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UFC Vegas 74 Press Conference: Will Amir Albazi Be The Next Flyweight Champion?



A new Fight Night is upon us and we will see a card that is stacked with legendary fighters and current stars that want to become legends. Here is what the main event fighters said in their UFC Vegas 74 press conference during media day.

Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi Press Conference: Kai-Kara Says He Is Better Than Ever

Kai Kara-France gave a short but packed interview and talked about a bunch of things. He started off with his recent injury. If you do not know, he was supposed to fight back in early 2023 but had to cancel the fight due to a knee injury. He said now that he spent over two months literally doing nothing before he could even begin light training.

The athlete also said he was lucky because his career was at a point when he could afford a slight recess and recover without a rush. Kai Kara-France is ready to come back to the octagon and prove that he is the best Flyweight in the world. Shots fired.

His interviewers then took him back to his previous fight – the championship fight for the Flyweight belt against Brandon Moreno. He said that he has taken all the positives from the fight and has been building forward. He said that he is ready to prove that he deserves another title shot.

Kai really said something that stuck with us at NyFights – we loved how he said that there is nothing negative about top-level sports. He said that everything is a positive experience once you reach this high level.

He also said that he will never overlook anyone and welcomes all the challengers with small winning streaks that want to fight him. Overall, Kai was very humble and kept it all positive during this interview.

He was asked whether he thinks that another title shot will happen if he wins this fight. And of course, he did not give a definitive answer. He went on to talk about the importance of performing and proving yourself again.

Overall, there weren't any other key moments in his UFC press conference. He talked about Brandon Moreno's upcoming title defense and he mentioned the support he has received from fans.

UFC Vegas 74 Press Conference: Amir Albazi Said He Is A “Finisher”

Immediately, we saw that Amir Albazi has a different approach to this fight. He tried to display confidence with his first sentence and said that this fight is nothing more than “another fight”. He was asked whether facing a former title challenger is the biggest moment of his career.

He was then asked about his preparation and what he thinks about people that speak against him. After all, it is a fact that Amir Albazi has not fought against a high-ranked opponent before and he made a big jump in level with this fight here.

He had an interesting response that would potentially get more public attention IF he beats Kai-Kara on Saturday. He said that he has been trying to fight ranked opponents after every single fight and they always get injured.

He went on to say that he is the next title contender. It is a big jump, if you ask us, and we are not sure he understands how matchmaking works. His resume is not as impressive right now. With one big fight (if he wins it at all), how do you ask for a title shot?

He even went further during his UFC Vegas 74 press conference and said that his next fight will be for the title in Abu Dhabi. He said that he is a finisher and he is ready to end the fight early this weekend.

In the end, we love the confidence but Amir Albazi definitely has to prove a lot in the octagon on Saturday. And as the event progresses, we will be updating you with the latest UFC news as always. The UFC Vegas 74 press conference is done – now, we wait for the official weigh-ins!

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