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Brundage vs Vieira Prediction – UFC Vegas 72 Main Card



The UFC event this week will not attract the usual attention due to the smaller card but we definitely have several fights that are worth watching. Besides the main event, the entire card has rising stars and huge prospects. Here is our Brundage vs Vieira prediction.

Cody Brundage vs Rodolfo Vieira Prediction: A Chance for Two Prospects to Shine

Cody Brundage Preview

Cody is a 28-year-old fighter from the USA who tried to enter the UFC in 2020 through Dana White's Contender Series, but failed against William Knight and was finished in the middle of the 1st round.

In September 2021, Karl Roberson withdrew from the fight against Nick Maximov 2 days before the event and Brundage was offered to replace him. Cody accepted but lost by unanimous decision. He closed this defeat in March 2022 in a difficult fight against Dalcha Lungiambula, whom he submitted in the 1st round.

After defeating Dalcha, Cody knocked out Tresean Gore in the 1st round. Brundage last fought in December 2022. His opponent was Michal Olekseichuk. Cody lost by knockout in the 1st round.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Brundage

Cody is a wrestler. Most of his fights before moving to the UFC followed the same scenario: he had a takedown and on the ground either scored an opponent in the ground and pound or found a way to submit him.

After losing to William Knight, Brundage began to seriously develop his striking technique. He works well with the jab, with which he conducts reconnaissance and measures the distance. I note the knockout power of Brundage: 4 out of 8 victories he won with one-punch knockouts.

Brundage doesn't have the strongest jaw. For example, having missed a couple of hits from Lungiambula, he went into hard groggy and only his wrestling skills helped him win that fight. He should have an advantage here and once you read about Vieira below, you will get an idea about our Brundage vs Vieira prediction.

Rodolfo Vieira Preview

Rodolfo is a 33-year-old fighter from Brazil. He joined the UFC in 2019. On his debut, Vieira fought Oscar Pichota, whom he choked out in the 2nd round. After that, in March 2020, Rodolfo submitted Saparbek Safarov.

The Brazilian received his first loss in his career in February 2021, when he was choked by Anthony Hernandez in the 2nd round. He closed this failure by submitting Dustin Stolfutz in the 3rd round.

Vieira last fought in July 2022. His opponent was Chris Curtis. Rodolfo lost by unanimous decision.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Vieira

Rodolfo is the most dangerous on the ground. Thanks to his outstanding BJJ skills, he can perform a submission from any position. The Brazilian won all his victories by submissions. Due to his physical strength, Vieira is good with takedowns and controls opponents on the ground and in the clinch.

The first drawback of the Brazilian is the stance. His blows do not pose a threat, and he himself cannot competently defend himself from the opponent’s attacks, which is why he misses a lot of punches and can get beat on points.

The second problem of the fighter is weak cardio. Vieira is dangerous until he gets tired. This is due to the fact that the Brazilian is experiencing serious problems with the weight race. In January 2022, he was supposed to have a fight with Wellington Thurman, but Rodolfo withdrew a few days before the fight due to the fact that he became ill due to the weight cut.

If the Brazilian fails to submit his opponent at the beginning of the fight, he will be very tired by the middle of the 2nd round. And this is where we mostly draw inspiration for our Brundage vs Vieira prediction. Takedowns and control will lose their effectiveness. Moreover, the tired Rodolfo tries to carry out transfers without standing preparation and reducing the distance. This makes the Brazilian's takedowns predictable and easy to stop.

Brundage vs Vieira Prediction – Cody Brundage should grab the win

Rodolfo Viera is a straightforward BJJ practitioner with good takedown skills. If he fails to transfer the opponent and submit him, then he starts to miss in the rack and make stupid mistakes. Vieira was beaten down and shocked even by Anthony Hernandez, who doesn't even have significant power or one-punch KO strength. This means that any fighter with better cardio and striking skills can outmaneuver him and potentially beat him.

Cody Brundage defends well against takedowns, and the Brazilian does not have such knockout power to knock out an opponent. Therefore, I believe that the American will survive the initial pressure from Rodolfo, wait until he gets tired, and take the initiative, thanks to which he will win, at least on points. We definitely do not recommend betting on a specific method of victory here. Every outcome is possible in such a fight. Our main Brundage vs Vieira prediction is the win for the American.