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Best UFC Betting Apps for 2023



The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the lead organization in the world of MMA and is nowadays available on most betting sites and apps. Finding a betting site that offers markets on the UFC is easy but which are the best UFC Betting apps out there?

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Best UFC Betting Apps for 2023


best ufc betting app

Few bookmakers provide the customer experience of Caesars but more importantly for us – their UFC betting section is just as advanced.

Caesars provides coverage for all UFC events throughout the year and their odds are sky-high when it comes to the industry standards.

In most cases, we get multiple betting markets, including several for the winner and method of victory. Unlike most other bookies, Caesars provides additional options for round betting. Instead of the typical “over 2.5 rounds” which we usually see for all fights, Caesars allows you to bet on over 1.5, 3.5, and 4.5 too.

You will also find available odds for multiple UFC events that will happen in the future and not just the one that has been scheduled in one or two weeks' time.

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best betting app for ufc

BetMGM has grown to be one of the industry leaders in the US. Their website and app work like magic and the speed of responsiveness truly makes a difference in the betting experience.

When it comes to MMA, BetMGM provides coverage on all upcoming UFC events, including the smaller Fight Nights. More importantly, if you check the UFC page now, you will find odds available for events that have been scheduled for a month from now.

The limited betting markets are an obvious setback but the odds for the fight results are higher than the industry standard. If you are looking for a place to bet on who will win a given fight at greater odds, BetMGM is the right place.



mma betting apps

FanDuel is a newcomer to the sports betting industry but its website and app rank among the best in terms of usability and design. Not to mention the now-improved live streaming options that cover countless events yearly.

Surprisingly, FanDuel can also fight for the title of the best betting app for UFC. The bookmaker covers all UFC events weekly and their range of markets continues to increase. Especially for the bigger PPV events, you will find a wider range than most competitors.

The typical Moneyline and over/under markets are always available but FanDuel has some unique options such as the “Decision No Bet” market, which we haven't seen elsewhere. The odds are also up there with the highest in the industry.

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best mma betting app

DraftKings continues to improve on all accounts and there is little doubt that they are one of the leaders in the industry. The website and app are among the easiest to use with sleek designs that stand out in the mix.

Overall, despite its short history, DraftKings has become one of the greatest UFC betting apps in 2023.


How to Choose a Betting App: Markets, Features, Usability

We discussed the best betting apps for UFC – now, we will explain how to pick the right one for you in-depth.

Welcome Bonus

Knowing our top selections above, you should also know that each of those bookmakers offers a welcome bonus for new clients. Such is the case with most other bookies that we did not mention.

Bonuses vary and some include free bets, others provide odds boosts. All websites put their ads upfront, so it will not take long for you to see which one is the best for you.

Just make sure to read the terms and requirements as some bonuses apply to specific sports only. Since you want to bet on MMA, pick the ones that work for all sports so that you can use your free bets on the next Fight Night.

Is it easy to use?

Some betting apps work like magic while others are slow and the menus are complicated enough to spoil a bettor's experience. Make sure to test an app before you decide to make an account as speed is vital for live betting.

If the loading time is good, take a closer look at the menu and features – how easy is it to find the events you need?

Betting Markets

Imagine an app that seems perfect to use but offers limited markets for your favorite sports. Would you stick to this bookmaker if there are five markets for football? Probably not.

Most bookmakers provide a wide range of markets but we all want a little bit extra, right? Look for apps that take the extra mile and offer unique markets that are not available elsewhere. In this industry, everyone tries to differentiate and our examples above are great choices.

How to Download a Betting App and Bet at an Online Betting Site

This is a simple and straightforward process no matter if you are an iOS or an Android user. Nevertheless, here is a quick guide on how to download your new MMA betting apps.

1. Go to the directory for applications on your phone – App Store for Apple users and Google Play for Android users.

2. Find the app you want to use. Keep in mind that some bookmakers might not be available in your country. If you cannot find the app by searching the correct name, this might be the reason.

3. Download the app.

4. Open the app and create an account. The process is straightforward and identical to most apps – you need to pick a username and password, add an email, and then fill in your personal details. Sometimes, you will be required to do additional confirmations but overall, it should take no more than 5 minutes for the entire process.

5. Make your first deposit and claim your welcome bonus. Keep in mind that each app will have different requirements for the welcome bonus, so take a closer look at the offer page to find out how to claim yours and things like the minimum qualifying deposit.

UFC Betting Apps: FAQ

Which are the best events to bet on?

If you are new to the world of MMA, you have probably heard about the UFC and perhaps a couple of the other bigger organizations that have the largest exposure in social media – UFC, Bellator, and ONE.

For now, the UFC remains the best organization to bet on – they have the most events throughout the year and the best fighters. It is the most viable option for beginners.

Are there bet builders for MMA?

Any active bettor will know that most websites now have the ‘build a bet' option for the bigger sports like Football and Basketball. Unfortunately, bookmakers do not provide this feature for MMA events and it is unlikely to happen in the future.

MMA vs UFC: What's the difference?

Once again, if you are new to the sport and learning about it, you might wonder why everyone speaks about the UFC but not about MMA. Simply said, there is no MMA vs UFC – the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the biggest organization in the Mixed Martial Arts sport.

Does the In-Play option exist for MMA/UFC Betting?

If you have watched an MMA bout before, you will know that you can expect anything. A fighter might dominate in the first round and then lose in the next. Logically, in-play betting has become a thing but the problem is that not all apps offer it for MMA. Make sure to check in advance but most of the better MMA betting apps have this option.

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