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Watch An All-Time CLASSIC, Corrales v Castillo I, TONIGHT, On Showtime



SHOWTIME BOXING CLASSICS will air on three consecutive Friday nights beginning April 10, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME. The telecasts will also be available via the SHOWTIME streaming service and SHOWTIME ANYTIME®.

The April slate of SHOWTIME BOXING CLASSICS will be highlighted by three Fight of the Year winners, which include some of the most heart-pounding and unforgettable fights in boxing history.


•Friday, April 10:

10 PM ET

◦Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo I – 2005 Consensus Fight of the Year (also featuring the Round of the Year and later named Fight of the Decade)

◦Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo II

 On Corrales vs. Castillo I…

Ref Tony Weeks – “Fifteen years later, I still think about this fight every day. What an honor to be a part of history. The two fighters put in all the work, and I just did what I was trained to do.”

Weeks – “It really hit me when I went home and I’m getting all these phone calls for interviews, or people congratulating me on a great job. It was like, ‘What happened?’ When I had the chance to really sit down and look at it and see it, it was like, ‘Wow! What a fight.’”

Corrales’ trainer Joe Goossen – “When [Corrales] got the point taken away from him on the second knockdown, he was arguing with Tony Weeks. In my mind, that was a good thing because that showed presence of mind that he didn’t like the fact that he was getting a point taken away from him…Now, I will tell you there were some people very close to Diego that were sitting a couple feet from me that were yelling at me to stop the fight. That I heard. And I responded with a quick ‘no’ because they deserved my response…I knew what I was looking at. They may have thought differently. From their viewpoint, it may have looked a lot worse than I thought it looked.”

During Friday’s SHOWTIME BOXING CLASSICS telecast, Thomas and Campbell will host a live companion episode of MORNING KOMBAT on the Morning Kombat YouTube Channel. The versatile combat sports analysts will watch the SHOWTIME replay and react to the fights in real time and take questions from fans while the bouts replay on the network.