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Epilogue for the Copper Box Arena, London: Charlie Edwards Gets The Win



Epilogue for the Copper Box Arena, London: Charlie Edwards Gets The Win


In the main event:

Charlie Edwards outclassed his Spanish rival Angel Moreno in every round of the 12. Defending his WBC flyweight title for the 1st time, Edwards was faster, more skilled and very hyped to win. His enthusiasm got the best of him as he tried out some showboating in the 4th round, which impressed Moreno little. But Charlie's corner got really pissed off and read him riot act between rounds.

Charlie Edwards tops a card in England on March 23.

Charlie Edwards topped the card in England on March 23, and defended his strap.


Edwards showed good form and excellent conditioning every round. In the 8th his wobbled Moreno with a right, whose glove touched the canvas. In the 9th a flashy Edwards' right uppercut wowed the crowd.

Like the ringside judges, Jab Hook scored it 120:107 in a blowout unanimous win, “…and still WBC Flyweight World Champion, Charlie Edwards!” His win mirrored Hook's prediction.

Undercard REAL prospect alert:
Joshua Buatsi had 3-in-a-row 1st round stoppages coming into this bout, so the pressure was on. Buatsi opened strongly in the 1st round with stiff, consistent jabs, 1-2's, and sweeping hooks that were off the mark. Though his stance is solid, he does occasionally over-reach with his hooks and the final punches of his combos. In any case, he backed Conroy up as his target practice began.

In the 2nd round Conroy continued to feel the pressure building as he was already being stalked. Buatsi used crisp, short combinations and a hands-high defense to push and punch Liam Conroy into positions that made him duck and cover. But he still got hit, and as the round closed JBuatsi landed a hard right, followed by a nasty left hook that made the end seem quite near. Joshua Buatsi did his best “King Kong” pantomime after the bell.

Joshua Buatsi is a strong, talented boxer, but due to his youth and limited pro experience some faults can be seen. Fighting tall and failing to tuck his chin at all times is an invitation to the opponent. Especially when he stands there and admires his last punches, which could get him hurt by a quick counter-puncher. And staying on the center-line without adequate head movement also helps the opponent hit you. Buatsi learned that as he was getting Conroy into the corner in the 3rd round and he ate a hard, straight left counter-punch.

Buatsi marched forward and took it up a gear as the 3rd progressed and he hit his foe frequently. The 1st knockdown had a slight delay off Buatsi's right hook, as Conroy slowly resigned himself to the canvas. That is where he should have stayed. Up again he was stumbling back against the onslaught as JBuatsi's right hand smashed him directly on the point of his chin. A sack of potatoes fell, but a man who did not have the sense to give up, stood up instead. Thanks to referee Phil Edwards for a very appropriate intervention as he mercifully stopped it.

It took JBuatsi three rounds this time. No big deal, he needs to book rounds and now he has KO'd 5 in a row with an 80% average. Joshua Buatsi is a real prospect out of Ghana by way of Croydon, UK. The young man has done his job well, and will do it well, as only only time will tell, until the bell breaks loose the hell, as the chest of the champion swells.
Jab Hook predicted a referee stoppage, TKO win for JBuatsi, but expected it in the 5th round.

Undercard rehabilitated prospect alert:
Lawrence Okolie cleaned up his act in the wake of his last bout's disappointments, retaining his British Cruiser-weight belt and snatching the Commonwealth strap in the process. “The Sauce” came out spicy at the 1st bell and Wadi Camacho was sweating from the pressure. An extra dose via Okolie's left hook tasted too hot and buzzed “Macho's” whole head.

The 2nd course of the meal was a right fist sandwich, and Wadi had more than a few portions. But sometimes the waiter spills the gravy on his own shirt, as Okolie got a taste of his own sauce in the 3rd round when a left counter-punch rang his dinner gong. Funny how his his glove seemed stuck to his face for the remains of the round.

In his own awkward style, Okolie was effective and he did land continuously against a tough Wadi, peaking in the 4th round as Okolie land a three punch combination putting Camacho on the floor. Up late in the count, referee Mark Lyson allowed him to continue, but Okolie's right hand knocked him back falling against the ropes. Ref Lyson waved it off, giving Lawrence Okolie the TKO win.

Jab Hook forecasted the TKO win for Okolie, but had anticipated a longer bout.

Jab Hook's 2019 predictions: 36 of 44 correct on March 24th = 81.8%
(2018: 92 of 112 correct = 82.1%, to date 128 of 156 correct = 82.1%)

Please check back on NYFights later this week for more from Jab Hook.

“Jab Hook”, aka “Brooklyn” Joe Healy is a boxing writer, an expert commentator for, a professional cutman from the BOXWERK gym, and a licensed referee/judge in amateur boxing. A lifelong aficionado born in Brooklyn and living in Munich, “The Sweet Science” is his passion. Please feel free to contact him as Jab Hook on, FaceBook or , also on Twitter