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Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri Prediction: WBO and IBF Championship Unification Match



Undefeated boxer Janibek Alimkhanuly will face Vincenzo Gualtieri in Rosenberg, Texas for the right to unify the WBO and IBF Middleweight Championship titles this weekend. Here is our Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri prediction.

Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri Prediction: Two Undefeated Champions and Two Middleweight Titles on the Line

Janibek Alimkhanuly Preview

Janibek does not hide that his main goal is to unify all 4 belts at once, and then get on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to immortalize his name next to the name of Muhammad Ali. His record is 14 wins and 0 losses, and he is the current WBO and WBC Continental Middleweight Champion.

For the first time in the last 8 years, Alimkhanuly will enter a fight with a brand new coach. However, considering the enormous influence of his former one, we can expect Zhanibek to use most of his usual tactics and stylistic characteristics.

Janibek will probably utilize his favorite techniques: sharp jabs and dangerous side shots, especially with the left hand. Alimkhanuly will be able to work out all the usual attacks because his opponent often stagnates and prefers to work as the 2nd number.

Vincenzo doesn't have many knockouts on his record. Perhaps the coach will give Janibek the instruction to boldly work for an early start and not be afraid of the enemy’s striking power. But even in this case, Alimkhanuly will not open up and risk too much.

Alimkhanuly has a number of advantages that make him a favorite and theoretically should allow him to win the different stages of the fight.

Both fighters are accustomed to catching their opponents when they make a mistake and only then launching a dangerous combination. Both also love power series, but the Kazakh strikes much harder. Janibek is very attentive to distance and it is unlikely that Gualtieri will be able to confuse him, as happened with other opponents.

The Kazakh has what it takes to unify those belts but before we can make an Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri prediction, we have to take a closer look at his opponent.

Vincenzo Gualtieri Preview

Vincenzo Gualtieri is a German boxer of Italian descent. In the last fight, he defeated the previously undefeated Esquiva Falcao, who was a silver and bronze medalist at the Olympic Games. This will be Gualtieri's first fight outside Germany, so he will not have the home advantage anymore.

It is unlikely that Vincenzo will show anything new in the fight against Janibek. He is not known for his fundamentally changing strategies.

Vincenzo focuses on the late rounds and waits for the right moment to attack. He likes to dive under the opponent’s hook or counterattack with a long combination. In addition, Gualtieri has quick straights. He loves to feint, strives to lure his opponent out, and hits him hard.

At times, Gualtieri is sharp and throws unexpected attacks with his hands down. Then he takes a defensive stance and continues with jabs.

Vincenzo is used to winning by decision. And it’s hard to imagine how he hopes to interrupt the always collected and rational Janibek. Gualtieri moves well and inserts jabs, knows how to counterattack in time, but this is hardly enough to dismantle the Kazakh.

Perhaps Vincenzo is counting on a knockout in the later rounds, or at least after the middle of the fight when Zhanibek occasionally allows himself to be hit. But it is more than clear that Gualtieri has no knockout power.

Janibek Alimkhanuly vs Vincenzo Gualtieri Prediction: No Decision This Time!

While Vincenzo always reaches the late rounds in his fights, Alimkhanuly has better cardio and strength distribution. He is a better strategist and definitely the more technically gifted fighter.

Given that Alimkhanuly is known for his brute force, he should be able to KO Gualtieri after the German opens up in the later rounds. Considering that the Kazakh is a massive favorite, we have to pick a different kind of Alimkhanuly vs Gualtieri prediction to make it worth it. Pick the KO win + under 8.5 rounds!

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