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UFC 276 Full Card Predictions, Best Bets, Live Odds and Previews



UFC 276 Full Card Predictions, Best Bets, Live Odds and Previews

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returns with a massive pay-per-view event – the UFC 276: Adesanya vs Cannonier. Besides the main and co-main events, this card is full of promising fights and a lot of good names that know how to make a spectacle. Here are our predictions for the most noteworthy bouts in the fight card.

UFC 276: Adesanya vs Cannonier – Full Card Predictions, Odds, Analysis

Jessica-Rose Clark vs Julija Stoliarenko: Clark To Win

The only hope for victory for Julija Stoliarenko is to take the fight to the ground and hold an armbar. That's how Jessica lost in the last match. But Julia is not Stephanie Egger, who got a crazy move. But will Stoliarenko succeed in taking the fight to the ground? I doubt. Jessica is a more versatile fighter than an athlete from Lithuania.

In the stand, Rose-Clark will actively shoot her opponent and crush her with a large volume of punches. Jessica defends well against takedowns and Julija's attempts to take the fight to the ground will end in the clinch, where the Australian, due to her advantage in physical strength, will be able to turn her opponent around and score points.

Uriah Hall – Andre Muniz: Hall To Win

Uriah Hall, for all his shortcomings, can give a tough fight to Andre Muniz and snatch the victory. Hall fought 3 years ago against a stylistically similar opponent. We are talking about Antonio Carlos Junior, a former UFC fighter. At the time of the fight with Hall, the Brazilian was in the top 15 of the division. Uriah perfectly defended himself from the attempts of the Brazilian to transfer the fight to the ground and interrupted him cleanly.

Andre Muniz is mediocre with takedowns. The efficiency of his translations is 46%. I think it will be hard for him to translate Hall. In the standing position, Uriah will work at the usual pace and will try to catch the opponent during the approach with a hard punch. All of Muniz's defeats are knockouts in the first half of the fight. His jaw might not be able to take a cannon hit from Hall.

Brad Tavares vs Dricius Du Plessis: Tavares to win

Tavares is a versatile fighter with a good wrestling base. He has high-quality takedown defense, good tenacious ground control and excellent defense against submissions. In his entire career, he has never been submitted.

In the standing position, Brad actively puts pressure on the opponent, beating him with powerful punches. Thanks to the footwork, he not only cuts corners well when striking, but also quickly leaves the line of attack.

Du Plessis is a basic kickboxer. He is distinguished by combinative work on the floors, powerful strikes, and good footwork. In addition, after moving to MMA, Dricius began training in BJJ and now has a brown belt. Du Plessis successfully demonstrated the skills of holding painful submissions in battles, winning 9 victories by submissions.

Du Plessis is too raw and untested. He has good standing and ground skills, but will they be enough to defeat Tavares? Dricius' only chance is to catch Brad when he goes into the trade with his jaw open again. But he can do this only in the first half of the battle. If Tavares survives Du Plessis' starting onslaught, he will seize the initiative and beat up a defenseless opponent who does not know how to defend aggressively and, being under pressure, backs away without an answer.

Ian Garry vs Gabriel Green: Under 2.5 Rounds

Garry prefers to work on the stand. Thanks to his wide stance and good timing, Ian is most effective on counterattacks. Garry does not work serially, throwing single punches. Competently combines work on the hands and kicks.

Due to the fact that the Irishman prefers the counter-puncher style, he is not active enough. On the one hand, this helps him distribute his strength for the entire fight, on the other hand, a more aggressive and experienced opponent will easily shoot him on points.

Green is a grappler. He is most dangerous on the ground. Gabriel is constantly looking for an opportunity to perform a painful hold. 6 of 11 victories Green won by submission. Standing, he relies on knockout power and high pace.

If Gabe Green paid more attention to defense, then I would bet on his victory. But Gabe is eager to cut distance and sometimes can fly at an opponent with a hail of blows almost with his eyes closed. This is perfect for a counter-puncher like Garry, who can catch an opponent with a hard counter punch and knock him out.

On the other hand, Green has knockout power too. If he manages to crush the opponent with a spam of blows and take away from Ian the space he needs for comfortable work, then Green can also put out the opponent. If the fight goes to the ground and Green escapes the Irishman's tenacious control, he will be able to get into an advantageous position and hold a painful hold.

Jim Miller vs Donald Cerrone: Under 2.5 Rounds

Donald is a 39-year-old American fighter. He joined the UFC in 2011 and has built a respectable career with a huge fan base. In 2015, Cerrone, going on a series of 8 victories in a row, became a contender for the lightweight title. But the champion, Rafael dos Anjos, knocked him out in 1 minute and defended the belt.

The last time Donald won was in May 2019, when he declassed former title contender Al Iaquinta in a 5-round fight. Since then, Cowboy has gone on a 6-fight streak without a win.

I don't know why Cerrone remains an active fighter. While he is warming up to join the fight, Miller will either drag him to the ground or deliver a powerful punch, from which Cowboy will fly into a knockdown and end up on the canvas, where Jim will quickly finish him.

Of course, one cannot rule out the possibility that Cerrone could theoretically hit Miller hard as well. Jim is no longer a boy either. He took nearly as much career damage as Donald.

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Vlad is a former amateur MMA fighter. After a series of injuries, he found a different way to connect with the sport and its fanbase - through writing. He's been covering everything-UFC for over 5 years on various platforms and has been part of the team at NYFights since early 2022.

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