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Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri Results: Janibek is on a Different Level



Janibek Alimkhanuly unified the WBO and IBF middleweight belts after an unbelievable performance against Vincenzo Gualtieri. There hasn't been a unification in this weight class since early 2022. Here are the Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri results and all the key moments.

Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri Results: Everything You Need to Know

As we predicted, Alimkhanuly gave no chance to his opponent and finished the fight as early as possible. In this case, he needed just six rounds to earn his TKO and unify the belts. And as expected, we foresaw Gualtieri's style and tactics.

He clearly tried to wait for the second half of the fight with hopes that Alimkhanuly would get tired. Even the champion acknowledged that. He said that his corner knew from the beginning that Gualtieri would not even try to get into hard exchanges. But that moment never came and Alimkhanuly took him out in round six.

In total, Alimkhanuly threw 243 punches in six rounds, landing 82, while his opponent landed just 22 out of his 85. If you missed the fight, this is how uneven it was. Alimkhanuly picked up the control from the opening seconds and only increased his pressure with every round until it was enough.

The opening round was the usual measuring and testing process that we see in boxing. Both fighters were evaluating their opponent as Gualtieri was leaning back and Janibek was testing how close he could get to him. The main moment of the 1st round was a jab & left cross combination that really hurt Vincenzo. Round two was more active and saw Janibek land several nasty jabs and uppercuts.

Things did not change until the fourth round when Gualtieri at least tried to land some punches. That is when he opened up but ultimately paid for it. Janibek never gave him a chance and landed a long series of punches while Gualtieri was pinched by the ropes.

This match was supposed to end as early as the fifth round. Alimkhanuly had found his range and his timing was perfect. He was following Gualtieri around the ring, landing headshots, body shots, uppercuts, and jabs. The gong saved Gualtieri in that round. If there was an extra minute, he wouldn't have survived.

The ref obviously saw that this fight was coming to an end in the fifth round and really gave Gualtieri few chances to fight back in the sixth. As he was trying to land a left jab, Alimkhanuly caught him with a nasty uppercut, that put Gualtieri back by the ropes. A few shots later, the ref called a stop to this contest, giving Janibek the TKO win.

This was the main event last night but here are all the Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri results from the entire card.

Janibek Alimkhanuly vs. Vincenzo Gualtieri Full Card Results

• Janibek Alimkhanuly defeated Vincenzo Gualtieri via TKO (round six) and added the IBF middleweight title to his collection

• Keyshawn Davis def. Nahir Albright via unanimous decision

• Richard Torrez Jr. def. Tyrell Anthony Herndon via TKO

• Giovanni Marquez def. Donte Strayhorn via TKO (round two)

• Duke Ragan def. Jose Perez via split decision (76-75, 75-76, 76-75)

• Kelvin Davis def. Narciso Carmona via unanimous decision

• Guido Vianello def. Curtis Harper via unanimous decision

• Humberto Galindo fought Oscar Bravo to a draw (75-75, 76-74, 75-75)

• Alan Garcia def. Nelson Hampton via unanimous decision

• Jakhongir Zokirov def. Guillermo Del Rio via TKO (round four)

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