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Ringside Report: #DavisRuiz “The Undercards”


The Premier Boxing Champions and TGB Promotions event Saturday night was filled with a staggering sixteen bouts at the Dignity (ex StubHub, ex Home Depot) Health Sports Park in Carson, CA.

There were quite a few fighters on the non-televised portion of the event so here is a look at what happened earlier today.

Juan Heraldez (15-0) vs. Eddie Ramirez (17-2)

In an attempt to steal the show, Juan Heraldez and Eddie Ramirez fought an action filled bout. Although Eddie Ramirez was dropped twice, he kept pushing the action in an effort to get back into the fight. Though a valiant effort, Ramirez was knocked out in the seventh round which led to Juan Heraldez with the knockout victory.

Angelo Leo (15-0) vs. Alberto Torres (11-1-3)

Angelo Leo and Alberto Torres did everything possible to warm up the crowd as they fought in a “phone booth” most of the fight. In the second, it was a left hook by Leo that sent Torres to the canvas for the first knockdown of the fight. In the fifth, Leo landed a straight right hand sending Torres to the canvas for the second time. The fight went on to the scorecards and all three judges saw the bout 79-71 for the winner Angelo Leo.

Ava Knight (17-2-4) vs. Luna del Mar Torroba (12-9-2)

Ava Knight was showing those skills that has made her one of the more avoided opponents in her division early in the first round. Knight was pumping the jab and showing a good left hook to the body followed by a straight right hand. In the third, their was a clash of heads and resulted in the fight being stopped and called a technical draw.

Francisco Ochoa (13-0) vs Luis May (21-11-1)

Ochoa started off with a good jab and followed it with an overhand right.  In the third, the over-hand right led to a knockdown of Luis May. Rounds four through six saw Ochoa throwing one shot at a time as he was looking for the one punch knockout. He did not get it but did get the unanimous decision victory with all three judges seeing it 60-53.

Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson (1-0) vs. Derion Chapman(3-2-1)

The future continues to look really bright for “Truck” Simpson as he was “on” from the start of the fight. It was clear that the left uppercut was going to be the “money” punch as he was landing it often and hard. It was the right hook that sent Chapman to the canvas and after he got up, the referee felt he had enough and called a halt to the action. Lorenzo Simpson earns the first round knockout.G

Jose Balderas (5-0) vs. Jerrod Minor (1-3-2)

This one got off to a quick start as both men were throwing big shots upstairs. Balderas started the second with a good jab and was consistently landing the overhand right. In the third, Balderas turned up the pressure and was landing harder over hand rights. Minor’s corner saw enough and Jose Balderas earns the third round KO win.

This afternoon and early evening fights were a good way to lead into the Showtime telecast. Fans made their way into the arena early to support some of the young fighters on the card along with getting a snap shot of what the future is going to look like in some of these competitive divisions.



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