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UFC Fight Night Full Card Predictions, Previews, and Live Odds



UFC Fight Night Full Card Predictions, Previews, and Live Odds

UFC Fight Nights are often overlooked because they rarely include big names or exciting stars. The UFC Fight Night this week will be headlined by Calvin Kattar and Josh Emmett but there are a bunch of other exciting fights in the Prelims and Main Card that you probably do not know about.

Roman Dolidze vs Kyle Daukaus (Middleweight Bout)

Roman Dolidze Preview

Roman is a 33-year-old fighter from Georgia. He came to the UFC in 2020 as an undefeated fighter in the status of the champion of the Ukrainian WWFC promotion. In the strongest league in the world, Roman began to compete in light heavyweight, where he had 2 fights and won 2 victories. In March 2021, Dolidze dropped down to middleweight to risk a perfect record and go on short notice against Trevin Giles, whom he lost via unanimous decision.

Roman is a universal fighter. In the standing position, he throws a large number of punches, tries to work on different floors, and has knockout power. On the ground, Roman demonstrates tenacious control. He seeks to take a dominant position for submission or hammering an opponent in the ground and pound. But Roman sometimes has drawdowns in cardio and closer to the 3rd round he gets seriously tired.

Kyle Daukaus Preview

Kyle is a 29-year-old American fighter. He entered the UFC by agreeing to replace Jan Heinisch, who pulled out of the fight against Brendan Allen. Daukaus, who came out on short notice, lost in the debut by unanimous decision. After that, he spent 4 more fights in the promotion: 2 lost, 1 won and 1 was declared invalid. Kyle last fought in February 2022. His opponent was Jamie Pickett. Daukaus won by choke in the 1st round.

Daukaus is a basic jiu-jitsu practitioner and is most dangerous on the ground. Thanks to a wide arsenal of submissions, he won 9 of 11 victories by submissions. But, apart from a good BJJ, Kyle is not impressive in anything else. His punching technique needs serious improvement: Daukaus's punches lack power and are slow and inaccurate. In addition, Daukaus has problems in fights against physically strong wrestlers: he allows himself to be controlled and cannot improve his position for a painful hold.

Fight Prediction – Roman Dolidze to win

Dolidze is an uncomfortable opponent for Daukaus. This is a physically powerful fighter with a good wrestling base. He will successfully control Daukaus in the clinch, due to which he will score points.

If Roman manages to transfer to the ground, then I doubt that Kyle will be able to get into a position convenient for holding a painful hold. I think that the Georgian fighter will not experience problems in the standing position either. His punches are harder and more technical, so with an equal arm span, Dolidze will be able to interrupt his opponent.

Maria Oliveira vs Gloria de Paula (Women's Strawweight Bout)

Maria Oliveira Preview

Maria is a 25-year-old athlete from Brazil. She started her professional career in 2015. Before moving to the UFC, Oliveira performed in regional Brazilian promotions. In August 2018, Oliveira tried to get into the UFC through the Dana White's Contender Series show, where she was knocked out in the 1st round by Marina Rodriguez, who is now in the top 5 minimum women's weight.

Maria's base is Thai boxing. She has good striking technique with a lot of feints and impressive physical strength. With the help of pressure and aggression, she won 7 out of 12 victories by knockouts. The main drawback of the Brazilian is wrestling. Once on the ground, she tries to improve the position, but she makes mistakes and only makes things worse.

Gloria de Paula Preview

Gloria is a 27-year-old athlete from Brazil. She got into the strongest league in the world after her success at the Dana White's Contender Series show, where she defeated Pauline Macias by unanimous decision in 2020.

Gloria's debut in the UFC took place in March 2021 in a duel against Jinh Yu Frey, whom she lost by unanimous decision. Gloria did not succeed in quickly closing the defeat, because in July of the same year she flew into a knockout from a biting kick by Cheyanne Vlismas in a minute.

The Brazilian last fought in February 2022. Her opponent was Diana Belbita. Gloria won by unanimous decision.

Gloria prefers to fight on the stand. She mixes aggressive pressing and careful targeting of her opponent's jaw. This allows the Brazilian not to pull out at the beginning of the fight and save strength for the later rounds. But due to the fact that the Brazilian fights at a ragged pace, she is easily interrupted by rivals with good cardio and striking technique.

