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UFC Vegas 58 Full Card Predictions, Previews, Live Odds and Betting Lines



UFC Vegas 58 Full Card Predictions, Previews, Live Odds and Betting Lines

After the massive pay-per-view event last week, the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns with a smaller weekly event – the UFC Vegas 58: Dos Anjos vs Fiziev. While the main event itself is big enough for the main card of a PPV event, the entire fight card of the event is filled with incredible bouts. Here are our predictions for the entire card.

UFC Vegas 58: Prelims Predictions

Kennedy Nzechukwu vs Karl Robertson (Light Heavyweight Bout)

Having good striking technique, Robertson remains a mediocre fighter. Yes, he suffered most of the defeats by painful and choking techniques in fights against strong wrestlers like Teixeira, Allen or Vettori.

But in the last fight, he could not come up with anything against the extremely unstable Khalil Rountree, who could not even cope with Ion Cutelaba or Marcin Prachnio. Carl played the 1st round as dismally as possible, and he could not have entered the 2nd round, because he was finished 25 seconds after the start of the five-minute period.

I expect Nzechukwu to pick up the pace towards the middle of the 1st round and crush the opponent with pressure and accented hits. It is possible that Roberson will minimize the distance, but get stuck in the clinch, get tired quickly, and stop working actively.

The main thing is that Kennedy should not poke his fingers in the opponent's eyes. In the fight against Negumereanu, he was deducted a point for this and lost.

Antonina Shevchenko vs Cortney Casey (Women's Flyweight Bout)

We don't understand why Antonina Shevchenko is such a serious favorite. She will have a duel with a very uncomfortable opponent. Yes, Antonina's punching technique is better, but her punches don't deal damage or have a stopping effect. Courtney, on the contrary, can take the opponent by causing her much more damage, causing her to back away and make mistakes.

In addition, in the clinch, due to physical strength, the American will be able to control her opponent, gaining points. If the fight goes to the ground, then Casey will be able to end the fight ahead of schedule, going to the submission hold.

Cody Brundage vs Tresean Gore (Middleweight Bout)

Trezan Gore is a raw fighter. Yes, he can knock out Cody in the 1st round, but I don’t see any other options for him to win, except for a knockout. Cody is a more versatile and thoughtful fighter. On the stand, he will work carefully with combinations, scoring points and avoiding outright exchanges so that Gore does not strike the decisive blow.

If Brundage manages to take the fight to the ground from the beginning of the fight, then he will be able to confidently control the opponent, causing him damage from ground and pound and, possibly, finishing him.

Aiemann Zahabi vs Ricky Turcios (Bantamweight Bout)

Zahabi is a more aggressive fighter. He will aggressively and effectively work as number 1, which will make him a favorite in the eyes of the judges. Even if Turcios applies successful shots, Aiemann can take the fight by controlling the center of the octagon, constant pressure, clinching and harder hits.

Hits that have an immediate or cumulative effect are evaluated by the judges more than failed attempts. Zahabi has more strength in his fists, so the damage he inflicts on the opponent will be incommensurate with what he misses.

UFC Vegas 58: Main Card Predictions

Jared Vanderaa vs Chase Sherman (Heavyweight Bout)

A meeting of fighters who work terribly on the ground. In our opinion, both athletes have the same chances of winning and we don’t understand why the bookmaker singled out Jared as a clear favorite.

Chase works well on his feet and can win with speed. Sherman prefers to work with combinations, throwing fast and polished punches, while Vanderaa tries to demolish the opponent with frenzied pressure and physical power. With the help of technique and footwork, Chase will evade most of the opponent's attacks and carry out successful counterattacks.

Douglas Silva de Andrade vs Said Nurmagomedov (Bantamweight Bout)

Andrade has been having problems in his previous fights when he gets hit more times than expected. Sergey Morozov almost sent him to a one-punch knockout, but the Brazilian survived the critical moment due to the fact that the Kazakh fighter has a bad ground game. If he falls into the same knockdown in a fight against Said, he will most likely be submitted.

When it comes to boxing, Nurmagomedov is faster and more technical than his opponent. He will set the pace very high and will deal massive amounts of damage to Douglas towards the end of the 1st round. We expect Nurmagomedov to win but since the odds there are too low, we are opting for a market that suggests a quick end to the fight.

Caio Borralho vs Armen Petrosyan (Middleweight Bout)

Armen was again given an uncomfortable opponent. Borrallo is a physically powerful versatile fighter who can work effectively on the stand and on the ground. Most likely, Caio will bet on wrestling and clinching against a striker who doesn't know how to wrestle.

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