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UFC on ABC 5 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary



UFC on ABC 5 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary

It's fight day and if you're looking for UFC on ABC 5 live updates, you're in the right place.

Here, we'll keep you updated on the UFC on ABC 5 round by round results and commentary as the main card plays out. There are plenty of fun fights tonight, ones you really don't want to miss. Catch the UFC live updates and our take on how the rounds were scored down below.

Not only will you be in the know about the UFC results tonight, but we'll be giving some in-depth reviews of the rounds as they are happening. Which is great, because a card like this is a nail biter and you'll really want to be caught up with the UFC round by round updates.

A main event with heavy title implications has the tension set to max tonight. But, before that, we've got an entire card of potential barn burners and potential fight of the month winners. Let's get into it!

When Do the UFC on ABC 5 Live Updates Start?

The UFC on ABC live updates will start at 12 p.m. PST, 2 p.m. CST and 3 p.m. EST. For the UFC results tonight, we'll be covering just the main card here. So, to pass the time, go ahead and get yourself familiar with the event you'll be catching the UFC live updates updates to!

The UFC on ABC 5 round by round updates will be posted in between each round of the main card fights. For tonight's five-fight main card, we'll stay on top of the action to ensure that you know about the UFC round by round updates and scoring as soon as possible.

What Will Be Covered in Our UFC on ABC 5 Round by Round Updates?

For this event, we'll be going over what happened in the round, who we think won the round, and then the official results as they develop. The UFC results tonight will all be found here and you'll be informed right as things are happening.

Additionally, you'll find some in-depth descriptions of what happened in the rounds; just knowing who won the round is a bit boring — we'll be sure to give you all of the juicy details per round for our UFC on ABC 5 round by round commentary and results.

UFC on ABC 5 Results: What Can Be Expected?

UFC on ABC 5 live updates

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We cannot begin to express how exciting this card is! Ilia Topuria is on such an incredible tear with 13 wins and 12 finishes. The young and undefeated fighter is staking a huge step up in competition as he takes on Josh Emmett, who is one of the most dangerous and complete forces in the featherweight division.

This fight has some heavy implication as to who's going to challenge the featherweight champion next, be it Alexander Volkanovski or Yair Rodriguez. That is the marquee fight for the night and it'll be the bookend of what is certain to be an incredible night of fighting.

If the preliminary card tells us anything, it's that this is night of MMA action is going to be one that we'll be talking about for some time to come — especially in regard to the featherweight title picture. Stick around and catch the UFC live updates down below.

UFC Live Updates: Emmett vs Topuria

UFC Fight Night Jacksonville Tickets - Ilia Topuria

What a main event we've got here! Seriously, Emmett vs Topuria should be on a PPV, but we lucked out and they're main eventing a free card. Theses UFC on ABC 5 live updates will tell how this high-stakes fight plays out, and surely they'll tell who's going to fight for gold next.

Round 1: The palms are sweating for this one. What an explosive opening round this was. Emmett tried to get respect within the first five seconds, but it was Topuria that made this a boxing match and won it. Ilia's pressure, high guard, and combinations won him the round.

10-9 Topuria

Round 2: Emmett seems shocked at how good Topuria is. He started this round very one dimensional — jab, overhand right, circle. Topuria is showing off that hand speed and andytime Josh stops moving, the leg kicks are coming. Topuria drops Josh with a right hand and tees off but is ultimately tripped. Topuria stuns Emmett again to close the round.

10-9 Topuria

Round 3: Down but not out, Emmett is still in this fight. He looks like he's wearing a Halloween outfit; his eye is almost shut, he's bleeding everywhere, and his ear is super swollen. Topuria is oddly comfortable fighting in the pocket with Emmett. Ilia got a bit sloppy there for a bit, but he cleaned it up and took this round, too.

10-9 Topuria

Round 4: What a round! More of the same early on, but Topuria scored another knockdown and absolutely swarmed a hurt Emmett! Josh's legs seem to be giving out from the leg kicks and the jab is giving him more reason to fall down.

Two unofficial knockdowns for Topuria, who finished this round on top and nearly finished. The doctors came in to look at Josh between rounds, they found that his eye is swollen and he has too much heart. The fight continues.

