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UFC Vegas 72 Predictions: Full Card Analysis, Odds, Picks



The Ultimate Fighting Championship will host a new Fight Night in Las Vegas this week. It may not be as attractive as the typical event but perhaps we became spoiled in recent years. Here are our UFC Vegas 72 predictions.

UFC Vegas 72 Full Card Predictions: Main Card Picks

Caio Borralho vs Michal Oleksiejczuk Prediction

Caio Borralho Preview

Caio is a 30-year-old fighter from Brazil. In September 2021, he took part in Dana White's Contender Series show. Borralho defeated Aaron Jeffrey by unanimous decision but did not receive a contract with the UFC. Borralho got his second chance a month later, in October of that year. He entered the duel against Jesse Murai, whom he finished in 1 minute 11 seconds.

Caio made his UFC debut in April 2022. His opponent was Gadzhi Omargadzhiev. Borralho declassed the Russian for 2 rounds, but in the 3rd he delivered an illegal knee blow. The fight had to be stopped, the judges deducted 1 point from the Brazilian and made a technical decision in his favor.

Caio is a versatile fighter. On the stand, he relies on Muay Thai skills, works well at close range, and throws dangerous kicks. In the clinch, the Brazilian relies on control and damage with elbows and knees. On the ground, the fighter tries to quickly take a dominant position.

Michal Oleksiejczuk Preview

Michal is a 28-year-old fighter from Poland. His debut took place in December 2017 in a fight against Khalil Rountree. Despite the fact that the judges gave the victory to the debutant, the result of the fight was annulled due to the fact that Michal failed the doping test after the fight.

In total, Michal had 10 fights in the UFC: 6 won, 3 lost, and 1 fight was declared invalid. His last fight was in December 2022. His opponent was Cody Brundage. Michal won by knockout in the 1st round.

Michal is a versatile fighter who focuses on stand-up fighting. He hits skillfully, quickly, and accurately, and competently works on different levels. I note that the fighter has a very powerful blow. He can knock out an opponent with one accurate hit. In 13 out of 18 victories, Michal got by KOs. The athlete lacks a serious wrestling base.

We should see all three rounds in this bout

We start our UFC Fight Night predictions with an over. You can also opt for Borralho to win but we think that this will be a close one and there will be a lot of stalling. Borralho is a physically powerful versatile fighter who can work effectively on the stand and on the ground. Most likely, Caio will bet on wrestling and clinching against a striker who doesn't know how to wrestle.

Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs Waldo Cortes Acosta Prediction

Marcos Rogerio de Lima Preview

Marcos is a 37-year-old fighter from Brazil. In 2014, Marcos took part in the 3rd Brazilian season of TUF, where he impressed management and received a contract with the UFC. His debut took place in May of the same year in a duel against Richardson Moreira, whom he knocked out in 20 seconds.

In total, De Lima had 15 fights in the UFC: 9 won, 6 lost. Marcos quickly defeated outright sacks, but at the slightest increase in the level of opposition, he always lost.

De Lima's last fight took place in October 2022. His opponent was Andrei Arlovski. Marcos won by choke in the 1st round.

Marcos is a kickboxer. Thanks to his basic style, the Brazilian has knockout power. In 13 out of 20 victories, he won by knockouts.

Waldo Cortes Acosta Preview

Waldo is a 31-year-old fighter from the Dominican Republic. He began his professional MMA career in 2018 and performed in the minor leagues before joining the UFC, where he went 6-0 to become the LFA Champion.

In August 2022, Cortes Acosta came to Dana White's Contender Series show, where he knocked out Danilo Suzart in the 1st round and received a contract with the UFC. The debut of the Dominican took place in October of the same year in a fight against Jared Vanderaa, whom he defeated by unanimous decision.

Waldo's last fight was in November 2022. He faced Chase Sherman, whom he defeated by unanimous decision.

The base of Cortes-Acosta is boxing. He is quite technical in the standing position, combining fast punches with good footwork. I note that the Dominican copes well with a distance of 3 rounds. He has enough cardio to fight without slowing down for 15 minutes.

Waldo Cortes Acosta has to win this bout

This feels like the easiest of our UFC Vegas 72 predictions. For the last 2 years, Marcos Rogerio De Lima has won more than he has lost. Apparently, the bookmaker's analysts were impressed by this and made him the favorite. But who did the Brazilian win against? Maurice Green and Ben Rothwell, who is no longer in the UFC, and 44-year-old Andrei Arlovski, who accepts any fight as long as his health allows.

