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UFC Jacksonville: Amanda Ribas vs Maycee Barber Prediction: Flyweight Fury in Florida!



UFC Jacksonville: Amanda Ribas vs Maycee Barber Prediction: Flyweight Fury in Florida!

The UFC is back in the Sunshine State! This weekend, UFC Jacksonville plays host to a great fight card, headlined by what is sure to be a frantic featherweight main event of Josh Emmett vs Ilia Topuria. Here though, we're breaking down the flyweight supporting act – Amanda Ribas vs Maycee Barber!

My prediction for this fight is going to reflect how big this fight is, as well as why you should tune in for it. The implications of this fight are huge – not just for the division, but for both Amanda Ribas and Maycee Barber too. The women's flyweight division is on fire right now, and deservedly so. Both Amanda Ribas and Maycee Barber will have a lot of eyes fixed firmly on them, so both ladies will be looking to take full advantage. Read on below to find our prediction for this big, big fight!

Amanda Ribas Preview: Finding Return to Flyweight Form

Amanda Ribas' UFC career has been…inconsistent lately.

UFC News on Twitter: "#UFCBrasilia Official Result: Amanda Ribas  @amandaribasufc (30-26, 30-25 x2) def Randa Markos by Unanimous Decision  Results ➡️https://t.co/MW6sMmkd9m https://t.co/bCLSwDn0vv" / Twitter

Amanda Ribas will be hoping to continue to gain traction in this women's flyweight division, continuing with a win over rising star Maycee Barber. (Image Credit: UFC)

Predictions for Amanda Ribas can be a very difficult task. After making a perfect start to her UFC career, going 4-0, Amanda Ribas' momentum has suffered a yo-yo effect in the last two years, going 2-2. Her ridiculously good BJJ skills have been both a blessing and a curse, in many ways. Whilst being her main pathway to victory in her fights (and she does have two very good submission finishes in her record), it has also been her kryptonite. She has faced criticism for being too one-dimensional, as well as for being too over-reliant on said elite BJJ skills. She has been caught lacking several times, and has often been outclassed when the fight stays on the feet.

However, this was not an issue in her last fight against Viviane Araújo. Many thought that Araújo would ruthlessly exploit Ribas' over-reliance on her BJJ; this was not the case. Ribas was able to absolutely implement her BJJ on her way to winning a big decision. She will be hoping to do the same again tonight against Maycee Barber. If she can, then this fight could certainly become Amanda Ribas' to lose….

Maycee Barber Preview: Hoping for Huge Scalp

The prediction that Maycee Barber would be a star in the flyweight division has been pretty well justified. Maycee Barber is the textbook definition of raw talent.

Maycee Barber Believes 2020 Is Her Year | UFC

Maycee Barber will be hoping to continue her red-hot momentum in the women's flyweight division by picking up the biggest victory of her career against Amanda Ribas. (Image Credit: UFC)

Maycee Barber made the prediction of being the youngest champion in women's flyweight history. At just 25 years old, Maycee Barber has long been considered one of the brightest young talents from the new generation of women's MMA fighters, and has certainly shown why. A product of Dana White's Contender Series, Barber won via a third round stoppage to earn her way into the UFC. Her first three fights brought three excellent knockout victories, including one over noted veteran Gillian Robertson. Her momentum was then firmly stopped in its tracks, with a massive upset (albeit dominant) loss to Roxanne Modafferi being followed another loss to (future champion) Alexa Grasso.

She is unbeaten since this loss to Grasso, but has not been without controversy. She won a massively controversial decision over Miranda Maverick, which all 22 scoring media outlets scored for Maverick (awkward). That being said, she has been on a roll of decision wins, and has continued to showcase her very impressive wrestling ability, as well as her cardio and toughness, which has won admirers from all corners of the MMA world. On Saturday, she faces one of her toughest tests to date in Amanda Ribas. If she is able to emerge victorious, then it would be a huge, huge scalp for Maycee Barber – one which would be sure to propel her up the flyweight rankings.

Amanda Ribas vs Maycee Barber Prediction: Maycee Barber's Coming of Age?

Making a prediction for this fight is really, really intriguing.

Making a prediction for both fighters can be tough. Both Amanda Ribas and Maycee Barber have shown why they are legitimate stars for the future. Both fighters have shown big improvements in their striking game, and both fighters are seeking form to continue to ascend the flyweight ranks. However, I think this fight could be Maycee Barber coming of age, and picking off a huge name in this flyweight division.

Maycee Barber: 'I'm Going To Break Her' | UFC

Prediction: Maycee Barber will pick up the biggest victory of her career to date if she can get past Amanda Ribas on Saturday at UFC Jacksonville. (Image Credit: UFC)

So, why do I think this? To be honest, Maycee Barber's wrestling has improved a lot, and I think it's good enough to stop Amanda Ribas taking her down to the ground. If this does happen, then Amanda Ribas could be in a world of trouble – Maycee Barber's striking is some of the best in the division, and she knows how to utilise it very, very well. Amanda Ribas is actually the betting favourite, with most odds having her at around -200, with Barber hovering around +168. I think a lot of this might be down to the name factor rather than being based on form, if I'm completely honest. I actually made the prediction that this would be the case.

In her past fights, Maycee has shown the potential for her hands to absolutely detonate with explosive power, much to the detriment of whoever is standing across from her. If Maycee Barber keeps this fight standing, she could very well catch Amanda Ribas with one of these power punches. Maycee Barber has been sitting down on her punches a lot more recently, much to the delight of many. Whilst the knockouts haven't followed, there is no doubt that they will. I think Maycee Barber will pick up a big, big KO in this fight, and rocket her way up the women's flyweight division.

My official prediction is for Maycee Barber to win via knockout in the third round of this fight. If Amanda Ribas doesn't get Maycee Barber to the ground, Barber might well start piecing her up, and if she does, I think she'll pick up the biggest victory of her career to date.

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