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UFC Vegas 73 Press Conference: Dern and Hill Both Want a Boost in the Rankings



Last week's card was incredible even without a title fight and we have more of the same this week – another Fight Night card that is stacked. What did we learn in the UFC Vegas 73 Press Conference a few hours ago?

UFC Vegas 73 Press Conference: Both Fighters Showed Huge Respect

Obviously, this is not your typical massive press conference ahead of a PPV event. The UFC press conference for fight nights includes only the main event fighters. Therefore, we saw live interviews with Mackenzie Dern and Angela Hill. And both fighters showed us their most respectful face and the vibes ahead of this clash are purely positive.

We honestly did not receive any massive UFC Vegas 73 news from the two fighters. Neither of them revealed a lot about their plans outside what we already know about them in terms of style, capabilities, etc.

Dern vs Hill Press Conference: Mackenzie Dern wants to return to her old aggressive style

Mackenzie Dern had a lovely UFC press conference and went through some serious questions. We heard some interesting lines for her regarding the future and what she hopes for.

If you are unaware, Dern lost her most recent fight, which was also a main event bout. She mentioned a lot about her personal problems unrelated to the UFC and explained that she is nervous even at this point with all her experience.

She said that her team made the decision for a full camp this time as she did not have one for her previous fight and that she feels more prepared for everything.

The most interesting part of her UFC Vegas 73 press conference interview was the question about her fighting style. Those that have been following her career know that until about a couple of years ago, Mackenzie had an aggressive style. She never waited for the decision and most of her fights ended early (typically in her favor). Nowadays, however, she had three consecutive decisions and lost two of them.

Dern stated that she wants to re-adopt that old “in your face” style and wants to get more submission wins. She said that her dream was to be a champion but she also wanted to break records and become like Charles Oliveira, who has the most submission wins in the UFC.

Overall, Dern gave a lot of respect to her opponent and said that despite her age, Hill is very dangerous and seems to be in shape.

UFC Vegas 73 Press Conference: Angela Hill believes this will be her night

Do you think that Angela Hill deserves to be in a main-event fight? With a fight record of 15-12, she is not the typical fighter you see in such a bout. We usually see huge prospects or two athletes that have to decide the next title contender in a given division.

This time, we have the 38-year-old Angela Hill, who is on a 2-win streak. In all honesty, she has been improving despite her age but Dern will be a tough match. Nevertheless, Hill showed real confidence ahead of this fight.

Hill explained that she believes that she has been getting better month after month and “knows” that she is one of the best fighters in the world. She had some curious takes:

“The UFC rankings have always been bullshit” – this was her answer to a question about her place in the UFC. She said that she has always been disrespected in the rankings and she believes that she was supposed to be much higher in the Top 15 than she has ever been.

Moreover, she got a question about takedowns and submissions – more precisely, how she plans to defend herself against Mackenzie Dern and her takedowns.

Angela Hill said that there is “no problem”. She said that if she gets taken down, she can defend against a submission for 3-4 minutes. Overall, she showed pure confidence during the UFC Vegas 73 press conference. It felt quite unbelievable.

Overall, we feel like this confidence will betray her and she should be more focused. Of course, Angela Hill has always been a character and she is always fun in interviews. But we hope that she realizes how good Mackenzie Dern truly is.