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Vettori vs Cannonier Prediction: Youth vs Experience



Which is the biggest question ahead of UFC Vegas 75? Perhaps there are two? Who will win and what is the best Vettori vs Cannonier prediction?

This match is truly much bigger than it seems. We think that we will witness greatness in less than 24 hours. Who will be the next title contender in the middleweight division? Both fighters already lost a title match against Adesanya and have one more chance to get a rematch. Here is our Marvin Vettori vs Jared Cannonier prediction.

UFC Vegas 75: Vettori vs Cannonier Prediction

Marvin Vettori Preview

Marvin is a 29-year-old fighter from Italy. He came to the UFC in August 2016 against Alberto Uda, who was submitted in the 1st round. Over the next 5 years, Vettori had 13 fights: 8 wins, 4 losses, 1 fight ended in a draw and went on a streak of 5 wins in a row, becoming the main contender for the champion title.

In June 2021, Marvin faced champion Israel Adesanya but failed to win the belt. Vettori lost by unanimous decision and dropped out of the title race for a while.

Marvin last fought in March 2023 against Roman Dolidze and won via unanimous decision.

Marvin is a wrestler. He is good with takedowns, tenaciously controls opponents, can work effectively with ground and pound, and has a wide arsenal of submissions. In the stance, the fighter relies on physical strength and endurance. He is not afraid to make trades and often deals more damage to his opponent than he receives in return.

But the aggressiveness of the Berserker does not always play into the hands of Marvin. Lowering his arms and receiving a huge number of punches in the jaw, he may look worse than his opponent in the eyes of the judges and lose points. Most of his fights ended up with a decision and you can probably already guess some of our Vettori vs Cannonier predictions.

Jared Cannonier Preview

Jared is a 39-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in 2015. Cannonier began his journey in the UFC at heavyweight, but after he was knocked out in a fight against Shawn Jordan, Jared decided to go down to light heavyweight.

In the new division, Cannonier had 5 fights: 2 wins, 3 losses. He defeated the mediocre Ion Cutelaba and Nick Roehrick but lost to the top fighters. After losing to Reyes, Jared decided to lift even more weight and dropped down to the middleweight division.

In the new weight class, he made it to the title fight. In July 2022, Cannonier became the main contender for the title. But in the fight against Israel Adesanya, he showed nothing and lost by unanimous decision.

Jared prefers to fight on the stand. This is a physically powerful fighter who relies on one-punch knockouts.

But apart from a good punch, Cannonier can boast of nothing. He doesn't have good technique, he can rush forward without punches, trying to close the distance and only then he will start to aim the punch. On the ground, Jared is helpless. He was easily controlled by almost every wrestler he fought against.

Marvin Vettori vs Jared Cannonier Prediction: Judge Decision Looking Possible

Now, believe us when we tell you that making a Vettori vs Cannonier prediction is tougher than it looks. Firstly, we have a wrestler against a kickboxer. In most cases, the odds would be in favor of the wrestler (if he is top-class). In this case, Vettori definitely has a huge advantage but will he manage to submit Cannonier?

When you look at Vettori's matches in the UFC, you can hardly see anything different than a decision result. He has fought 14 times in the promotion and eleven of the fights reached the scorecards. In the majority of those fights, he had the advantage and was supposed to get a submission.

Jared Cannonier may be ten years older than Vettori but he has a lot of experience and he is a big guy. After all, he jumped down from heavyweight. We believe that the safest Vettori vs Cannonier prediction would be the “over”. Bet on Over 3.5 or Over 4.5, and you can also put some money on Vettori as he should be able to establish control on the ground and win by decision. Of course, as expected, the odds for the “over” markets are quite low due to Vettori's history, so this bet is more suitable for a betting slip.

A few months ago, we made a prediction for Cannonier to lose against Strickland and he surprised us with a win. We still feel like Cannonier showed absolutely nothing in that fight and the problem was that Strickland was not in form.

Marvin Vettori is the future – he is 29 years old and he has a chance to win the title against the aging Adesanya this time. That is if he beats Jared.

Here is our Marvin Vettori vs Jared Cannonier prediction if you are in a hurry:

• Over 4.5 Rounds
• Marvin Vettori to Win

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