Fight Prediction – Maria Oliveira to win @

The fight will take place in the standing position, and Gloria will again try to impose a ragged pace. But when under heavy pressure, de Paula will start to move back and will miss a lot of shots. Maria fights aggressively in the stand, and her punches deal serious damage. Through feints, she will confuse her opponent and thus open her defense. I won't be surprised if Gloria is knocked out closer to the middle of the fight.

Court McGee vs Jeremiah Wells (Welterweight Bout)

Court McGee Preview

Court is a 37-year-old American fighter. He entered the UFC after a successful performance in the 11th season of TUF and made his debut in June 2010 against Chris McCray, who was strangled in the 1st round.

In 2021, Court saved himself from being fired from the UFC by breaking a 3-game losing streak with a unanimous decision over Claudio Silva. McGee's last fight was in January 2015. His opponent was Ramiz Brahimaj. McGee won by unanimous decision.

McGee's background started in Kyokushin Karate. He works well with his feet, throwing unexpected kicks from different angles. Court McGee is a BJJ purple belt holder, which he willingly demonstrated at TUF with submission victories in the last two fights of the season.

But Court cannot boast of knockout power. Preferring to fight in the stand, he got only 5 wins by knockouts. Even Ben Sanders in 2017, McGee could not knock out and lost to him by unanimous decision. Although by that time Sanders was cut down by almost everyone who was not lazy.

Jeremiah Wells Preview

Jeremiah is a 35-year-old American fighter. He was supposed to debut in the UFC in 2020, but then Wells did not pass a medical board, and received a suspension for the fact that traces of prohibited additives were found in his body.

Jeremiah's first fight in the UFC took place in June 2021. His opponent was Warlley Alves. Wells knocked him out in the 2nd round. Jeremiah's last fight was in February 2022. He strangled Mike Mateta in the 1st round.

Jeremiah is a versatile fighter. In the standing position, he aggressively puts pressure on opponents, throwing out a large number of powerful punches in various combinations with the connection of amplitude uppercuts and biting kicks to the body and legs. In the stalls, the fighter demonstrates good wrestling technique. He takes good positions, from where he tries to break opponents with ground and pound.

Fight Prediction – Jeremiah Wells To Win

Jeremiah Wells will force aggressive trades on Kurt that will emerge victorious. McGee is most dangerous at long range when he can kick. But at close and medium distances, he will not compete with a good striker due to mediocre boxing. If Wells takes Kurt to the ground, he will be in a dominant position and beat him in the ground and pound.

Adrian Yanez vs Tony Kelley (Bantamweight Bout)

Adrian Yanez Preview

Adrian Yanez is a 28-year-old American fighter that is one of the most promising prospects of the UFC. He fought 4 fights in UFC 4, won each one and received an award in each: 3 bonuses for the best performance of the evening and 1 promotion for the best fight of the evening.

Adrian is a brilliant puncher. He has impressive boxing and kickboxing skills. This is a fast and mobile fighter who throws out creative combinations and has impressive knockout power. Yanez has cardio drawdowns. In the 3rd round, he cannot maintain a high pace and gives up the initiative.

Tony Kelly Preview

Tony is a 35-year-old American fighter. He joined the UFC in 2020. Kelly made his debut in the strongest league in the world in a duel against Kai Kamaka III, which he lost by unanimous decision. He closed this defeat in October of the same year, defeating Ali AlQaisi on points.

Kelly's last fight was in December 2021. His opponent was Randy Costa. Tonny won by TKO at the end of the 2nd round.

Kelly is a versatile fighter. He has a good boxing base and good wrestling skills. In the rack, it is distinguished by thoughtful combinations and floor work. At the same time, he does not force things, alternating neat work for points with explosive attacks.

On the ground, the fighter relies on control and BJJ skills. Tony breaks down under pressure and does not improve in some successful moments, which is why he looks passive against the background of aggressive opponents. This is how he lost to Kai Kamaka and Aguilar.

Fight Prediction: Total Rounds – Under 2.5

A duel between two finishers is unlikely to come to a decision. Adrian Yanez will aggressively press the opponent from the start, throwing powerful punches and dealing a lot of damage. If he manages to hook Kelly with a powerful punch, then, most likely, Tony will fall at least into a heavy knockdown, where Adrian will finish him off. But if Yanez gets out quickly, either Kelly will finish him off with a good hit, or he will take him to the ground and score there.

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