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UFC Fight Night 231 Results: A Disappointing Main Event



UFC Sao Paulo ended minutes ago and it was a memorable one. We saw some knockouts, we saw some decisions, we saw a bit of everything. Whenever there is an event in Brazil, it is a massive success. Here are the official UFC Fight Night 231 results.

UFC Fight Night 231 results: Here are the Main Card Winners

Almeida vs Lewis – Almeida won by Unanimous Decision

This bout went the exact way we expected it. Almeida wasted no time and slammed Lewis on the canvas in the opening seconds. Derrick has hardly ever done well against wrestlers and Almeida gave him no chances in Round 1. He had ground control for over four minutes before the round ended. Most judges would have easily scored that round 10-8.

The second segment was the exact replica of Round 1 – Almeida got an early takedown and maintained control throughout the following four minutes. He was clearly not trying to gain points through ground and pound – the main and only goal was to find an opportunity for submission. Another four minutes of control time for Almeida and possibly another 10-8 on the scorecards.

Derrick tried his famous flying knee at the start of the third round but that was about it… Almeida followed with a takedown seconds later and got four more minutes of control time. Twelve minutes in three rounds.

Can you guess what happened in Round 4? You are right, Almeida got a takedown in the first minute again. And how did it end? With 16.5 minutes of control time in four rounds.

Round 5 began with a lovely hug between the fighters… not that they weren't doing it for 20 minutes already. We all love a good wrestling contest but nobody likes it when it is a main event and completely one-sided. In other words, Almeida got a takedown again, around a minute into the round, plus minus 5 seconds.

The only positive thing about this performance, if we can call it positive, is that Almeida broke the record for the most control time in UFC history – 21 minutes and 10 seconds total.

Bonfim vs Dalby – Dalby won by TKO in Round 2 (4:23)

Now, that's what we call a fun fight. It also had the most surprising of all UFC Fight Night 231 results.

Both fighters were explosive from the start, trying to cause as much damage as possible. Clearly, Bonfim was pumped to fight in front of his countrymen and tried to end Dalby in various ways. The culmination of the first round was the takedown, which gave Bonfim full control for the remaining two minutes of the round. He came close to the TKO after a series of elbows but it was not enough.

There was early pressure from Dalby at the start of Round 2 but Bonfim quickly got two consecutive takedowns and gained full control on the ground. Dalby managed to rise back on his feet and turned it all around.

Round 1 had the strikes at 40 to 18 in favor of Bonfim but Round 2 was the exact opposite. After a series of killer knees, Bonfim was knocked down and the referee called a stop to this contest.

Mayes vs Nascimento – Nascimento won by Unanimous Decision

The next fight we have to talk about on this UFC Fight Night 231 results exposé was a rematch between two of the most interesting heavyweights on the roster. Back in 2020, Rodrigo Nascimento beat Mayes via rear-naked choke in the 2nd round. This time, he was a massive favorite again. And he was hungry for a finish in the first round. From the opening seconds, he pushed forward and came dangerously close.

That's why heavyweight fights are often so entertaining. You see some technical abilities here and there but it is mostly throwing overhand punches and hoping that one connects perfectly. And in that first round, Nascimento definitely connected a lot more than his opponent. Mayes was moving on autopilot at the end of the opener. He was barely keeping it together.

Nascimento continued to pressure Mayes in the second round and pushed him against the net. They spent about two minutes in a clinch, exchanging knees, punches, and elbows. Mayes really did not attempt much after that, there was probably a solid minute in which he did not attempt a single punch.

Overall, this was not a thrilling bout. Mayes maintained distance throughout the entire bout with his guard down. He managed to land more strikes in the third round through one-punch plunges toward his opponent but there was no way that the judges would ever score this bout in his favor.

Borralho vs Magomedov – Caio Borralho won by Unanimous Decision

We continue our UFC Fight Night 231 results with a bout that was slightly disappointing based on the pre-match expectations. Borralho entered this bout as a massive favorite but his performance was not perfect.

Especially in the first round, he was extremely cautious and let Magomedov work as the 1st number. At one point, the German shook him with a combination but didn't follow it up. Magomedov's takedown defense was also on spot and he did not allow Borralho to take him down. There was an eyepoke at the end of the round but apart from that, R1 wasn't particularly intriguing.

Round 2 wasn't that much different at the start. Clearly, Borralho's game plan was to keep his distance and wait for a clean opportunity. He started pushing forward in the 2nd half of the round and increased his significant strike lead. He even managed to cut Magomedov's left cheek.

Round 3 began with a beautiful display of sportsmanship as the two fighters hugged each other. Magomedov really looked tired in the third round and allowed Borralho a lot more freedom. Ultimately, it led to Borralho getting a knockdown and a full mount. Within seconds, Magomedov gave his back while attempting to get up and Borralho kept full control until the end.

Brener vs Kruschewsky – Brener won by KO in Round 1 (4:01)

Originally, this was supposed to be the featured prelim bout but a last-minute cancelation of two bouts pushed this fight to the main card. And it was over in a whim. Both fighters went all-in and exchanged combinations until a one-two from Brener caught Kruschewsky and knocked him out cold. The shocking thing here was the fact that the punch actually landed on his ear and he was out cold. It's one of the weirdest knockouts we have ever seen.

UFC Results: Here is the Full Card

If you missed the event, here are all the UFC Fight Night 231 results.

• Heavyweight: Jailton Almeida vs. Derrick Lewis – Almeida via Unanimous Decision
• Welterweight: Gabriel Bonfim (15-0-0) vs. Nicolas Dalby – Dalby by TKO (Round 2, 4:23)
• Heavyweight: Don’Tale Mayes vs. Rodrigo Nascimento – Nascimento by Unanimous Decision
• Middleweight: Caio Borralho vs. Abus Magomedov – Borralho via Unanimous Decision
• Catchweight: Elves Brener vs. Kaynan Kruschewsky – Brener via KO (Round 1, 4:01)
• Welterweight: Rinat Fakhretdinov vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos – Draw
• Bantamweight: Modestas Bukauskas vs. Vitor Petrino – Petrino via KO (Round 2, 1:03)
• Women's Strawweight: Denise Gomes vs. Angela Hill – Hill via Unanimous Decision
• Women's Strawweight: Montserrat Conejo vs. Eduarda Moura – Moura via KO (Round 2, 2:14)
• Lightweight: Marc Diakiese vs. Kaue Fernandes – Diakiese via Split Decision

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