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UFC Vegas 70: Krylov vs Spann Full Card Predictions, Odds, Analysis



Ultimate Fighting Championship returns Saturday night with event scheduled for the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, USA. Nikita Krylov will face Ryan Spann in the main event but the entire card is stacked with incredible fighters and massive prospects. Here are our predictions for the full card of UFC Vegas 70: Krylov vs Spann.

Rafael Alves vs Nurullo Aliev:

The lowdown on Rafael Alves

Rafael is a 32-year-old fighter from Brazil. In August 2020, he came to Dana White's Contender Series show, where he strangled Alejandro Flores in the 2nd round and received a contract with the UFC.

Rafael's debut took place in May 2021 in a duel against Damir Ismagulov, whom he lost to by unanimous decision. He closed this defeat in November of the same year, strangling Mark Diakiese in the 1st round.

Rafael last fought in July 2022. His opponent was Drew Dobber. Alves lost by knockout in the 3rd round.

Raphael has a BJJ background with decent Muay Thai skills. In the standing position, he prefers to work as the 2nd number and tries to catch the opponent on the counterattack. Alves has strong striking power.

On the ground, Alves is looking for an opportunity to quickly get a submission. 8 out of 20 victories he won by submission. But in bouts against wrestlers, Rafael could not get rid of control and let his opponent score points. In the stance, he makes mistakes in defense and takes a huge amount of damage.

The lowdown on Nurullo Aliev 

Nurullo is a 23-year-old fighter from Tajikistan. He started his professional career in 2018 and has a perfect 7-0 record in 3 years. In September 2022, Aliev got a chance to compete at Dana White's Contender Series, where he finished in the 1st round Josh Vick and received a contract with the UFC. This was Nurullo's last performance.

Nurullo is a wrestler. Thanks to the background, he performs effective takedowns, quickly takes a good position on the ground and scores points through tenacious control.

Despite the fact that Aliev regularly works on his striking technique, he has significant gaps in this aspect. The fighter stagnates, which is why he is not always able to overcome the required distance for a productive attack in the stance, and he himself is exposed to the blows of his opponents.

Alves vs Aliev Prediction

Nurullo Aliev is an extremely pragmatic fighter. In a fight against a much more experienced Alves, he will try to use his trump cards: he will drag the opponent into deep waters and control him there, crushing him with non-amplitude strikes so that the referee does not raise the fighters to the rack. For Aliev, breaking an opponent in the ground and pound is an unjustified risk, since he will be able to lose position and give up the initiative.

Alves is a strong fighter and he suffered most of the early defeats in the final part of the fight. In addition, there is a chance that he will be able to avoid the takedowns of the Tajik and the fight will take place in the stance and the clinch. I doubt that in this case, the Brazilian will quickly finish the opponent.

Mike Malott vs Yohan Lainesse

Mike Malott Preview

Mike Malott made his mixed martial arts debut in 2011. He has eight wins (four by knockout) and one loss in MMA. The 31-year-old lost only to Hakim Davod (technical knockout), in the fall of 2014. After that, Malott got the better of American Mickey Gall (TKO), Israeli Shimon Smotrytsky (submission), Solomon Renfro (TKO) from the USA, and Canadian Reig Shintani (KO).

Malott (pictured) or his foe is getting stopped in this one, we think

Yohan Lainesse Preview

Yohan Leinesse has been performing professionally since 2018. The 30-year-old Canadian also suffered only one loss in his career when he lost to the American Gabriel Green (technical knockout) in April 2022. In the last bout, Lainesse defeated Darian Wicks (decision) from the USA. He has nine wins (six by knockout) and one loss.

Malott vs Lainesse Prediction

Bookmakers consider Malott the favorite of the upcoming meeting. Mike has excellent striking and wrestling techniques. He will be able to compete with the opponent on his feet, but if possible, he will not refuse to transfer the fight to the floor. Lainesse's style is geared towards striking techniques to break through enemy defenses. The fight doesn't have to last the whole distance.

Tatiana Suarez vs Montana De La Rosa

Tatiana Suarez Preview

Tatiana Suarez started practicing mixed martial arts in 2013. Prior to this, the 32-year-old American overcame cancer. After her recovery, she began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She has a brown belt. Suarez was also engaged in freestyle wrestling and could make it to the London Olympics.

The American does not know defeat in MMA. She has ten wins in a row, seven of them in the Dana White league. In the last fight in the summer of 2019, she defeated the Brazilian Nina Nunes (unanimous decision).

