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Matt Farrago Discusses Ring 10 (NY) Charity Gala



Matt Farrago Discusses Ring 10 (NY) Charity Gala


Matt Farrago was a professional boxer, but his higher calling in boxing appeared to come after his time spent within the ropes. 

Farrago founded the Ring 10 charity, and their sole purpose is to help fighters in need help in their years after boxing. Farrago, a native of New York, discussed what Ring 10 does for the boxing community as a whole.

“So our objective is to help fighters out after boxing who are facing financial difficulties. This is the unfortunate reality of boxing and it always has been and we want to make sure that we help fighters and figures in the boxing community that need it. We spend thousands every year on making sure ex boxers have a place to live, they have food to eat and we help cover their medical bills if they get sick. All the money we raise from our annual awards we give back 100% to those in need in the boxing community.

“We've helped countless fighters cover their medical bills and literally by the time the fundraising event comes around we have gone broke by the end of the year. If a fighter is in need at this time I normally put my hand into my own pocket to make sure that that person is looked after. I really believe in boxing we should do more to give back so that is why we do what we do with the Ring 10 charity.”

This year's Ring 10 annual awards, which will feature appearances by Micky Ward, Michael Moorer, Andre Rozier and Michael Nunn. All will be in attendance at this year's gala, and Farrago discussed the event as a whole and what people in attendance on September 29 from 11am-4pm at the Marina Del Rey in Throgs Neck, NY can expect.

The New Yorker said, “You can purchase tickets and find out more about what we do on This year's event we have some amazing guests and it's going to a fantastic afternoon where fans can mix with their heroes and listen to their stories. We will also be giving out our yearly awards which will see the likes of future HoF trainer Andre Rozier and legendary manager Shelly Finkel receiving their awards. It will be a special day as always and 100% of the money raised goes back to helping out fight figures who need our help.”

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