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Strickland vs Magomedov Prediction: A Clash of Styles in the Main Event



We are back with another UFC event this weekend and it is an interesting one. While the fight card has been deprived from massive stars and important bouts, there is a lot to look forward to and the main event will be an interesting clash of styles. After a careful analysis, we reached a fairly obvious conclusion for the best Strickland vs Magomedov prediction.

UFC Vegas 76: Strickland vs Magomedov Prediction

Sean Strickland Preview

Sean Strickland is ranked seventh in the division. Tarzan has been in the Dana White League since 2014. He has 26 wins (ten by knockout, 12 by points, four by submission). The 32-year-old American in the last fight in January 2023 defeated Nassurdin Imavov (unanimous decision) from France.

However, before that, he lost in two fights in a row, losing to his compatriot Jared Cannonir (separate decision of the judges) and Brazilian Alex Pereira (knockout). The North Carolina native holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Sean's main drawback is that he is too pragmatic. Judges may give the win to a more aggressive opponent if they consider that Strickland's punches do not provide enough penetrating, stopping, and cumulative effect. This happened in his fight against Jared Cannonier. Considering that Cannonier is far from the most aggressive fighter, in order to lose to him on points, you really have to be ineffective in the octagon.

Abus Magomedov Preview

Abusupyan Magomedov was born in Russia but moved to Germany quite a while ago. The Dagestani has not had a single fight in the traditional Russian promotions. Before moving to the UFC, he competed in German MMA tournaments, as well as the Professional Fighters League. In the final of the 2018 PFL season, Abus lost to American Louis Taylor by knockout at 33 seconds of the first round.

Magomedov won victories in the last three fights. In September 2022, he defeated the American Dustin Stoltzfus (technical knockout). Abusupyan has 25 wins (13 by knockout, five by points, and seven by submission). Before moving to MMA, he was involved in kickboxing and wrestling. He truly is a monster in the octagon and the only disadvantage here is that we are not 100% familiar with his style and capabilities. It is difficult to make a Strickland vs Magomedov prediction when one of the fighters is literally almost a debutant.

Sean Strickland vs Abus Magomedov: This one should be long

Bookmakers consider Strickland the clear favorite of the upcoming fight. We, however, are not that sure and we have a completely different Strickland vs Magomedov prediction.

Yes, Magomedov will fight only his second fight in the UFC, but he should not be underestimated. In the upcoming battle, any of the fighters can take over. And Abusupyan, who has a killer knockout punch, is unlikely to be able to break through the powerful Sean. A five-round fight is highly possible and we definitely would bet on Over 3.5 at least for our main Sean Strickland vs Abus Magomedov prediction.

What's more, Sean Strickland may be a monster but he is more of a cardio monster than a finisher. He simply knows how to distribute his strength over 25 minutes. He has had five 5-round matches in his last five bouts in the UFC and besides the KO defeat to Pereira, all others ended with a decision. At the same time, Magomedov will probably be a bit reserved at the start as he is still a newcomer in the UFC.

• Over 3.5 Rounds/Fight to Reach Distance

  • Strickland vs Magomedov prediction

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  • Strickland vs Magomedov prediction
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