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Bellator 300 Odds: Three Title Fights and Three Massive Favorites



Bellator is hosting its historical 300th event in San Diego, California. Originally, there were supposed to be four title fights in the main card but one was cancelled last week. In this piece, we will look at the best Bellator 300 odds on the different platforms.

Bellator 300 Odds: Nurmagomedov vs Primus Odds

Fortunately, almost all major bookmakers will cover this Bellator event, so you have a lot of options. Each bookie has a different approach and the odds vary significantly.

The main event of this card is massive but the Nurmagomedov vs Primus odds are quite disappointing. We honestly did not expect the Russian to be such a massive favorite. It has been a while since we have seen such low odds for a title fight and Nurmagomedov is the absolute bookmaker favorite.

Nurmagomedov vs Primus Odds – Moneyline

As mentioned above, Usman has an unbelievable advantage and we have to look at different Bellator 300 odds if we want to make a profit. Nevertheless, here is what you can see on the moneyline markets across the best bookmakers.

On BetMGM and Bet365, Nurmagomedov has been given -2222.22 (1.045) to win here. On DraftKings, they consider him an even bigger favorite at -2400 (1.0417).

There is no point in this market unless you bet on Brent Primus to win. In his case, his win has been valued at anywhere between +1125 (12.25) and +1200 (13.00). When you see such high odds, there is always a chance for an upset, and placing a small stake is worth a shot.

With this said, let's look at some of the other markets for this bout.

Bellator Odds – Nurmagomedov vs Primus Method of Victory

This is a far more useful market when we have a clear favorite. You can easily make a profit from this bout when you bet on a method of victory. Here are the options:

• Win via Decision – Nurmagomedov has been given +500 (6.00) and Primus has +2000 (21.00).

• Win via KO/TKO – Nurmagomedov has been given -125 (1.80) to win early while Primus has the whooping +4000 (41.00).

• Win via Submission – In this case, Nurmagomedov has +162 and Brent has +3300 (34.00).

• Draw – The draw has been valued at +8000 (81.00)

Nurmagomedov vs Primus Round to Win Odds

Betting on a fighter to win in a particular round has always been an option when you want higher odds. This is a title fight so there will be five rounds, which makes it slightly more difficult. Nevertheless, here are the options:

• Win in Round 1 – Nurmagomedov (+135) and Primus (+3300)

• Win in Round 2 – Nurmagomedov (+275) and Primus (+3300)

• Win in Round 3 – Nurmagomedov (+550) and Primus (+3300)

• Win in Round 4 – Nurmagomedov (+1000) and Primus (+3300)

• Win in Round 5 – Nurmagomedov (+1800) and Primus (+3300)

Bellator Odds: Cyborg vs Zingano Odds

As mentioned above, there will be a total of three title fights in this event and Cris Cyborg faces Cat Zingano for the Women's Featherweight World Championship. Here is what the bookmakers think about this fight.

Cyborg vs Zingano Odds – Moneyline

In a similar fashion, we have a massive favorite in this bout and Cris Cyborg has been given a huge advantage. You will find odds for her to win in the range of -666.67 to -500.

Her opponent and contender – Cat Zingano, is a massive underdog. Bet365 has valued her win at +390, BetMGM gives her +455, and DraftKings even gives her +490.

Bellator 300 Betting Odds: Carmouche vs Macfarlane Odds

The third and final title match is between Liz Carmouche and Ilima-Lei Macfarlane for the Women's Flyweight World Championship. As always, we have a clear favorite here.

Carmouche vs Macfarlane Odds – Moneyline

Liz Carmouche has been awarded with odds around -285 on most platforms. Her opponent and title contender – Ilima-Lei Macfarlane is a massive underdog. On Bet365 and BetMGM, you will find her win valued at +220 while DraftKings has given her +230.

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