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UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary



UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary

It's fight day and we've got you covered for the UFC Vegas 75 live updates! Headlined by two of the best middleweights in the world right now, UFC Vegas 75 is one of those cards that should be laced with exciting finishes and emphatic performances from the lesser-known fighters looking to make their mark and earn some fans.

The entire main card is a testament to the matchmaking in the UFC. Almost every fight, on paper at least, could really go either way and it's very tough to say who has an edge over their opponent. This is what makes the sport so exciting — we don't know what's going to happen ever, but especially when the fighters are this close in skill.

So, as the main card gets moving along, stick around with us here to catch all of the updates as the card plays out.

When Do the UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates Start?

UFC Vegas 75 Updates will begin at 7:00 p.m. (PST), 9:00 p.m. (CST) and 10:00 p.m. (EST). We'll just be covering the main card, bringing you UFC Vegas 75 round by round updates. This is the typical time for a fight card to start.

As you can tell with the “UFC Vegas 75 updates” title, the event is taking place in Vegas. The UFC travels a lot, but they remain as consistent as possible in terms of keeping the event's start times the same, even though it's a hard thing to do. So, abide by your time zone, pop the event on, and catch the UFC Vegas 75 live results over here with us.

What Will Be Covered in Our UFC Vegas 75 Round by Round Updates?

We'll be watching the fights play out, giving a description of how the rounds play out and following it up with how we scored the round(not the official score). Again, the UFC Vegas 75 results will just be covering fights on the main card.

So, we've got you covered on just about everything you'll need! All of the information that watching the fight could give you, just without watching the fight.

UFC Vegas 75 Results: What Can Be Expected?

Marvin Vettori and Jared Cannonier both were cool and collected during their media events, but there is this tension attached to the UFC Vegas 75 main event. Both fighters have reached for UFC gold but fell a bit short against Israel Adesanya. Now, it's not like a loss here is the end of their title aspirations, especially not for the 29-year-old Italian, but a loss here means a long road back to the title.

Neither main event fighter is expecting a title fight after this. Though Adesanya is not booked, it's looking a lot like the winner of Robert Whittaker and Dricus Du Plessis will challenge for the title next. And, that's the right call; the winner of that fight is more than deserving of a title fight.

Regardless, the main event has heavy implications to it. The winner will certainly move up, but this feels more like a “can't lose” fight more than it is a “must win” bout. Before that, the UFC Vegas 75 live updates will give you the run down on Arman Tsarukyan vs Joaquim Silva, a fight that is certain to deliver.

Don't let the odds fool you, this fight has the potential to be close. However, it's fitting that Arman is the biggest betting favorite — this guy is so good, definitely championship material.

UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Marvin Vettori vs Jared Cannonier

UFC Vegas 75 live updates

This one has been a nail biter, even before it started! Both of these main event fighters need a win so badly if they want to continue on their road to another title shot. With both of them coming off of razor-thin decision wins, a very decisive performance here will be just what they need to let the UFC know that they're not going anywhere.

Round 1: What a great opening round. Both fighters had their moments and rocked the other. While Cannonier had the pressure, it was Vettori with the bigger shots and the impressive moments.

10-9 Vettori

Round 2: Okay, so Vettori is the toughest dude to ever live. Cannonier did all but finish the fight in this round. He landed at will on Marvin and, for a moment there, it seemed that the fight could've been stopped. However, he survived and landed some shots of his own at the end there.

10-8 Cannonier

Round 3: And now Cannonier is trying to wrestle a bit. Vettori looks revived and actually a bit more fresh than Cannonier. Though Vettori started well, Cannonier began bullying again and it's incredible that Marvin can eat these shots and not go down. Cannonier started rough but he walked away with this round in the bag.

10-9 Cannonier

Round 4: This was a much more closely contested round. Though it was better, Vettori needs a miracle to get the win here. He's down and beaten up, but he knows how to rally.

10-9 Cannonier

Round 5: Cannonier contines to crack, but Vettori stays standing somehow. Bombs vs heart is this main event fight. While Marvin is having some success and is not deterred, Cannonier is showing that he's taking this path back to the title as serious as possible. Cannonier rocks Vettori and takes him down. He smashes his face in but Vettori gets up only to get beaten up some more.

10-9 Cannonier

Official result: Jared Cannonier via decision

UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Arman Tsarukyan vs Joaquim Silva

If anyone can take a huge risk and make it worth while, it's Silva. Nobody is burning up the matchmaker's phone saying “I want Arman”, but Silva is going out there to take on one of the most feared fighters in the division.

Round 1: Just thirty seconds in and Arman is able to secure a takedown and fend off any of the grappling defenses that Silva has been drilling for weeks now. Arman is peppering his opponent from the top but is having a bit of trouble passing guard until the midway point of the round where he almost fully takes the back of Silva. He rides the rest of the round out from here, bar the last few seconds where they exchanged briefly.

