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Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva: Predictions & Betting Odds



Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva: Predictions & Betting Odds
Photo Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

The NYF Crew weighs in on Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva which can be streamed live on Showtime PPV ($59.99).

We are just hours away from the weigh-in for Jake Paul (5-0) vs. Anderson Silva (3-1), while the actual fight takes place on Saturday, live on Showtime PPV. This fight will certainly have the attention of all the social media influencers and the hardcore MMA fans who have followed Silva throughout the years. It’s an intriguing matchup, as Silva is 47 years old and has looked decent against mediocre competition in these exhibitions. Paul has looked good but also against mediocre competition. So, it really just comes down to who wants it more on Saturday night. When it comes to the betting odds for this matchup, the numbers aren’t leaning too much one way or the other.

The NYF crew and friends weigh in on this matchup, but before we get to that, here are the latest odds, according to BetMGM.


Per BetMGM, Jake Paul is the favorite at -190, and Anderson Silva is the underdog at +160.

Jake Paul: Decision +188; KO/TKO +210

Draw: +1200

Anderson Silva: Decision +600; KO/TKO +240


On paper, Silva is the better fighter. He’s been in there with world-class athletes and, in fact, he’s got a penchant for clowning world-class athletes. He fought most of his career at a85lbs but was no stranger to the 205lb division. Further, his boxing is slick! He shocked a lot of people when he defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, proving his return to boxing to be a good idea. Silva is crafty on the feet, very experienced, and if there’s any takeaway from his last match against Tito Ortiz, he’s still dangerous.

With Silva’s illustrious career and scintillating highlight reel comes some miles, though. At 47 years young, Silva did show signs of wilting as his run in the UFC began dimming out. Enter Jake Paul; young, explosive, improving, and oh, and did I mention young? Say what you will about Paul not being a legitimate boxer, but how could he not be? He’s got the money to not only pay for great coaches, but also the money to not really have to focus on much else outside of boxing! Tether that to his age, being athletic, being hungry, and the rare ability to put everything on the line in front of the world and not seem the least bit nervous. While I lost sleep because of my public speaking class with 20 other students, Paul is putting his money where his mouth is in front of, well, a bit more than 20 people.

So, who wins and how? Paul has shown the ability to improve in all of his fights so far; his career very well could still be in its infancy stage. To assume that the best is yet to come with ‘The Problem Child’ is a safe bet. The potential isn’t what’s in question here though, it’s if this is too much, too soon. Silva brings in age, but a wealth of experience because of it. Let's see what the NYFights crew have to say.

Michael Woods (Founder, NYFights): Jake Paul by TKO

You have to figure that Team Paul believes they have a 90 percent chance of beating Silva. The likelihood isn't that high unless they know something everyone else doesn't. But I'm hesitant to pick Silva because I respect the process, the process being Team JP picking foes adroitly. So, going to go with: Jake, his power surprises Silva in rounds 4-5. JP by stoppage.

Gayle Falkenthal (NYFights): Anderson Silva by Decision

Love him or hate him, put respect on Jake Paul's name. By now, no one can deny Paul's skills as a promoter, and his work ethic in the ring is sincere. So far, Paul's steady diet of retired MMA champions has served him well. Paul's got just enough power to make him dangerous, and the fans love him for it. But he's bitten off more than he can chew with Anderson Silva.

Silva pursued boxing seriously up until 2005. He's not starting from scratch like Paul's previous opponents. Silva defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. last summer, out-landing him 99-53 in total punches and 60-41 in power punches per CompuBox. Even at age 47, the UFC great is a threat to Paul due to his stamina, solid chin, and ability to feint ad counterpunch. He didn't KO Chavez Jr. and probably won't KO Paul, but he's capable of the same kind of performance against Paul. Will the judges see the outcome with a clear lens? Close decision to Silva and a big money rematch ahead in 2023.

Remo (WalkLikeUs): Jake Paul to win

Anderson Silva is fire but I feel like Jake Paul is not being taken seriously and that’s what makes him dangerous.

Jacob Rodriguez (NYFights, No Standing 8 Boxing Talk): Anderson Silva to win

One has to believe that team Paul handpicked Anderson Silva for a reason. I'm sure that father time has caught up with Silva, and therefore many believe that Paul has a solid chance to win this fight. That may be so, but we are talking about Anderson Silva! He is arguably the greatest MMA fighter in history, if not the greatest fighter in all combat sports. Also, he defeated some of the greatest fighters in MMA history. Anderson Silva could be 99 years old, and I'll still take his vast experience over Paul's two-year play-boxing hobby. Barring any behind-the-scenes WWE script, Anderson Silva should still be skilled enough and have enough in his youth tank to embarrass Jake “The Hobbyist” Paul. If it's a real fight, Silva undoubtedly wins.

Lucas Ketelle (Author of “Inside the Ropes of Boxing “-Click HERE): Jake Paul to win

I don't doubt Jake Paul. I favor Paul to win.

David Phillips (NYFights, Awards Daily): Anderson Silva to win

I may be in the “who could possibly care less” zone, but I'll play along. I'm not going to so much make a prediction as express my heartfelt desire that Silva beats fake boxer Paul and rids me of the misery of having to take this Jake Paul bullshit seriously. If fans of the sport want this nonsensical dog and pony show, more power to them. But to my mind, the sooner some real boxer puts Paul on his back, the better. So, with that in mind, I hope Silva is showing up for more than a paycheck and ends this bullshit farce once and for all.

Marquis Johns (NYFights, Say What You Say Podcast): Jake Paul by Unanimous Decision

I should be more hyped for a Jake Paul fight, but this week he is taking on Anderson Silva, and this isn't a UFC time machine fantasy matchup. The cynics looking for Jake to falter are riding with Silva, but I believe Paul cruises here to a wide UD win as age brings speed, and Silva is 47.

Colin Morrison (NYFights, SpitBallingPod & Japan-Forward): Jake Paul by Decision

These events seem to be carefully thought out in order for Jake Paul to continue building his record. I'm inclined to think that Saturday's bout will continue in this fashion.

Ryan O'Hara (NYFights, Legendz TV): Jake Paul by Split Decision

I think the inactivity could slow down Paul some, as he's not used to being out of the ring for this long. A big thanks goes to Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. I'm not too thrilled about this fight, but hopefully, Jake can get a real fight in by 2023.

Tommy “Razor” Rainone (Boxing Sharp): Split Decision either way

Unless Paul has improved dramatically since we last saw him in December of last year, then he will be in for a long night with Silva. Silva is tall and long with a very pesky style. He constantly touches you with unorthodox punches while disturbing his man's rhythm all night. He is also always in great physical and mental shape, so composure is never an issue that could lead to stamina issues. The opposite seems to apply to Paul. He is not the most gifted boxer and is still learning on the job, but he has plenty of power and has shown character in the ring by grinding it out and always fighting hard, even when clearly fatigued.

For Paul to be successful, he will need to impose his physicality in this fight, which means more than just letting big punches fly but mauling Silva and making him uncomfortable and unable to get in a rhythm and set a pace. If Paul can do this, he has a very good chance of being victorious but showing too much respect against Silva could be his undoing. I see a very close split decision that could go either way.


Paul hits hard and has recently shown the ability to take on adversity head-on and adapt if need be. This shows that he’s improving rapidly and we should expect a much better boxer than the one who knocked out Tyron Woodley. However, he can be a bit sloppy at times. His attacks are a tad repetitive and he’s very linear in his motions. The knockout power is there for Paul, and it’s because he plants his feet and drives his power from there; scary? Yes, but also, being slat-footed could be an issue.

Anderson Silva is a master of misdirection; he uses odd hand gestures, taunting, and fancy footwork to set traps for his opponents. Not only do these movements set things up, but it’s concomitantly overstimulating. But, father time is undefeated, and Silva is well past his prime.

With all of that being said, we’ve got a very intriguing matchup on our hands. It boils down to a young fighter working his way up trying to force the tenured athlete to pass the torch.


I’m going to also lean towards Jake Paul to come out victorious but by sixth round KO. It’s going to be another highlight reel knockout so get ready to see the video spin on social media all day on Sunday.

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