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UFC 290 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary



UFC 290 Live Updates: Round by Round Results and Commentary

Here for UFC 290 live updates? We've got you. The peak of international fight week is here and we no longer need to contain our excitement. International fight week has us all a bit more excited for fights than usual, and that itch will be scratched here in just a few hours. We've got you covered on UFC 290 round by round updates and UFC live updates. Additionally, we'll be giving commentary on the rounds of the main card fights along with how we scored the round.

The only better place to get your UFC live results would be at the T-Mobile arena itself. But, if you can't make it there, we've got your UFC round by round updates right here. Instants results, UFC live updates and commentary to keep you in the know — hang around here and catch UFC 290 with us.

When Do the UFC 290 Live Updates Start?

The UFC 290 main card starts at 7 p.m. PST, 9 p.m. CST and 10 p.m. EST. The UFC 290 round by round coverage will start at the same time as the first fight on the main card does, and we'll keep the UFC live results updates as they come. As your source for the UFC results tonight, we'll be updating this page as the event materializes.

The UFC 290 round by round updates can all be found just down below. In addition to UFC round by round coverage, the news will be dropped in a punctual manner as to make sure you're not behind at all on these high-implication, nail biting fights.

What Will Be Covered in Our UFC 290 Round by Round Updates?

Our UFC 290 coverage will consist of UFC live updates, round by round scoring, how we scored the round and the details of fight finishes. So, if you want all the juicy details of how the first round of Volkanovski vs Rodriguez will play out, you'll find that here.

Additionally, if you can't watch but you need to know what's happening, you'll find some brief round descriptions and the results will stick out to you. Whatever you need from as far as UFC 290 results goes, you'll find it here.

UFC 290 Results: What Can Be Expected?

Fireworks. That's what you can expect. But, for a more detailed answer: you can expect two high-intensity title fights consisting of four of the best fighters in the UFC right now. The titular fight for UFC 290 is Volkanovski vs Rodriguez; when looking at both fighters' highlights and paperwork, it's hard to have a concrete and confident answer as to what's going to happen tonight.

The co-main event is also very interesting. Moreno, the champ, has excelled so much over the past few years. However, a big weight off of his shoulder would be to finally put his losses to Alexandre Pantoja to bed and make it 1-2 in favor of the champ. Pantoja hasn't plateaued, though; he's still getting better and is a very serious risk for Moreno's title.

Before that, we've got a whole night of fantastic athletes, undefeated fighters and people that are willing to put it all on the line for our entertainment(and a nice paycheck).

UFC 290 Main Event: Volkanovski vs Rodriguez

UFC 290 live updates

It's main event time! Yair Rodriguez is looking to unify the interim title he won against Josh Emmett back in February. However, he'll have to get through the consensus featherweight GOAT in order to do so. Will it be the technical and well-rounded game of Volk that pulls through in this UFC 290 main event? Or will Rodriguez's unpredictable style prevail? Catch these UFC live updates and let's find out.

Round 1: A very patient first round for both fighters. Pretty even — Volk with the pressure but the challenger is starting to flick out that lead leg. A body kick from Yair is caught and the fight is now on the mat with Alexander on top. Yair gets up but is taken back down. Volk ends the round landing some grazing ground-and-pound.

10-9 Volkanovski

Round 2: Yair is very unpredictable with the early kick offerings, so it's only a matter of time before the champ shoots. Volkanovski closes the distance but seems to get rocked on his way in. Regardless, he scores the takedown and is controlling Yair. The champ gets on top and drills elbows into his opponent's head. Rodriguez is working off of his back, but it's not enough.

10-9 Volkanovski

Round 3: This is a much closer round; all but a headbut to stop the action, it's mostly Volk pressuring but Yair landing the more influential shots. Very, very even. Out of nowhere, the champ stuns Yair on the feet and takes him down. Ground-and-pound strikes put an end to the fight.

Official result: Alexander Volkanovski via third round TKO

UFC 290 Round by Round results: Moreno vs Pantoja

Brandon Moreno is coming off the back of regaining his UFC flyweight title, with a brilliant stoppage victory over Deveison Figueiredo. (Image Credit: MARCA)

While Moreno is 0-2 against Pantoja, this is a completely different fight; the champ has made such great strides as of late and has captured UFC gold twice. Pantoja, riding a three-fight winning streak and, again, has two wins over the current champion. This fight has the drama behind it and all of the technique in the world to look forward to. Don't miss a beat, catch the UFC 290 round by round results below.

Round 1: A furious start to this one. Pantoja rushes but Moreno initiates a clinch and keeps control on the cage. After some back and forth on the feet, the challenger drops the champs and the follow up ground-and-pound has Moreno busted open. This was a huge round for Pantoja.

