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UFC on ESPN 48 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary



UFC on ESPN 48 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary

If you're looking for UFC on ESPN 48 Live Updates, you're in the right place.

We'll be here watching the main card and giving you all of the UFC on ESPN 48 round by round updates and all of the UFC results tonight. The main card is one that you will not want to miss any updates on. This card is stacked from the bottom to the top with great talent and some fun match ups.

Sure, some of the match making here was a bit odd, but it's still entertaining. Regardless, the night goes on and the entertainment is promised. Stick around here and we'll provide you with UFC round by round commentary, our take on how the rounds are scored, and all of the UFC live results.

When Do the UFC on ESPN 48 Live Updates Start?

UFC on ESPN 48 live updates

Damir Ismagulov and Grant Dawson are set to do battle in a huge matchup in the UFC lightweight division on Saturday night. (Image Credit: MMA Junkie – USA Today)

The UFC results tonight will start right when the first fight on the main card starts! So, we're looking at 4 p.m. PST, 6 p.m. CST and 7 p.m. EST. The UFC on ESPN 48 live updates are certain to show a great night of fights. Also, you can't go wrong getting your UFC on ESPN 48 round by round coverage here, we know what we're talking about.

Headlined by Sean Strickland and Abus Magomedov, tonight's action is one of those cards that you'll not want to miss the UFC live updates on.  So stick with us here and we've got you covered on the UFC round by round information.

What Will Be Covered in Our UFC on ESPN 48 Round by Round Updates?

What you can expect is a detailed recap of what happens round by round and, of course, UFC live updates. We'll have all of that on top of how we scored the rounds. The round scoring will be arbitrary due to the scores being unknown until the fight is over.

We'll also be analyzing the fights and there will be another post talking about the aftermath following tonight's fights.

UFC on ESPN 48 Results: What can be expected?

You can expect fireworks, that much is certain. Strickland is looking to keep his spot in the rankings, and Magomoedov, just in his sophomore bout in the UFC, is looking to leapfrog many, including Strickland. So, that's pretty intense. Additionally, we've got a co-main event of the ages in Damir Ismagulov and Grant Dawson.

Dawson has yet to lose a fight in the UFC and he's very candid about what he wants to do; take his opponent down, take their back, sink in the choke, go home and watch cartoons. Ismagulov, trying to step back into the winner's circle, wants to give Dawson his first loss in the promotion.

And, before that, we've got so many great fights to cover for you! A fight card like this is one you really want to be in the know on. So, stick around here and enjoy the UFC on ESPN 48 round by round results.

UFC on ESPN Live Results: Sean Strickland vs Abus Magomedov

Strickland will look to keep his spot in the ranks, Abus will look to jump the line at the expense of Sean. This fight has a lot of weight on it rankings-wise, but more than that, this is almost promised to be a banger.

Round 1: An early eye poke made this a bit scary, but Strickland shook it off then went back to work. Strickland was able to get his jab working, but the bigger moments went to Magomedov. He landed bigger shots and scored a takedown.

10-9 Magomedov

Round 2: This was a completely different Abus in this round; he was breathing with an open mouth and actually turned his back to Sean a few times. The finish was an eventuality at this rate and Strickland found it near the end of the second stanza of this main event.

Official Result: Sean Strickland via seconds round TKO

UFC Results Tonight: Grant Dawson vs Damir Ismagulov

With heavy implications on the lightweight division's top ten, Grant Dawson looks to remain nearly perfect in the UFC while Damir Ismagulov wants to prove that he's not going anywhere.

Round 1: Grant Dawson, AKA the best back taker in the UFC, did his thing in this round. He looked good on the feet but went for that takedown that he tells everyone he's searching for. He took the back and controlled over half of the round.

10-9 Dawson

Round 2: It's hard to tell whether or not these are 10-8 rounds. Ismagulov is surviving, but that's it. Dawson did in this round what he did in the first; strike, get a takedown, then control from the back. Again, best back taker in the UFC.

