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Andre Rozier Announces Havoc Management and Advisory Inc and Havoc Media and PR Inc



Andre Rozier Announces Havoc Management and Advisory Inc and Havoc Media and PR Inc

New York boxing mainstay Andre Rozier is delighted to announce the launch of Havoc Management and Advisory Inc. where Rozier will be heading up the management organisation that will specialise in the development of elite athletes. 

Renowned trainer Rozier has been credited with the successes of Sadam Ali, Curtis Stevens, Richard Commey and Daniel Jacobs amongst other elite fighters that have emerged from his dungeon gymnasium base in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and previously Coney Island, that have gone on to become world champions. 

Rozier discussed the reasoning behind the emergence of Havoc Management and Advisory Inc. He said, “I have been in boxing for over 40 years of my life and I have trained numerous world champions. It's not easy for athletes to make money in general, with boxing being the hardest sport of them all. My drive is to help fighters get the fights and the financial gains they deserve based on their abilities, so that is why I have decided to found Havoc Management and Advisory Inc.”

Havoc Management and Advisory Inc have also announced their first two signings in the form of hard-hitting former NABF Junior Middleweight Champion Kemahl Russell and former IBF World Lightweight Champion Mickey Bey… and the Brownsville native weighed in on his latest signings.

Rozier stated, “Firstly I want to say I am delighted to have Kemahl and Mickey on board as I believe the pair of them are fantastic fighters and fighters that I believe have all the ability to gain and regain world title belts in the very near future. 

“Mickey and Kemahl are two top draw talents and they are the first of many exciting boxers that will join Havoc Management and Advisory Inc. and we will have more exciting announcements in the coming weeks about new acquisitions.”

Alongside Havoc Management and Advisory Inc. Rozier has also formed Havoc Media and PR Inc. which will handle all media relations for his athletes amongst other top athletes worldwide. Rozier opened up on the creation of Havoc Media and PR.

He said, “I have managed to create a team of Media and PR specialists that will not only help athletes under my guidance but also athletes, promotions, events and organizations the world over. We already have a massive client base from a global perspective and we are now looking to take Havoc Media and PR to the next level.

“I know how important it is for an athlete, event and/or organizations to receive great media coverage as it contributes massively to the success of individuals and collectives as a whole. Richard Commey is a perfect example of an athlete who received great media coverage from our Media and PR team that brought him to the forefront in the world of boxing to the extent his skills had to be taken note of. 

“Richard Commey's success is just one example of the hard work conducted by Havoc Media and PR as their incredible skillset complements our management set up and it also fits into our whole ethos of helping others get the best and most of themselves.”