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WBC Reminds Women To Enroll in Clean Boxing Program



WBC Reminds Women To Enroll in Clean Boxing Program


Enrollment for the Women’s Clean Boxing Program will soon end

 The World Boxing Council and VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) once again join forces in order to launch the Clean Boxing Program throughout women´s boxing.

The Clean Boxing Program (CBP) was planned, designed and developed with countless hours of hard work and dedication by  members of the WBC and VADA,  and it`s basically divided into three  main objectives:

– Prevention: To educate and prevent boxers about the terrible dangers of the substances and the tragic effects it does have. This is done through tutorials, seminars and  forums.

– Random tests out of competition

– Voluntary registration for fighters

The program which  began in September 2016, was initially applied only to men. But now, it`s extended to women because as we have already emphasized, the WBC and VADA seek in an imperative and comprehensive way to protect and safeguard all  the athletes of our beloved sport.

Our world champions and the first five ranked fighter in each division must join the CBP before September, the month in which the random tests will start to be applied. 

Those fighters who`ve  not filled the forms to be part of the Program before the deadline,  will lose their position in our rankings.


The forms are:

WBC Clean Boxing Program – Registration and Release Form


WBC Clean Boxing Program – Whereabouts Form


WBC Clean Boxing Program – Therapeutic Use Application


For more information we invite you to see the webinar at: