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Tszyu vs Mendoza Results: Zero Chance for the Contender



Tszyu vs Mendoza Results: Zero Chance for the Contender

While the fight card was entirely brilliant, this night was all about Tim Tszyu and his title defense. His opponent fought valiantly and deservedly did not get knocked out. Here are the Tszyu vs Mendoza results.

Tszyu vs Mendoza Results: Round-by-Round Analysis

After a shaky start, Tim Tszyu dominated most of the rounds in his first real title defense. On any other day, he would have been able to knock out his opponent bit last night, Mendoza was made of steel. Here is what happened chronologically.

Round 1: The fight started with the expected early aggression from the contender, who tried to land a few quick jabs to kick off his performance. When that failed and Tszyu responded with a few accurate punches, Mendoza stepped back. The rest of the round was mostly tactical. We scored that round in favor of Tszyu.

Round 2: The second round saw an increased number of attempts from both fighters. Unfortunately, without much success. We would have scored that round as a draw if not for the late 1-2 that Tszyu landed in the final moments. On our cards, this was a 2-0 after two rounds.

Round 3: This was one of Mendoza's best rounds as he was more active and threw more punches. Few of them connected and did any damage but it was good to see that Mendoza wants to turn to offense at some point. Tszyu's late action won him the round once again.

Round 4: One of the better rounds in this bout. Tszyu landed a couple of combinations early, followed by several successful attempts by Mendoza to land left hooks. There were a lot of exchanges in this round but Tszyu definitely did more damage.

Round 5: This was when Mendoza's face started swelling under the right eye. Tszyu managed to land several massive punches in this round, most notably an uppercut and two brutal hooks. We had the fight 50-45 up to this point.

Round 6: This was the only round that Tszyu lost on our cards. Mendoza had his best performance to date, connecting a series of tough shots (jab, left hook, a 1-2). He also caught Tszyu on the counter and met him with his right hand. After this one, it was 59-55.

Round 7: Mendoza continued with the aggression in Round 7 but Tszyu responded in a much better way. Two massive uppercuts were followed by a series of punches that would have knocked out any other opponent. This was a wild round to watch and we scored it in favor of Tim (69-64).

Round 8: After the action in round 7, both fighters took a step back. The fighters spent most of the round in the middle of the ring, exchanging single punches supported by a follow-up hook here and there. Difficult round for scoring but we would give it to the champion.

Round 9: This was when Mendoza was supposed to be knocked out. Guaranteed. Most fighters in this division would have been out on numerous occasions in those three minutes. But Mendoza's chin ate them all and he never even got wobbled. Eight rounds for Tszyu.

Round 10: Once again, a round where Mendoza was supposed to be out in multiple situations. Tszyu came out for blood in the 10th and nearly took him out with a barrage of shots late in the round. Mendoza showed nothing but defense in this round.

Round 11: Mendoza was out of the fight at this point. His only chance was a knockout but he literally got no chances to even land a punch. Tim Tszyu was all over him.

Round 12: Brian Mendoza has our respect after surviving 12 rounds of getting battered. Somehow, he managed to defend and fight back until the final bell. We scored this fight 119-109, with just the sixth round going for Mendoza. Perhaps we could give him the third as well and round 8 was also extremely close.

In the end, the judges scored the fight 116-111, 116-112, 117-111 and gave Tim Tszyu the unanimous decision win.

Tim Tszyu vs Brian Mendoza Full Card Results

• Tim Tszyu defeated Brian Mendoza via unanimous decision

• Sam Goodman defeated Miguel Flores via unanimous decision

• Jackson England defeated Nathaniel May via split decision (96-94, 96-94, 94-96)

• Shanell Dargan defeated Amber Amelia via unanimous decision

• Toese Vousiutu defeated Julius Long via TKO (round four)

• Hass Hamdan defeated Danvers Cuschieri via unanimous decision

• Wade Ryan defeated Sergei Vorobev via unanimous decision


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