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Sandhagen vs Font Prediction: The Sandman Wants A Title Match



This will be an unusual Fight Night because the main event will be a Catchweight bout. Cory Sandhagen will face Rob Font after both fighters got cancellations a month ago. Here are our Sandhagen vs Font predictions.

UFC on ESPN 50: Sandhagen vs Font Prediction

Cory Sandhagen Preview

Corey is a 31-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in 2018 against Austin Arnett, whom he knocked out in the 2nd round. In total, Sandhagen spent 12 fights in the UFC: 9 won, 3 lost.

Given how formidable The Sandman was going into the fight against Sterling, many MMA fans felt that they were facing a future champion who could definitely defend his belt several times in a row.

But the fights against the top Petr Yan and TJ exposed a lot of problems for the American. And unfortunately for himself, he did not get a chance to fight any weaker fighters to build up for a comeback. Instead, he had to beat Marlon Vera, one of the top prospects, and will now face the extremely experienced Rob Font.

Cory is a kickboxer. He has a creative fighting style. This is a fast and agile fighter who punches with clear combinations, throws snapping kicks, and can surprise with non-standard strikes, for example, a knee in a jump.

Cory will undoubtedly try to activate already in the 1st round. He understands that his main task is not to give Rob space to move and attack. In addition, the American will often use his counter-front kick to break the distance from the enemy and bring him closer.

And of course, Sandhagen's main weapon in this fight will be the double jab. He delivers this blow faster than almost the entire roster and will certainly be able to hit Font on multiple occasions. We think that these skills will be enough for our Sandhagen vs Font prediction to be a successful one.

Rob Font Preview

Rob is a 36-year-old American fighter. He made his UFC debut in January 2016 against Joe Gomez, whom he knocked out in the 2nd round. In total, Rob had 14 fights in the UFC: 9 won, 5 lost.

Rob's last fight was in April this year and before that, he had over a year and a half without any bouts.

Font's base is boxing. He effectively combines it with outstanding anthropometry. Rob works effectively at medium and long distances, moves well around the octagon, and throws effective and hard combinations. We have to note Font’s good defense against takedowns. He blocks over 60% of attempts to take him to the ground.

The main problem of an athlete is working on the ground. During a positional fight on canvas, Font makes stupid mistakes and can give himself up to submission attempts. This is another reason why we made this exact Sandhagen vs Font prediction.

We also have to note that Rob works effectively only if he isn't pressured by the opponent. When he is allowed to hit with the first number, he wins due to the initiative, but as soon as he meets resistance, he can quickly break down.

Cory Sandhagen vs Rob Font: The Sandman should KO Font

Here is our official Cory Sandhagen vs Rob Font prediction. It's obvious that old Font doesn't hold a punch against opponents who have KO power. Unlike Marlon Vera, Cory attacks in long bursts rather than aiming at the opponent's chin. Each punch by Sandhagen poses a threat to the opponent. If Font gets under pressure from Cory, he will crumble and fall. Sandhagen is simply too aggressive and proactive, which is Font's biggest fear.

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