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UFC Payouts: Veterans with Bigger Purses than Rozenstruik at UFC on ABC 4?



After last week and the legendary event we witnessed, the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns with a regular Fight Night. What can we expect from the upcoming UFC on ABC 4 and what will the UFC payouts be?

UFC on ABC 4 Prize Money: How much will Rozenstruik and Almeida earn?

After the millions of dollars in UFC payouts last week, we are taking a huge dip for this upcoming event. As a regular fight night with zero title contests, you can expect the fighters to get significantly lower purses. At the same time, there are some names on this card that have been in the UFC for years and years and typically get big purses.

UFC Payouts: Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Jairzinho Rozenstruik has been a UFC star for a while but you will be surprised by his low UFC fighter pay. The heavyweight won a total of $236,000 for his last bout against Chris Daukaus. But this was the total purse, which included his regular salary, his win bonus, his performance bonus, and the sponsorships.

For his last fight, he was paid a base salary of $90,000 and we do not think that this figure will get a substantial increase for this fight. Neither of these fighters is a top-tier star and UFC Charlotte is a regular Fight Night.

We expect Rozenstruik to earn the same amount, perhaps with a small boost. Let's say around $100,000 – $125,000 – this sounds like a valid prediction. This amount will be doubled if he wins. He could earn another $50,000 with a performance bonus and between $5-10k via sponsorships.

UFC Fighter Pay: Jailton Almeida

The other contestant in the main event of UFC on ABC 4 is Jailton Almeida. This is one of the newer fighters in the heavyweight division and he is on a streak of three wins in the promotion, as well as 13 total wins without a defeat. And at the same time, we expect him to earn times less than his opponent.

Almeida last fought in January when he beat Shamil Abdurakhimov with a 2nd round TKO. And for that fight, he earned his biggest purse – around $60,000. This sum includes the base salary of $28,000 which was doubled through his win.

This will be his debut in a main event fight and we expect him to get a solid increase. Let's agree that around $50,000 as a base salary will be valid for a fighter of his caliber, who has never before fought in a main event.

Of course, as with all other UFC payouts, the amount will be doubled with a win.

UFC on ABC 4 Prize Money: How much will the Main Card fighters earn?

Now that we have an idea about the possible Rozenstruik vs Almeida purses, let's take a look at the entire main card of UFC Charlotte. By the way, there are a bunch of rising stars and old dogs that will take part in this event. It may shock you but we think that Rozenstruik will not be the highest-paid fighter on this card.

Anthony Smith has been in the UFC for over a decade and in his time here, he has earned over 2 million dollars in UFC payouts. His biggest check was against Jones when he was paid $350,000 to show up for the fight. Since then, his purses have decreased but he still earns more than any other fighter on this card.

• Anthony Smith – $135,000
• Jairzinho Rozenstruik – $100,000 – $125,000
• Alex Morono – $100,000
• Jailton Almeida – $50,000
• Johnny Walker – $50,000
• Daniel Rodriguez – $50,000
• Ian Machado Garry – $25,000
• Carlos Ulberg – $22,000
• Tim Means – $21,000
• Ihor Potieria – $12,000

As you can see, there are multiple fighters that could earn more money than Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Jailton Almeida. Anthony Smith has received a minimum of $135,000 for most of his recent fights.

Alex Morono, who is shockingly in the main card opener, earned $150,000 from his most recent fight in December. And that was just to show up. He could well get the highest of the UFC payouts this week too but since his fight is scheduled for the early hours, we expect a decrease in his purse.

We will return with the proper updates and the final figures once UFC on ABC 4 is over.