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UFC Stream: Where to Watch Song Yadong vs Ricky Simon?



The Ultimate Fighting Championship will return this weekend with the UFC Vegas 72 event and Song Yadong vs Ricky Simon in the main event. This will not be a Pay-Per-View event, therefore you can watch the full card for a far lower price or even for free if you have certain services available. Here is how to watch the upcoming UFC stream.

Official UFC Live Stream Options – United States

American citizens have the opportunity to watch the UFC Vegas 72 stream in the easiest way possible – on ESPN+. The streaming service is the official partner of the promotion and there even are specific Fight Night events that nowadays carry its name – “UFC on ESPN”.

Simply said, you need to have a subscription to ESPN+. The monthly cost for this service is $9.99. You can also opt for the annual alternative, if you are a big fan, and pay $99.99. If you plan to watch all or most of the UFC events or any other sports, you can opt for the discounted price.

How To Watch The UFC Stream Worldwide?

Perhaps you are not American, a lot of us aren't. So, there is a good chance that you cannot get ESPN+ because it is not available in your country. In this case, how can you get the UFC Vegas 72 stream?

Nowadays, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has provided a different kind of service that is available in most countries around the world. And it is online. But you can always transfer it to your TV if you have a modern one – UFC on Fight Pass.

Click the link in the previous sentence and you can purchase a different kind of subscription, that generally is more valuable than the ESPN+. At least, when it comes to MMA. You have Monthly and Annual subscriptions (and a VIP alternative to both) and they cost $9.99 and $95.99.

Besides the chance to watch all UFC streams of the non-PPV events, the monthly subscription gives you access to the entire UFC Fight Library and also other live MMA events.

The VIP alternative – the so-called “Ultimate Monthly/Ultimate Annual” cost a lot more – €42.39 per month or €405.99 per year. With this service, you get access to all the PPV events too – this means you no longer have to pay around $100 to watch the big fight cards and championship fights.

Check your local TV providers for a UFC Vegas 72 Stream

Even if you do not want to pay for an additional subscription, you may be in luck. Check out if your TV provider has done the work for you and has a UFC stream on the schedule.

As a fan from Bulgaria, in Europe, I have watched the majority of the events in recent years – PPV or regular Fight Night – on my TV, for free. It is not really for free because my TV comes with a monthly fee but it is definitely cheaper.

Especially if you are from Europe or Eastern Europe, in particular, there is a good chance that the UFC has always been on one of your local sports channels without you knowing.

When Does the UFC Stream Start This Weekend?

Now that we gave you some ideas, when should you turn on the TV/Screen/etc? The regular UFC Fight Nights hosted in Las Vegas typically have identical starting times.

You can expect the UFC live stream to start around 4 PM ET on Saturday. Normally, the main card get scheduled for around 7 PM ET but in this particular case, the prelim card is quite smaller than usual. Some fights got canceled, unfortunately. So, the main card may start earlier this time – make sure not to miss it!