesars outdoor colosseum was iconic in every sense of the word and will be recalled as the site of so many classic bouts long into the future. Sugar Ray Leonard's round 14 TKO comeback against Thomas Hearns unfolded at Caesars.

Caesars also hosted the Larry Holmes v Muhammad Ali battle, and Bowe v Holyfield II and III. Of course, as a Vegas venue it has been eclipsed by the MGM Grand in recent years; however, that does not mean to say that it does not remain one of the greatest boxing venues to ever stand.