10-9 Pantoja

Round 2: All Moreno early in round two! The lead hand of the champ is doing all of the work. Pantoja seems like he blew his wad throwing 100% in each punch early. Brandon takes his opponent down and takes his back for a bit before a scramble leads to a striking battle again. The champ continues to win with his lead hand — a late takedown leads to the obvious, a 10-9 round for the champ.

10-9 Moreno

Round 3: A hectic start, but Pantoja is able to take the back early on. Moreno scrambles and gets on top — the crowd erupts. Back to the feet, Moreno is able to spam the lead hand on the challenger's face. Some great grappling exchanges keep ending with the champ on top or being the one to disengage.

10-9 Moreno

Round 4: A bit desperate on the challenger's side, but he pretty much did a back-take guard pull to take control for most of the round. It very well could be even going into round.

10-9 Pantoja

Round 5: Another very interesting round. The most passive of all of them, but it definitely leans toward the challenger in terms of control time. Overall, a great fight, it depends on what you favor in terms of scoring. A lot of these rounds were close, it could go either way.

10-9 Pantoja

Official result: Alexandre Pantoja via split decision

UFC Live Updates: Whittaker vs Du Plessis

Robert Whittaker and Dricus Du Plessis are set to face-off at UFC 290. (Image Credit: MMA News)

Does anyone else smell a title shot? It seems obvious that the winner of this fight will take on the current middleweight champion of the world, Israel Adesanya. So, the UFC results tonight will play matchmaker itself. Whittaker, should he win, will look to win his title back in what would be his third meeting with ‘Stylebender'. Du Plessis, who has a bone to pick with Izzy, will look to remain prefect in the UFC's cage at the expense of the fan-favorite, ‘The Reaper'.

Round 1: Du Plessis doesn't seem to be in a rush to grapple. Whittaker is getting that jab going but Driscus is holding his own on the feet. Robert shoots and scores a takedown. The fight returns to the feet and the striking is pretty even. In the final minute, Driscus big brothers Whittaker to the mat, potentially stealing the round with the takedown and ground and pound. It's a very close round, though — could go either way.

10-9 Whittaker

Round 2: This round started a bit off for the former champ; Du Plessis had the momentum at the end of the first and potentially won it, and he rode with that. Whittaker began eating more and more shots, eventually dropped with a jab. The follow up shots put the former champ down and the fight is over. Du Plessis vs Adesanya next.

Official result: Driscus Du Plessis via second round TKO

UFC 290 Round by Round Coverage: Jalin Turner vs Dan Hooker

Nov 12, 2022; New York, NY, USA; Dan Hooker (red gloves) and Claudio Puelles (blue gloves) during UFC 281 at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports/Sipa USA – Photo by Icon sport

What a fight we've got here! UFC 290 pulled no punches putting this card together. Jalin Turner missed weight but he doesn't miss in the cage that often. He's a fantastic fighter and one of the most exciting in his weight class. Amongst the very exciting lightweights is Dan Hooker. Known for his educated striking and heart, he'll need to lean on these attributes to get the job done tonight. We;ve got the UFC round by round updates here.

Round 1: Turner's reach is a problem and we see that right away. It's all Jalin in the early going, but Hooker is able to get some momentum on his side when he gets in a dirty-boxing range. turner has the much bigger shots and the quanitity too, but Hooker isn't out of this fight.

10-9 Turner

Round 2: Jalin Turner is just one step ahead at almost every turn of the fight. He lands a huge head kick that busts Hooker open. However, things changed with about thirty seconds left in the round; Hooker was able to put the pressure on, land some bombs, and almost sink in the rear-naked choke, stealing the round.

10-9 Hooker

Round 3: Turner tries to kill Hooker's momentum by pressing forward early, but that doesn't last too long. Dan is able to put hos foot on the gas and land at will until Turner goes down. Though Jalin is hurt, Hooker decides to play in the guard and gain top control time as opposed to fighting on the feet. The two return to their feet for the final ten-seconds. Great fight, very close.

10-9 Hooker

Official result: Dan Hooker via split decision

UFC 290 Results: Bo Nickal vs Val Woodburn

LAS VEGAS, NV – MARCH 4: (R-L) Bo Nickal celebrates his victory over Jamie Pickett in their Middleweight fight during the UFC 285 event at T-Mobile Arena on March 4, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/ABACAPRESS.COM – Photo by Icon sport

Two undefeated prospects step into the cage and someone is going to have to leave the 0 in their loss column in there tonight. Nickal is the biggest betting favorite in UFC history, but that doesn't mean that Woodburn can't turn this into his kind of fight and find the decorated wrestler's chin. Check out the UFC live updates here.

Round 1: Bo Nickal is not scared to trade! Despite the record of Woodburn, Nickal only shot one time within the minute or so that this fight lasted. Bo landed a lead hook that stunned Val and then he finished with follow up shots. Bo is the real deal.

Official result: Bo Nickal via first round TKO

In review, this was an incredible night of fights. One title stayed, one went — regardless, it was an incredible night for fight fans.

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