In Vegas, the Brazilian will face a hefty Dominican who will put pressure on the stand with size and technical superiority. De Lima rushes straight forward into close range to blow off his opponent's head. Waldo, due to his footwork and superior size, will confidently keep him at a distance, thanks to which he will be able to avoid damage and hit back effectively.

UFC Vegas 72 Prelim Predictions: Two Fights You Shouldn't Skip

Martin Buday vs Jake Collier Prediction

Martin Buday Preview

Martin is a 30-year-old fighter from Slovakia. He started his professional career in 2015. Before moving to the UFC, Buday performed mainly in the OKTAGON organization, where he became the heavyweight champion in 2021.

In October 2021, Martin came to Dana White's Contender Series show, where he knocked out Lorenzo Hood in the first round and signed a contract with the world's strongest league. Buday made his UFC debut in April 2022 against Chris Barnett. Martin won by technical decision.

The Slovak had his last fight in August 2022. His opponent was Lukasz Brzhecki. Buday won by split decision.

Martin is a versatile fighter who prefers to fight on the stand. He stands out with impressive physical strength and can knock out an opponent with one accurate hit. I note that Martin wrestles well. He has good takedown skills, tenacious control, and good positional fighting skill.

Buday is an untested fighter. He performed in mediocre promotions and it is not known how his skill will be revealed with an increase in the level of opposition. There is a possibility that, having hit a top opponent, Martin will start making mistakes and lose.

Jake Collier Preview

Jake is a 34-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in 2014 against Vitor Miranda, whom he lost by knockout at the end of the 1st round. In total, he had 12 fights: 5 won, 7 lost.

Jake last fought in September 2022. His opponent was Chris Barnett. Collier lost by TKO in the 2nd round.

Collier has a BJJ base but prefers to work in a standing position. He tries to throw heavy punches, uses low kicks and roundhouse kicks. 5 out of 12 victories Jake got by knockouts.

Jake is a mediocre fighter. He is extremely slow, which is why he misses a large number of hits. The BJJ base does not help him on the ground. He is so easy to control that he hardly resists when he is hammered on the ground.

Martin Buday has the advantage ahead of this bout

Apart from the previous one, I find the best value in this from our UFC Vegas 72 predictions. I don't understand why the fighters have equal odds. Jake Collier is seriously overrated. I don't think he'll be able to take Martin to the ground because Collier's takedowns aren't good enough. In the stance, Buday is head and shoulders above his opponent in terms of skills.

Cody Durden vs Charles Johnson Prediction

Cody Durden Preview

Cody is a 32-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in August 2020 against Chris Gutierrez, which ended in a draw. After that, Durden began to alternate victories and defeats.

In March 2022, Durden was submitted by Mohammed Mokaev in 59 seconds. Cody's last fight was in October 2022. His opponent was Carlos Mota. Durden won by unanimous decision.

Cody is a versatile fighter who prefers to get victories through wrestling. He is distinguished by effective takedowns and good control in the clinch and on the ground. In the standing position, he throws out good combinations and is able to shake the opponent with an accurate hit.

Charles Johnson Preview

Charles is a 32-year-old American fighter. He spent most of his performances in the LFA promotion, where in January 2022 he became the flyweight champion by defeating Carlos Mota by knockout in the 5th round.

Johnson's debut in the UFC took place in July 2022 in a duel against Mohammed Mokaev, whom he lost by unanimous decision. Charles closed this defeat with a split decision victory over Zhalgas Zhumagulov.

Johnson started 2023 with a 1st round TKO victory over Jimmy Flick. Charles' last fight was in February. His opponent was Ode Osborne. Charles lost by split decision.

Charles is a basic boxer. He is distinguished by good combinatorics, high mobility, and accuracy of strikes.

Cody Durden should take this one home

We complete our UFC Vegas 72 predictions with this one and the American should grab the win. Cody Durden is simply more complete as an MMA fighter. Johnson is effective while he is standing, but once he is taken to the ground, he is lost and cannot compete. Durden will mix styles and his game plan will consist of alternating standing and grappling.

Fearing takedowns, Johnson will be afraid to go forward hard, so Cody will have the opportunity to act a little more relaxed and reduce the risk of running into a tight punch. Most likely, Durden, in preparation for the fight, studied the fight between Johnson and Mokaev and will bet on striking, thanks to which he will win on points.

Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.