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UFC Fight Night : Full Card Predictions, Previews, Live Odds and Betting Lines



UFC Fight Night : Full Card Predictions, Previews, Live Odds and Betting Lines

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returns with a special event in Long Island – the UFC Fight Night: Brian Ortega vs Yair Rodriguez. Besides the massive main event that will determine the next contender for the title, the fight card is filled with huge fights and some legendary names. Here are our predictions for the full card of the UFC Fight Night.

Ortega vs Rodriguez: Prelims Predictions

Jessica Penne vs Emily Ducote (Women's Strawweight Bout)

Jessica Penne has virtually no skills on her feet. She is slow, often stagnant, and her punches are not threatening. At the same time, Jessica cannot always demonstrate skills in BJJ, since it is difficult for her to carry out takedowns. In the last fight, she won only thanks to the opponent's mistake. For some reason, Kowalkiewicz decided to wrestle with her and gave her hand to the armbar.

Emily Ducote will try to fight in a standing position. This is a technical and powerful striker who will shoot an opponent at close and medium distances with punches from different angles and connect biting kicks.

When Jessica was 32 years old, she lost ahead of schedule to the leading strikers of the division – Joana Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade. For 7 years, Penne's standing skills have not improved, and her reaction speed has decreased. Therefore, most likely, Jessica will receive serious damage and will not be able to resist her opponent for a long time. At a certain point, due to the accumulated damage, she will fall into a knockdown and Ducote will finish her on the ground.

Dwight Grant vs Dustin Stoltzfus (Middleweight Bout)

Dwight Grant is hindered by his one-sidedness. He fights exclusively in the stance, spamming with light punches. But his cardio does not allow him to effectively apply this strategy throughout the fight. Dwight would have been more effective if he had put in more shots and focused on the finish line. Prior to moving to the UFC, in 6 out of 8 wins, Grant got knockouts. After signing to the strongest organization in the world, he finished the opponent in only 1 fight.

Therefore, I will take a chance and bet on Dustin Stoltzfus, who is distinguished by versatility. Grant will not threaten Dustin with a fight, and in the stance, Stoltzfusacts more variably, which is why he can effectively shoot an opponent at medium and long distances. In addition, Grant is moving up to middleweight for the first time in his career. He will fight with an opponent who has the same dimensions, but Dustin hits much harder.

Dustin Jacoby vs Da-Un Jung (Light-Heavyweight Bout)

Yes, Dustin Jacoby has been undefeated for 7 years, but at the same time, he confidently defeated only mediocre fighters like John Allan or Darren Stewart. With an increase in the level of opposition in the person of Maxim Grishin, Jacoby was saved by the judges, and in the fight with Ion Cutelaba, who has a 1-3-1 record over the past 2 years, he was on the verge of defeat and brought the result to a draw due to the fact that Ion seriously dipped in cardio by the end of the 2nd round.

The Korean will be able to kill Jacoby in the standing position, alternating between distance work and clinch fighting, gaining points.

Ricky Simon vs Jack Shore (Bantamweight Bout)

Ricky Simon will be a difficult opponent for Shore, but the Welshman will maintain a perfect record. In addition to the struggle, Ricky will not be able to surprise Jack with anything. If the fight goes to the ground, then Shore will either rise to his feet or sweep Simon and take an attacking position himself, from where he will control the opponent and strike in the ground and pound.

On feet, Shore will destroy the American. Ricky is often too passive on his feet. He can just stand in front of an opponent for 30-45 seconds without throwing punches. With Shore, this trick will not work. Jack is active for all 3 rounds and will simply shoot the opponent at medium and close range.

UFC Fight Night: Ortega vs Rodriguez – Main Card Predictions

Shane Burgos vs Charles Jourdain (Featherweight Bout)

Charles usually starts his fights great. He attacks aggressively, throws a lot of meaningful hits, and tries to finish the fight quickly. But I doubt that he will be able to finish Burgos in the first half of the fight. Shane is a resilient fighter, even if he gets knocked down at the start of the fight, he will survive the critical situation and continue the fight.

Closer to the middle of the fight, Jourdain can give up the initiative, and then he will start taking too much damage. The Canadian may survive until the 3rd round, but in the final five minutes, it will be very difficult for him to survive under the pressure of the opponent. Therefore, either Shane will finish it in the last round, or win on points.

Matt Schnell vs Su Mudaerji (Flyweight Bout)

The only danger that Matt poses to the Chinese is the clinch work. But the American has ineffective takedowns and it is difficult for him to transfer his opponent to the canvas. On feet, Su is several levels superior to Schnell in skills. Thanks to a 10 cm arm span advantage, Mudaerji will effectively interrupt his opponent at medium and long distances. When Matt tries to get close, Su will catch him with a solid punch and knock out an opponent who cannot take serious hits.

Li Jingliang vs Muslim Salikhov (Welterweight Bout)

Don't wait for the fight to end early. If Muslim Salikhov has not lost his form, then he will accurately fight, shooting the opponent at a convenient distance. Muslim will move from the opponent's line of attack and cut corners. Yes, Li can sweep away his opponent if he drags his opponent into the cabin, but most likely, Salikhov will elude Jingliang due to his filigree footwork.

If Li takes his opponent to the ground, then he will most likely try to score points through control, which will also lead to the fact that the fight will drag on.

If you are interested in our predictions for the main event of UFC Fight Night: Brian Ortega vs Yair Rodriguez, follow this link for our in-depth analysis.

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