10-9 Dawson

Round 3: What a dominant performance from ‘KGD'! He get the back much earlier this time and controlled about four minutes of this round from there. Dawson is a problem at lightweight and it's about time the UFC recognizes this. Top 10, make some room.

10-8 Dawson

Official Result: Grant Dawson via unanimous decision

UFC Live Updates: Max Griffin vs Michael Morales

Max Griffin has the tenure and some high level wins, but Morales is riding the momentum of being 14-0 at just 23-years-old. On paper, this fight looks like it's got all the ingredients for “Fight of the Night” money.

Round 1: Morales is long and he fights very well to accentuate his innate length. His jab is very fast and sharp. However, when Griffin blitzes and makes it a bit ugly, that's when he's doing his best. Griffin landed something in a blitz and has the right eye of Morales nearly swollen shut.

Griffin is working from the clinch and racking up that control time. Morales really likes the superman punch, might be his signature move or something. Based off of damage and control time, I'm feeling Griffin for this round.

10-9 Griffin

Round 2: Morales is showing his grit in this round! He didn't want to be the only one wearing the damage on his face so he was fast to unload on Griffin. Max is hanging in there and actually countering really well, but Morales is persistent and is able to land that right hand pretty frequently.

10-9 Morales

Round 3: Every time Morales is close to getting Griffin out of there, Max bites down on his mouthpiece and shows how much fight he's got in him. It's Morales that seems to be running away with this fight, but Griffin is still there. He even scores a takedown which will look good to the judges. Morales closes the fight with a convincing takedown.

10-9 Morales

Official Result: Michael Morales vis unanimous decision

UFC on ESPN 48 Live Results: Ariane Lipski vs Melissa Gatto

When the “Queen of Violence” fights, we watch. Lipski is back at it looking to start her first win streak since 2020. However, Gatto is here to bounce back into the win column after losing her first fight.

Round 1: While Lipski is the pressuring fighter, she's having a lot of issues closing the gap. Gatto is doing a great job keeping Lipski at bay with her teep kicks and straight punches. A close round, though uneventful. Gatto got this one. Ariane secures a takedown but doesn't do a whole lot with it.

10-9 Gatto

Round 2: Lipski is a bit more active to start this round out. She's got some heat on her strikes, but they keep missing the mark. Gatto is winning the clinch situations in this round, too. In fact, most of this round was fought in the clinch.

10-9 Gatto

Round 3: Round three was a bit more competitive, but things still seemed to sway in the favor of Gatto; she was able to get the advantage in the clinch and her straight punches often beat Lipski to the punch.

10-9 Gatto

Official Result: Ariane Lipski vis split decision

UFC round by round results: Ismael Bonfim vs Benoit Saint-Denis

Bonfim is back at it and he's hoping to continue his finishing ways. Saint-Denis has something to say about that, though. Since he debut loss, Benoit has won two straight and if gets his way, it'll be three.

Round 1: What a furious start to this fight! Benoit is spamming body kicks and Bonfim is encouraging the onslaught. Both are scrapping it out in the middle for a bit but Benoit opts to mix in a takedown, which he secured. They return to the feet for a bit but Benoit gets another takedown and takes the back. His squeeze is insane! Not even under the chin, he secures the rear-naked choke.

Official Result: Benoit Saint-Denis via first round submission

UFC Results Tonight: Bruno Ferreira vs Nursulton Ruziboev

Undefeated meats a load of experience here! Bruno has made it 10 up, ten down. Looking to keep that flawless record intact, he'll need to get through Ruziboev, who has finished 32 of his 34 wins.

Round 1: The size difference is very noticeable not just in stature, but in fighting styles. Both fighters start a bit tentative, but they exchange leg kicks. Ruziboev caught a leg kick to drill Bruno with a punch that put a stop to the fight. This was fast and violent.

Official Result: Nursulton Ruziboev via first round KO

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