10-9 Tsarukyan

Round 2: He's considered a grappler, but Arman has one of the best switch kicks in the UFC and he's putting it to work tonight. Tsarukyan closes the distance and clinches momentarily, Silva is able to break and land a big hook. This round has mostly been a striking affair. Silva rocks Arman for a moment! Tsarukyan secures the takedown and is able to clear the cobwebs.

Round 3: What a round! Arman isn't afraid to get down in the striking and he showed that. However, he scored multiple takedowns and his pace was too much. He bullied Silva with ground and pound and, perhaps a bit late, the referee steps in to stop the fight.

Official result: Arman Tsarukyan vs TKO

UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Armen Petrosyan vs Christian Leroy Duncan

While Petrosyan is is looking for his first UFC finish, Duncan is trying to make it a perfect 9-0 as a professional. This one is very close per the betting odds and should be a fan-friendly fight.

Round 1: Duncan starts the fight off by being one of the most explosive fighters in the history of fighting. He did slow down a bit and neither fighter really had any great moments here. It was a close, kind of hard to decide, round.

10-9 Duncan

Round 2: Duncan continues to press forward and having success. When Petrosyan gets going, he does very well. Armen is able to get behind his opponent and tee off, but Duncan keeps his cool and gets back to an over-under clinch position.

10-9 Duncan

Round 3: Armen is getting a lot more busy this round, but Duncan's remains composed and is able to clinch it up to kill any momentum Petrosyan gathers. The two exchange spinning elbows; Armen doesn't land his, but Duncan wobbles the target when he lands his. Armen gets a desperation takedown and things get really interesting now. Armen passes to side control but Duncan explodes up, getting to a better position stood up but still clinched up.

The two break and kickbox it out for the remainder of the fight. Super close rounds, it depends on what you're looking at when scoring.

10-9 Duncan

Official result: Armen Petrosyan via unanimous decision

UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Pat Sabatini vs Lucas Almeida

After suffering his first UFC loss, Sabatini will look to take back the momentum he once had at the expense of a 14-1 Lucas Almeida. Almeida, who's won all of his fights by stoppage, is taking a huge step up in competition here.

Round 1: About as dominant a round as one could get. Sabatini got the takedown, got on top, and threatened the finish multiple times. He even ended in mount and was teeing off on his opponent. Enough for a 10-8? Perhaps. For now, I'll say yes.

10-8 Sabatini

Round 2: That's how you get some respect back on your name! Sabatini gets back on top, splits Almeida open with an elbow, and locks in the arm triangle like he was choking out all of his doubters.

Official result: Sabatini via submission

UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates: Manuel Torres vs Nikolas Motta

Torres, who's won four in a row and finished all of these, is a dangerous man. However, they don't get more game than Nikolas Motta, who will be looking to start his first winning streak in the UFC.

Round 1: We expect a war here! Motta is able to land the first big shot and Torres now knows he needs to be cautious. Nonetheless, he steps in with an elbow and sleeps Motta! Not only did this shot crack the chin, but it probably cracks the top 5 most beautiful elbow knockouts in the UFC.

Official result: Manuel Torres via KO

UFC Vegas 75 Live Updates:  Nicolas Dalby vs Muslim Salikhov

Dalby, with hopes to make it three in a row, is always putting on fun fights for the fans and he's a great fighter to have kick off the main card. Salikhov is not one to shy away from entertaining the fans, either! Coming off of a spinning wheel kick TKO win, the ‘King of Kung Fu' is a must-watch fighter.

Round 1: Both fighters are exchanging leg kicks early. It's a Dalby fight, so of course we hear his heavy breathing right away. Don't get it twisted — he's not gassed, just an intense inhaler I suppose. Salikhov grazes a superman elbow strike and the two are back to trading low kicks.

Salikhov catches a kick and lands a big right hand, but Dalby walks it off. A lead hook stumbles Dalby next, but then a head kick hurts Salikhov! Muslim secures a panic takedown, the two get up, and the fight ends in a clinch. Salikhov won most of the round, but Dalby may have stolen it with that kick. Really, it could go either way, tough one to score.

10-9 Dalby

Round 2: Dalby is fired up, but Salikhov is recovered. Nicolas attempts a takedown but is taken down himself for his efforts. Back up, back in the clinch, and Dalby gets a takedown, landing right in mount halfway through the round/fight. Muslim would rather give up his back and Dalby is game; he only puts one hook in and is letting it be known that he wants the third Twister in UFC history.

Nothing doing there, though; he's now fishing for an arm triangle. Salikhov scrambles and is back up but still glued to the fence with Dalby weighing on him. The two break with seconds left and Dalby pieces Salikhov up.

10-9 Dalby

Round 3: Dalby starts the round with a furious pace once again. Whether it's in the clinch or at kickboxing range, Dalby is giving his all and drowning Muslim. Even with thirty seconds left and on a break, he's down to exchange bombs in a calculated manner. Dalby gets one more takedown and ends the round in top half guard. Dalby arguably won all three rounds, but certainly the last two.

10-9 Dalby

Official result: Nicolas Dalby via unanimous decision

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