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UFC Fight Night 210 Odds: Main Card, Prelims, Analysis and Predictions



UFC Fight Night 210 Odds: Main Card, Prelims, Analysis and Predictions

There is no rest for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and this week, we have a new Fight Night with Cory Sandhagen and Yadong Song as the main event. Besides the top fight, the full card includes a bunch of promising bouts between rising stars and technical fighters that know how to make a spectacle. Here are our predictions for the full card.

Mariya Agapova vs Gillian Robertson (Women's Flyweight Bout)

Mariya Agapova Preview

Mariya is a versatile fighter. She works equally well in the stance and on the ground. On her feet, Agapova throws good combinations and has high mobility and good headmovement. Due to her good skills in boxing, Mariya breaks her opponent on different levels, causing serious damage at the same time, and can really shock her opponent with one accurate hit.

Agapova has a good BJJ base too. Every time she sees an opportunity to submit, she takes it. She won 5 out of 10 victories through submission techniques.

Gillian Robertson Preview

Robertson is most dangerous on the ground. The athlete has a good BJJ base, thanks to which she has a good sense of balance and has dangerous techniques in her arsenal. She won 7 out of 10 victories with the help of submissions.

Gillian has a vestigial stance. She hits inaccurately and misses a lot of shots. Robertson has trouble facing opponents with good striking technique or impressive physical strength. The athlete from Canada could not do anything against Tayla Santos and Miranda Maverick, who confidently controlled Gillian on the ground, scored points, and won.

Agapova vs Robertson Prediction

I think it's too early to write off Mariya Agapova, especially in the fight against Gillian Robertson. The Canadian athlete is bad at takedowns and lacks the physical strength to impose Agapova's control in the clinch.

In the stance, due to superiority in reach by 13 cm and advantages in skills, Mariya will be able to keep her opponent at a comfortable distance, striking on different levels. Given that Robertson has a poor defense in the standing position, I assume that she will miss almost all of Agapova's punches.

Trey Ogden vs Daniel Zellhuber (Lightweight Bout)

Trey Ogden Preview

Trey focuses on takedowns and ground control in battle. Due to his background in BJJ, he tries to instantly take an advantageous position and attempt a submission. If he fails to make a submission, Ogden relies on passive control to score.

Trey's grappling is not ultimate. He is often in a hurry to make a submission and makes mistakes, because of which he himself can get into a submission. The fight against Levitt showed that just BJJ skills of Trey would not be enough to compete at a high level in the UFC.

Daniel Zellhuber Preview

Daniel prefers to fight on the stand. This is a fast and technical fighter with outstanding anthropometry. He skillfully uses the advantage in reach to control the distance, inflict damage on the opponent and avoid his retaliatory attacks. I will note the knockout power of Zellhuber – 7 out of 12 victories he won by knockouts.

It is difficult to assess the real level of the Mexican. He opposed weak opposition, which he easily knocked out or submitted. It is not known how he will prove himself in fights against more serious opponents.

Ogden vs Zellhuber Prediction

Trey Ogden doesn't stand out from the second-rate opposition that Zellhuber is used to dealing with. The fight will start in the standing position and Trey will start having problems from the start of the fight. If he doesn’t quickly close the distance, then he will receive a hail of heavy blows, from which he will at least be knocked down, and it will be a matter of technique to finish him off.

Anthony Hernandez vs Marc-Andre Barriault (Middleweight Bout)

Anthony Hernandez Preview

Anthony is a versatile fighter. He works technically in the stand, aggressively breaking opponents at a high pace. Hernandez alternates the direction of attacks to the body and to the head, which allows him not only to deal damage but also to squander the opponent on cardio.

On the ground, Anthony relies on BJJ skills, in which he has a brown belt. He won 6 of 8 victories by submission.

Anthony has a lot of technical gaps. On his feet, he flirts and forgets about protection. In a fight with Kevin Holland, this led to the fact that Hernandez flew into a knockout already in the 39th second.

Marc-Andre Barriault Preview

Marc-Andre prefers to work in a standing position. He throws accurate shots, moves well in the octagon, and has impressive knockout power.

