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UFC 275 Full Card Predictions and Favorites: Previews and Predictions



UFC 275 Full Card Predictions and Favorites: Previews and Predictions

The UFC returns this weekend with one of the strongest cards of the year – UFC 275 will include two championship fights and multiple contender matches that will send one winner to a championship bout later this year. Here are our predictions for the most important events in the fight card.

UFC 275 Predictions: Prelims

Andre Fialho vs Jake Matthews: Total Rounds – Under 2.5

This bout seems like a clash of styles between two opponents that are not on the same level. Jake Matthews is a fighter that moved several divisions and never had any success in any while Fialho is an extremely experienced fighter with serious knockout power.

Eleven out of his 16 victories were by knockout and we expect to see a short match here as usual. Even if we see Fialho fail in his combinations and get tired, this will give Matthews a chance to take him to the ground and attempt a hefty submission. Both fighters will get their chances to win ahead of schedule.

Brendan Allen vs Jacob Malkoun – Total Rounds – Under 2.5

In recent fights, Brendan demonstrated risky game plans. He prefers not to immediately play the wrestling card, but first works with the opponent in the standing position, punching powerful kicks to the body and entering into dangerous exchanges. Even if the fight is dictated by Allen, it can end with a knockout. So it was in the fight against Chris Curtis and almost happened in the fight against Sam Alvey. Malkoun has dynamite in his fists and with one accurate hit, he can turn the tide of the battle.

On the other hand, Jacob's defense needs some serious work. Brendan has a well-placed punch and will be able to deal enough damage to knock down an opponent, where the American can make a submission.

Seungwoo Choi vs Josh Culibao – Culibao To Win

Culibao is a heavy underdog in this bout and we believe that the Korean is overrated by bookmakers. Choi is more technical than Culibao but has serious problems when his opponents begin to press. He can't answer the attacks, backs up to the cage, and loses a lot of points. We expect Coulibaio to pick up the initiative around the end of 1st round.

Choi doesn't have the knockout power to finish the Aussie at the start of the fight and will begin to get tired. Culibao will have enough chances to take this match due to his superiority in physical strength.

UFC 275 Main Card Predictions

Jack Della Maddalena vs Ramazan Emeev: Emeev To Win

Ramazan Emeev is a serious test for the Australian rookie. Maddalena has never fought against such experienced fighters, and the vast majority of his opposition are mediocre athletes, whom he quickly knocked out.

A practical Ramadan will not make unnecessary exchanges, will put more pressure, and will emphasize control. It is unlikely that the Russian will be able to control the opponent for all 15 minutes. Most likely, Jack will rise to the rack over and over again. But these actions will burn the Aussie fighter's cardio, allowing Ramazan to take the lead and win 2 out of 3 rounds.

Rogerio Bontorin vs Manel Kape: Bontorin To Win

The Brazilian has a good chance of winning. He will not exchange with Kape at medium and long distances but will prefer to pinch him against the cage and work in the clinch. Due to physical strength, Manel will at first actively avoid working at close range, but closer to the beginning of the 2nd round, Bontorin will find the rhythm of the fight and, due to control, will dominate to score points.

If Rogerio transfers the Portuguese to the ground, then, most likely, he will successfully take on a submission hold, since Kape does not defend himself well from submissions.

Zhang Weili vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk: Zhang Weili To Win

I'm afraid that after 2 years of absence, Yoana has lost her shape. She had not been very disciplined before, for example, when she was a champion, she ate a cake during a weight race, and then hardly fit into the weight category limits.

Before UFC 275, the situation is even tougher. Jedrzejczykk's organism, which has always been difficult to drive at 52 kg, has lost the habit of the stress of the weight race and therefore it was difficult for her to prepare for the fight. Plus, you can not miss the acclimatization factor. The tournament takes place in Asia, in Singapore. If Zhang, a Chinese woman, does not need to adapt, then Yoana, who lives permanently in Eastern Europe, may find it very difficult.

Yes, Jedrzejczyk is technically stronger than Weili. But what will happen to Yoana when she misses a hard punch from a Chinese woman? And after 10 heavy blows? Most likely, she will be at least knocked down.

Valentina Shevchenko vs Taila Santos: Total Rounds – Over 3.5 Rounds

Valentina has the ability to win a fight with a fast knockout and she has the ability to delay and play with her opponent and still win with a decision. We think that Taila Santos will be a good challenge for Valentina and this fight will definitely not be fast. We even expect this to go to the scorecards and Valentina to win with a decision but it is a longshot.

Shevchenko is an ideal fighter with a good fighting IQ. She will methodically smash her opponent in the standing position. If necessary, Valentina can enter the clinch, where, due to control, she will score points and deal damage with elbows and knees, or transfer the fight to the ground.

Santos is a strong fighter but we believe that she is not at Valentina's level yet and she will struggle but last longer than expected.

Teixeira vs Prochazka – Teixeira to win

Everyone expects that Teixeira will ultimately lose the belt in his first fight as his win against the former champion was shocking and unrealistic. We have different plans, however. Prochazka is an incredible fighter and extremely diverse but his only chance to win this bout is to knock out the champion. And this is a difficult task. On the other side, Teixeira's wrestling abilities are unbelievable even at this age and he can submit Prochazka with ease.

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