10-8 Topuria

Round 5: Josh Emmett knew he needed a finish here and he came out fighting like he really wanted it. There was a bit more swagger in his attack and he was winning the early goings on the round. However, Topuria kept composed, scored a takedown, and wrapped up what is a career-best performance by riding out about half the round on top of Josh.

10-9 Topuria

Official result: Ilia Topuria via unanimous decision

UFC on ABC 5 Live Updates: Ribas vs Barber

Amanda Ribas will look to slow the roll of Maycee Barber, as she tries to make it five in a row. Whoever gets the win here will climb the ranks and be that much closer to the ever-so-elusive title shot in the stacked flyweight division.

Round 1: Ribas decided that giving anyone space is overrated and is pressuring so much. Despite being on the retreat, Barber is able to crack Ribas and bust her open. Both fighters are landing, but they take a break from striking when Ribas hits a headlock toss.

Once returned to the feet, we see just how much Ribas is bleeding. It's a lot. Once clinched again, Ribas rolls for a kneebar but Maycee defends well. Barber is dominating from the top.

10-9 Barber

Round 2: Amanda evens the playing field and gives Barber a leaking nose of her own. From kicking range, Ribas is doing a lot better, but Barber is still landing some huge shots. It's clear that Barber wants the fight on the ground, and it does go there, but not the way she wants. Barber is taken down with another headlock toss.

A head kick lands for Barber and she follows up with such aggression. Ribas hits the deck and she just can't do enough to survive. The fight is stopped and Barber's fire is back!

Official result: Maycee Barber via second round TKO

UFC Round by Round Updates: Lane vs Tafa

If you're a judge at UFC on ABC 5 — first of all, why are you reading this? Get to work. Secondly: scratch that, take a break for this fight, we won't need you. Both Tafa and Lane have 100% finishing rates which directly translates to “Don't blink.”

Round 1: Lane is on his bike and kicking early. Right when things are heating up, a really bad eye poke has Tafa doubled over. The replay shows this is a terribly bad poke and Tafa is bleeding from his eye. Things are looking bad(or not looking, if you will).

Official result: No Contest due to an incidental eye poke

UFC on ABC 5 Round by Round Updates: Onama vs Santos

Two fighters on the better side of their thirties looking to bounce back into the win column? Sounds like all the potential of a gritty, high endurance fight. Let's hope I'm right!

Round 1: Santos is cracking early and often and seems to have Onama in trouble. He shoots in for a takedown to mix things up but ends up on his back. The two return to their feet and Onama lands a cross on the chin. Both fighters are trading but it's Santos that is landing the better shots. He hurts Onama, who shoots for a takedown, and Santos almost locks in one of the sickest armbars ever. It's clear that Santos is a problem on the ground. Returned to the feet, Onama lands a huge knee to the body. This was a very fun round.

10-9 Santos

Round 2: Onama wanted to avoid brawling, but a spinning backfist that landed flush on his chin brought the brawl out of him. Santos scores a takedown and takes the back; as we saw in the first round, he's a big threat on the ground. Onama turns into his opponent and is back on top. It looks like Onama is content on top, but he only holds this for about a minute before it's a striking affair again. Onama gets going on the feet, tees off on Santos, and scores the stoppage win! He even hit the Adesanya emote after.

Official result: Onama via second round KO

UFC Results Tonight: Allen vs Silva

Here's another one of those “don't blink” fights. Silva is as prolific a finisher as they get in the knockout department, but Allen has won over 50% of his wins by submission. Though, on paper, this is a clash of styles, both fighters are very complete and the real deal.

Round 1: The takedowns were not formulating for Allen in the early goings and Silva is able to let his hands go. Turns out, Allen can bang it out, too. Both fighters take turns landing big shots, but the biggest shot of the round goes to Allen as he knocks Silva down! He's calm and collected in his approach to the finish. Silva gives up his back as he tries to get up and he falls victim to Allen securing yet another rear naked choke victory.

Official result: Allen via first round submission

Following UFC on ABC 5

That is easily one of the best UFC cards ever. From top to bottom, UFC on ABC 5 showed what MMA is all about and the Jacksonville crowd showed a beautiful amount of enthusiasm. Topuria is probably one of the best fighters in the UFC and nobody can say otherwise after his performance over Josh Emmett.

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