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Bellator 301 Payouts: Who’s Getting Paid Big in Chicago?



Bellator is back with another massive event and we have two title fights and the semi-final of the Lightweight World Grand Prix. With several of the biggest stars involved, the Bellator 301 payouts are guaranteed to be huge.

Bellator Fighter Pay: What Will Amosov vs Jackson Be Paid at Bellator 301?

Bellator continues to throw at least a couple of title fights in each event and this one will see Yaroslav Amosov defend his Welterweight World Championship against Jason Jackson in the main event.

Amosov remains unbeaten in his professional career. His record is 27-0 and this will be his second defense since winning the belt in June 2021. His Bellator history is actually quite unique. He won the belt in 2021 and was supposed to defend it in May 2022. He pulled out of the fight because he had to return to Ukraine and fight in the ongoing war. He did not return to fighting until February 2023.

Amosov reportedly earned about $300,000 as a guaranteed purse for his title match at Bellator 291. With this said, we expect there to be an increase for this bout, although his purse is unlikely to surpass $400,000.

As for his opponent, Jason Jackson, he has not been active since mid-2022 and we do not think that he will earn that much more than last time. In his previous bout at Bellator 283, he was reportedly paid $108,000. This does not include the win bonus and all additional bonuses.

In the previous title match, Amosov's opponent was paid about $150,000. Therefore, we believe that Jackson will probably earn around this amount.

Bellator 301 Payouts: Pettis vs Mix

The co-main event of Bellator 301 will also feature a title match and this time, the current Bellator Bantamweight Champion Sergio Pettis will face Patchy Mix, who is the interim champion. This situation came to be after Pettis pulled out of his match in 2022 due to an injury.

Sergio Pettis has been one of Bellator's top-paid athletes and we expect him to earn at least $350,000 for this bout. We would argue that he could potentially get paid more than Amosov but this will be the co-main event.

His opponent and current interim champion, Patchy Mix, is a curious case. There isn't any available information on his previous Bellator payouts. However, he last won the Bellator Bantamweight World Grand Prix and the prize was $1 million. This is a huge achievement but he wouldn't have earned that much before winning it. We expect him to earn around $150,000-200,000 for this bout.

Bellator 301 Prize Money: Pitbull vs Shabliy

Patricky Pitbull will face Alexander Shabliy in one of the semifinals of the Lightweight World Grand Prix. Just like the Bantamweight edition last year, this tournament features a prize of $1 million. The winner of this match will fight in the final in 2024.

Pitbull is a former Bellator Lightweight World Champion and this usually means that his purse will be huge. Based on previous reports and leaks, he has been earning at least $200,000 for each of his last few bouts. However, there is no information from the last two or three matches.

His opponent, Alexander Shabliy, reportedly got paid $75,000 as a guaranteed salary for his fight at Bellator 292. He remains unbeaten in the promotion and we expect him to earn at least $100,000 for this semi-final bout.

Overall, the combined Bellator 301 payouts are guaranteed to be well over $1 million, if not even two. As always, the matchmakers have composed a brilliant event that has every right to overshadow the weekly UFC Fight Night.

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