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Aliskerov vs Alves Prediction: Expect a Quick Finish



This fight card is extremely special and not just because of the main and co-main events. We will see the majority of the best Russian fighters in the promotion, one after another. One of them is Ikram Aliskerov. Here is our Aliskerov vs Alves prediction.

UFC 294: Aliskerov vs Alves Prediction

Ikram Aliskerov Preview

Ikram Aliskerov is a national, European, and World champion in combat sambo. Before the UFC, he performed in Brave and Fight Nights Dagestan.

Aliskerov works defensively, avoiding damage with the help of quickdraws or good blocking. At the same time, he tries to put pressure on the enemy, waiting for the moment to grab him. He uses amplitude throws and trips, fights especially well against the cage, and can go double-legged at any time. Having brought his opponent to the ground, Ikram immediately looks for a submission, and in most cases, it is a kimura.

In a standing position, he is dangerous thanks to unexpected strikes with the front foot, while the opponent expects kicks from the back. When Ikram fights, he relies on accuracy and delivers basic combinations well, such as the jab and cross.

Aliskerov can take advantage of Alves's predictability. Yes, the Brazilian moves and dodges a lot, but he starts his attacks frankly monotonously and moves only in a straight line. This is good for Ikram, who can counter or easily catch Alves for a takedown. Overall, the Russian has to be the favorite for anyone's Aliskerov vs Alves prediction.

Warlley Alves Preview

Warlley Alves is a former winner of The Ultimate Fighter and holds a black belt in BJJ.

Alves uses both simple kickboxing combinations, such as a high kick, and more cunning combos – a front kick plus a back fist. He tries to throw a lot of punches. The high amount of his attacks helps to put pressure on his opponents, but at the same time, Alves loses his energy quite quickly. He has only four KOs in 14 wins.

Warlley is an all-rounder and never misses an opportunity to move his opponent. He scores takedowns via kicks, hip throws, and leg passes, and drops his opponent off the cage. On the ground, Alves relies on control rather than submission attempts.

Aliskerov reacts to most of his opponent’s blows, so Alves, with his many attacks, will be able to confuse and press the Russian and interrupt him in the stance. At the same time, the Brazilian's punches are not powerful enough to shake Ikram. Warlley will have to change his approach a little and hit a little less often, but with much more force. Only then will he gain an advantage in striking against the well-defending Aliskerov.

Ikram Aliskerov vs Warlley Alves: This Should Be Quick

Warlley has lost a lot in recent years, even to newcomers like Jeremiah Wells. The Brazilian has a predictable style, and bookmakers have no doubt that Aliskerov will read it without any problems. We absolutely agree with them for our Aliskerov vs Alves prediction. But betting on Aliskerov is quite pointless, so we are going for an under here.

Aliskerov has the advantage in power and accuracy of punches, and he has a much better chance of getting a standing finish. If the Brazilian immediately begins to put pressure, then Ikram can win by knockout even in the 1st round.

• Under 2.5 Rounds

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