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Andre Rozier Weighs In On Saturday Night’s Oddessa vs Roman Battle In Orlando



Andre Rozier Weighs In On Saturday Night’s Oddessa vs Roman Battle In Orlando

It’s high stakes this Saturday night in Orlando, Florida, as Melissa Oddessa Parker takes on World Bantamweight Champion Maria Cecilia Roman, live on IFL TV at the Caribe Royale Resort, and trainer Andre Rozier shares with readers his take on the match.

Oddessa has been in the hunt for a world title from her professional debut, with the 11-time national amateur champion winning the NABF Super Bantamweight title in her third professional contest.

Cecilia Roman is an established world champion having held a version of the world bantamweight title since 2017. With seven world title fights under her belt, Roman poses as a massive step up in class for Oddessa as a professional.

Oddessa’s trainer manager comes in the form of Andre Rozier, and the 8-time world champion trainer gave his outlook on Saturday nights' clash in Orlando, Florida.

Andre Rozier said, “This fight is unprecedented for boxing in general. 3-0 fighters don’t fight world champions. It doesn’t happen. The event on Saturday night is an unprecedented event during these times. So I’m very excited for this show, and for Melissa Oddessa and Cecilia Roman to be involved in a great fight.

Andre Rozier trains Edgar Berlanga and a host of other young guns.

“Roman is an experienced fighter with a good record,” Andre Rozier said. “Melissa wants to make a statement, so from a boxing standpoint, this is a must watch fight live on IFL TV this coming Saturday night. Melissa Oddessa is a world class amateur, and she’s transitioned into the professional ranks perfectly, so it makes this fight extremely compelling.”

The card features a host of Brooklyn based talent and Andre Rozier commented on the rest of the evenings' action.

Andre Rozier said, “I’m excited for the card as a whole. The likes of Ivan Golub, Lorenzo Simpson, Ramon Cardenas are looking for titles soon. They are quality fighters at the TV level. What the promotion is supposed to do is deliver a quality card of IFL TV and I believe it has.

“The undercard has a host of world class prospects, Ofacio Falcon Jr, Alex Vargas, Cesar Francis and Giovanni Scuderi to name a few. They have been well matched too, so it’s going to make compelling viewing in some sink and swim fights for the fighters.”