Montana De La Rosa Preview

Montana De La Rosa began her professional MMA career in 2014. She was the official Xtreme Fighting League (XFN) champion. In the last fight in April 2023, the 28-year-old representative of the United States lost to her compatriot Maisie Barber (unanimously). In July 2021, De La Rosa defeated Brazilian Ariane Lipsky (TKO). She has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Suarez vs de la Rosa Prediction

Bookmakers consider Suarez the undisputed favorite of the upcoming meeting. We agree with them. The California native hasn't stepped into the octagon for four years. All this time, Tatiana was recovering from cancer treatment. Suarez has an excellent wrestling base, she likes to finish fights ahead of schedule. A knockout is hardly worth waiting for, but a victory on points or submission is quite possible.

Augusto Sakai vs Don'Tale Mayes

Augusto Sakai Preview

Augusto Sakai has lost his luck lately. The 31-year-old Brazilian has suffered four defeats in a row in recent fights, losing to Alistair Overeem (TKO) from the Netherlands, Jairzinho Rozenstruik (TKO) from Suriname, Australian Tai Tuivas (knockout) and Serey Spivak (knockout) from Moldova. Sakai last tasted victory in May 2019 when he defeated Blagoy Ivanov (split decision).

Don'Tale Mayes Preview

Don'Tale Mayes made his UFC debut against Frenchman Cyril Gahne on October 26, 2019. The 31-year-old American lost in this fight (submission). He has two wins in four Dana White league bouts to his credit. Mayes defeated Roque Martinez (unanimous decision) from Guam and American Josh Parisyan (technical knockout). The Kentucky native made his way into a prestigious global organization with a solid performance at the Contender Series.

Sakai vs Mayes Prediction

According to experts, Sakai will have a slight advantage. However, we can argue with them. Things haven't been going well for Sakai lately. It can be seen with the naked eye that the Brazilian fighter is in a serious crisis. And while there are no guarantees that he will be able to get out of it. Everything goes to the fact that Mayes will still win a landslide victory.

Andre Muniz vs Brendan Allen

Andre Muniz Preview

Andre is a 33-year-old fighter from Brazil. He got into the UFC on his second try. He first came to the Dana White's Contender Series show in August 2018, where he defeated Bruno Assis by unanimous decision, but did not receive a contract. Muniz made a second attempt a year later, in August 2019. Then, at the Challenger Series, he fought Taylor Johnson, whom he choked out in the 1st round.

Andre's debut took place in November 2019. His opponent was Antonio Arroyo, whom he defeated by unanimous decision. In total, he spent 5 fights in the UFC: he won all 5.

Muniz last fought in July 2022. His opponent was Uriah Hall. Andre won by unanimous decision.

Andre has a background in BJJ. He is most dangerous on the ground, where he is constantly looking for the opportunity to get a submission. 15 of 23 victories he won by submission. In the stand, Andre demonstrates good boxing and fast and accurate combinations. I will note the good cardio of the Brazilian. He can fight at the same pace throughout the fight.

Despite the fact that Muniz is working hard on boxing, his punching technique is far from ideal and is at an average level. He attacks uniformly and straightforwardly. Due to the weak footwork, Muniz stagnates and cannot leave the attack line in time.

Muniz is in against an ascending talent, who gets into the top 15 with a triumph

Brendan Allen Preview

Brendan is a 27-year-old American fighter. He entered the UFC after his success at Dana White's Contender Series, where he was invited after winning the championship belt in the LFA promotion. At the start, Allen gave a streak of 3 victories in a row over opponents whose level at that time was above average.

Allen's ascent was cut short in the fall of 2020 when he was knocked out in the 2nd round by Sean Strickland. Brendan closed this loss by going on a streak of 2 wins in a row. But the American was again knocked out by Chris Curtis in December 2021.

The defeat from Chris Allen closed with a streak of 2 victories in a row. In February 2022, he strangled Sam Alvey, and in June he defeated Jacob Malkoun by unanimous decision. Brendan's last fight took place in October 2022. His opponent was Krzysztof Jotko. Allen won by submission in the 1st round.

Allen is a versatile fighter who is most dangerous on the ground. As a black belt in BJJ, Brendan has great control, inventive sweeps, and a wide arsenal of submissions.

I note that Allen works in the clinch in a variety of ways. He controls opponents for the sake of scoring points and damages them with elbows and knees. But on the stand, Brendan regularly has problems. He can approach the opponent by lowering his hands, which leads to the fact that Allen misses the hardest blows and falls into a knockout.

Dana White called this “one of those sleeper cards”

Muniz vs Allen Prediction

I think Brendan Allen is seriously underrated. He can counter Muniz both on his feet and on the ground. Andre will not be able to use his main trump card – grappling since he mediocrely implements takedowns. The efficiency of his translations is 46%. In addition, we must not forget that Brendan also has a black belt in BJJ and perfectly implements his opportunities on the ground.

In the stand, the American works harder: he hits more clearly and has a greater impact from blows. Therefore, if Allen does not get into a heavy exchange, then he has a good chance to beat his opponent on points.