The Canadian regularly has problems if he is transferred to the ground. He lies passively under the opponent, allowing him to improve his position and score points through control.

I note that Barrio is not able to work as the 2nd number in the rack. He does not have enough reaction to notice the beginning of the opponent's attack in time, as a result, he begins to miss blows and does not hit back.

Hernandez vs Barriault Prediction

Marc-André is a solid fighter, but Anthony Hernandez will be stylistically uncomfortable for him. The American will aggressively press the opponent, shooting him from unusual angles, and inflict damage on different levels. The Canadian simply cannot stand the high pace and will sag functionally. And a large amount of incoming damage will make him fall closer to the middle of the fight.

Marc-Andre's only trump card is knockout power. He has power in his fists, and with one accurate hit, he can cut Hernandez down. Anthony opens up a lot during the attack. If the Canadian catches him at that moment, he can win the fight.

Tanner Boser vs Rodrigo Nascimento Ferreira (Heavyweight Bout)

Tanner Boser Preview

Tanner has a background in Karate and prefers to fight in a standing position. This is a mobile and fast fighter, working at medium and long distances.

Boser's main disadvantage is wrestling. Most of the losses he earned in fights with good grapplers, who transferred him to the ground and did not allow him to rise back to his feet. In the bottom position, Tanner is unable to sweep or improve the position, which allows opponents to score points through control.

The knockout power of a fighter is overrated. Tanner is not aggressive enough. He attacks with single strikes and often fails to develop an attack due to his lack of combinative work skills. In the UFC, he finished either weak or age-old fighters.

Rodrigo Ferreira Preview

Rodrigo is a bright finisher. He got all the victories ahead of schedule: 2 knockouts and 6 submissions. The strength of the Brazilian is wrestling and BJJ. He controls his opponents well on the ground, does well with ground and pound, and has a wide arsenal of submissions.

Nascimento has a poor standing defense. He takes too many hits. Therefore, he can get knocked out quickly.

Boser vs Ferreira Prediction

Tanner Boser shouldn't be a favorite here. His only chance of winning is to knock out Nascimento. But this will only happen if his punch successfully flies right into the Brazilian's jaw. Due to the fact that the Canadian is far from the most aggressive fighter attacking with single punches, he will not be able to effectively develop the offensive potential. Nascimento is throwing a lot more punches and he will have a chance to take down Boser.

If Rodrigo manages to implement the BJJ game plan, then Tanner's chances of winning will be reduced even more. In the clinch, the Brazilian will tie the opponent and try to take him to the ground. Tanner becomes defenseless when space is taken from him and cannot adequately defend himself on the canvas.

Andre Fili vs Bill Algeo (Featherweight Bout)

This is the featured fight on the main card of UFC on ESPN+ 68: Cory Sandhagen vs Yadong Song, and it could easily be one of the most entertaining fights of the evening.

Andre Fili Preview

Andre has good footwork, thanks to which he throws out unconventional stunning combinations on different levels, often hits the opponent, and moves out of the opponent’s line of attack, avoiding damage. I note that thanks to good cardio, Andre can effectively work for 3 rounds.

Andre's Achilles' heel is wrestling. He can’t oppose anything to good wrestlers: he defends poorly and when put in the bottom position, he can’t do a flip or rise to a standing position.

Bill Algeo Preview

Algeo is a versatile fighter with balanced standing and ground skills. He prefers an aggressive style of fighting with a lot of punches. On the ground, the fighter works well from the back and can perform a variety of submissions.

In a duel against Herbert Burns, Bill broke free from a submission attempt that seemed hopeless. Bill doesn't have the skills to compete at a high level. In the stand, he is inattentive and misses a large number of punches. On the ground, he lets himself lie down and makes mistakes.

Fili vs Algeo Prediction

Andre has a good chance to keep his contract with the promotion. Most likely, Algeo will not impose a wrestling exchange on him and most of the fight will take place in the standing position. On the feet, Fili is superior in skill to the opponent. He is faster, more mobile, more accurate, and more diverse. In the last fight, he was unlucky enough to miss a hard punch, but Bill does not have that necessary strength. Therefore, we expect that Andre will be able to shoot the opponent in the standing position and at least win on points.