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UFC 289 Press Conference: Here’s All The Drama



The UFC 289 press conference is currently live and we are here to update you with the latest UFC news. What did Amanda Nunes have to say ahead of her title defense? How does Charles Oliveira feel after his last defeat? Learn this and more here.

Nunes vs Aldana Press Conference: The Champion remains hungry and motivated

The opening question was for the champion – Amanda Nunes – she was asked about her confidence. In particular, what makes her so confident ahead of this fight?

She responded with the following words “I will stop Irene Aldana, no doubts about that”. She also said that Irene Aldana is better than her previous opponents and gave her a lot of credit – she said Aldana has unbelievable power.

Another reporter asked Amanda Nunes about her achievements. He mentioned the fact that the UFC has promoted her as the greatest female fighter in history. The reporter asked what motivates her at this point and what she has to prove at this point.

She simply said that she loves the competition after all those years. “I love the process, I was born to do this” were her literal words.

To be honest, the UFC 289 press conference did not include a bunch of questions for the females. We have been saying this for days – most of us fans are looking forward to seeing Charles Oliveira and Beneil Dariush more than the title fight.

UFC 289 Press Conference: The Home Support Will Be Massive on Saturday

We love how all fighters kept it casual… apart from Charles Oliveira, who arrived in an official full suit. Well, let's get to the important part.

Charles Oliveira received some of the opening questions. The reporter asked him about his approach after this defeat when compared to the cases after his previous defeats (which were more than 12 matches ago). Here is what he said – “A wounded lion is still a lion.” Incredible.

He continued with a few positive words about his opponent – Beneil Dariush. There is obvious mutual respect between the two athletes. Beneil Dariush actually had an interesting take – he said that “Charles Oliveira is the best lightweight in history, right after Khabib Nurmagomedov”.

Beneil Dariush received another curious question – about the potential title shot if he wins this bout. His response “Not a problem” – he apparently is not worried and doesn't care right now.

Later on in the UFC press conference, Dan Ige and Nate Landwehr fired some shots at each other – Dan Ige said that he is looking for a quick finish and he will knock out Nate. In response, Landwehr said that he will kick Dan Ige in the head and take him out.

Literally five minutes later, Landwehr fired another shot at Dan Ige, claiming that he will submit him in the first round. Ige, in turn, responded with a threat that he will take his soul. This will be a fun fight – don't miss it.

Adam Fugitt got the most of the boos tonight – obviously, he will fight in Canada, against a Canadian. He definitely won't be the fan favorite in this bout and he simply said “Boos are music to my ears, this is a typical Adam Fugitt fight.”

We saved you from a few of the other more basic questions. The UFC 289 press conference was quite short this time. Let's see if all fights will take place after the weigh-ins tomorrow.

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