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UFC Fight Night Predictions: Marlon Vera vs Dominick Cruz Best Bets, Odds and Picks



UFC Fight Night Predictions: Marlon Vera vs Dominick Cruz Best Bets, Odds and Picks

Marlon Vera has won 4 of his last 5 fights and expects to get a title shot in the near future. But first, he needs to get past Dominick Cruz, the former UFC champion who went on a streak of 2 wins in a row in 2021. Here are our predictions for the main event of this UFC Fight Night: Marlon Vera vs Dominick Cruz.

UFC Fight Night: Marlon Vera vs Dominick Cruz Main Event Predictions

Marlon Vera Preview

Marlon is a 29-year-old fighter from Ecuador. In 2014, Marlon took part in the 1st TUF Latin American season. The Brazilian left the project due to health problems, but Dana White was impressed by the performance of the fighter on the show and personally offered him a contract.

Marlon made his UFC debut in November 2014 against Marco Beltran, whom he lost to via unanimous decision. In total, Vera spent 19 fights in the UFC: 13 won, 6 lost. Marlon last fought in April 2022. His opponent was Rob Font. Vera won by unanimous decision.

Marlon Vera's Fighting Style & Skills

Vera has a spectacular fighting style. He throws out dangerous non-standard strikes and is able to surprise an opponent at any stage of the battle. As a black belt in BJJ, the Ecuadorian has repeatedly demonstrated good work from the back, inventive sweeps, and successfully implemented submissions 10 times.

Marlon misses too much on the standing position. Trying to surprise the opponent, he flirts in attack and misses more than 4 hits per minute. He has never been knocked out thanks to a strong jaw, but sooner or later the accumulated damage will make itself felt, and the Ecuadorian will fall.

Dominick Cruz Preview

Dominic is a 37-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in July 2011. Before that, he was in the WEC organization, which was bought by the Fertitta Brothers, and Dominik was the bantamweight champion. He moved to the UFC as a champion and made his first defense of the UFC belt in his debut. Cruz's first rival was Urijah Faber, whom he defeated by unanimous decision.

Dominik made 5 successful defenses in the promotion and lost the belt in 2016 when he lost to Cody Garbrandt by unanimous decision. Cruz last fought in December 2021. His opponent was Pedro Munhoz. Dominic won by split decision.

Dominic Cruz's Fighting Style & Skills

Dominick Cruz is a versatile fighter. In the standing position, he has phenomenal footwork, thanks to which he not only cuts corners and attacks from an uncomfortable position for the opponent but also leaves the line of attack himself. He does a lot of work in the rack, throwing effective combinations.

Dominic has a good takedown defense. In addition, if the fight in the standing position does not go according to plan, he can initiate the fight himself and work confidently with the opponent on the ground. I note Cruz's good cardio, he is able to work at a high pace for 5 rounds.

Dominic is a martial arts veteran. He is 37 years old and frankly old for the bantamweight division. We must not forget the serious injuries that he has been struggling with since the middle of the last decade. Due to his age and problems with his legs, his footwork is not as effective as before. Due to hand injuries, he cannot hit at full strength.

Vera vs Cruz Prediction

I think that Marlon Vera is overrated and they give him undeservedly low odds. Dominic is head and shoulders above the Ecuadorian when it comes to boxing. He hits more accurately and more technically, and his footwork is still working, thanks to which Cruz will leave the opponent’s line of attack in time. In a duel against Casey Kenney, Dominic proved that he can compete on equal terms with young and fast fighters.

I doubt that Marlon will be able to connect with BJJ. His translation skills are mediocre, and Cruz himself is quite good at defending against takedowns. Therefore, most of the fight will take place in the stance, where Dominik will be able to interrupt Marlon and score points.

Co-Main Event: Nate Landwehr vs David Onama Predictions

Apart from the main event, the UFC Fight Night Full Card is comprised of promising bouts between veterans and new fighters in the organization. Here are our predictions for the co-main event.

Nate Landwehr Quick Preview

The Landwehr is most dangerous in the standing position. He throws a lot of crushing blows from different angles. Nate loves to slash opponents with hooks and knees. Due to his impressive physical strength, he can finish the duel with one accurate hit. The athlete defends well against takedowns.

Despite good transfer defense, Nate is wary of good wrestlers. All he has to offer to elite grapplers is a good backhand, during which he ties the opponent and does not give space to attack. But in this way, he only allows opponents to score points.

David Onama Quick Preview

David positions himself as a dangerous generalist. In the standing position, he aggressively presses opponents, throws a large number of punches, and can drop an opponent with one biting punch. On the ground, Onama tries to quickly get into a position convenient for a submission.

It is difficult to objectively evaluate David's skills. He won all the victories in fights against low-grade opposition and suffered his only defeat by agreeing to come out on short notice.

Landwehr vs Onama Prediction

Nate will face an opponent who has a hard punch. After moving to the UFC, Landwehr was knocked out twice. This means that his jaw can not withstand strong hits. Onama turns on from the first seconds of the fight. With aggressive pressing, he will crush the opponent in the standing position. Given that David has knockout power, I wouldn't be surprised if he knocks out Landwehr in one of the first exchanges.