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Nurmagomedov vs Primus Prediction: Usman Remains Undefeated After Bellator 300



Usman Nurmagomedov will attempt to win his second title defense against Brent Primus in the main event of Bellator 300. The fight card will include a total of three title fights after one was dropped last week. Here is our Nurmagomedov vs Primus prediction.

Bellator 300: Nurmagomedov vs Primus Prediction

Usman Nurmagomedov Preview

Usman is the current Bellator Lightweight champion and a former Junior World Champion of the MMA Union. He remains undefeated with 17 wins.

Having gone through hell in his fight with Freire for the belt (unanimous decision), Usman decided that in the fight against Henderson, he would work as the 1st number and would do everything to win ahead of schedule.

In the fight with Primus, he will have to move away from this tactic a little, because Brent himself will do everything he can to knock Usman out as soon as possible. All Usman needs to do in this case is keep his distance, throw frequent front kicks and kicks to the knee, and also try to change stances more actively.

The champion can easily catch Primus with short side kicks during his attacks, and in the event of a clinch, he can easily bring him to the ground.

Honestly, we did not expect Usman to be such a massive favorite in odds and this clearly makes it far more difficult to make a worthy Nurmagomedov vs Primus prediction. Before we get to that, let's look at what Brent Primus has been doing recently.

Brent Primus Preview

If age didn’t affect Brent’s wrestling, he clearly looks a lot worse on his feet. We got the impression that the American has become much more nervous during the enemy’s attacks and does not quite understand what is better for him to do – go into full defense or try to get closer.

Because of such dilemmas, Primus misses a bunch of unnecessary hits and at times spends a long time trying to fight back in a standing position instead of rushing for the takedown. By the way, he undoubtedly believes that he looks much better on the ground than Usman, so after the first exchanges, he will climb into the clinch, and then try to get him to the ground.

But Brent hardly understands what level of wrestling opposition he will face this time. Even if Usman finds himself in an awkward position, he will be able to defend himself for a long time and persistently.

Usman Nurmagomedov vs Brent Primus Prediction: Usman is a Clear Favorite

With the current level of Nurmagomedov's striking, Primus simply has nothing to do on his feet against him. If he decides to exchange combinations with the Russian, he will potentially not even reach the third round in this fight.

It is clear that the plan of the American’s corner is to carry out the first takedown or close in the clinch as quickly as possible. However, we have no doubts that even during his first attempt, successful or not, he will get hit by a bunch of serious jabs.

Usman clearly found the perfect balance between striking and maintaining distance in recent fights. Now he reacts much calmer to any explosive attacks and counters them effectively. And as soon as the fight goes to the ground, Nurgomedov should be able to get out of any dangerous situation. He spent his entire life training with his cousin Khabib, so even if you haven't watched his ground game, it is top-class.

Not to mention the difference in age. Nurmagomedov is only 25 years old while Primus is 38. And even with this, Usman has more fights than Primus. The American literally has one significant victory in his career, over Michael Chandler, when he won the belt 6 years ago. Since then, he has been alternating from win to defeat and we wouldn't even give him a title shot right now.

With this said, here is our Nurmagomedov vs Primus prediction:

• Usman Nurmagomedov & Under 2.5 Rounds
• Nurmagomedov via KO/TKO/Submission

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